• Witch Hunt
    by Leeny

    Burn, burn, burn they said.
    Who is she to stand against us?
    With glowing embers within their head.
    Who is she to doubt our god?

    Die, die, die they said.
    She'll kiss the feet of our beloved lord.
    Their dreams, of her blood in their bread.
    She deserves to scream for this.

    Rot, rot, rot they sang.
    She'll pray, she'll pray, she'll pray.
    They believed in their hearts, she should hang.
    She'll cry, she'll cry, she'll cry.

    Denounce, denounce, denounce they sang.
    She'll remember us, and forget them.
    The blood ran cold, down from her fang.
    She'll learn to love, and learn to hope.

    She'll regret the very, very day that she was born.
    Of gardens and goblins, of bats and of beauty.
    But all of those there, had no idea of what.. was sworn.
    Her flesh torn asunder, her spirit tossed aside.

    The moon turned purple, the trees turned black.
    Everyone shuddered, fearing the end was near.
    The sky ripped in half, thunder signaling an attack.
    Lupine forms rushed in from the forest, silver eyes everywhere.

    Who is there, who is there, what are you?
    Scream for your life, for this is the end.
    Red eyes met blue, the priest somehow knew.
    I'll kill you for this, you'll be the one to burn.

    Of infernal love, and of carnal lust.
    She fell to the ground, released by his claws.
    He held her close, her eyes holding only trust.
    Blood shed, leads to tear shed.

    Beaten and worn, voice thick with fright.
    This veteran of his race, wept for a human.
    She died in his arms that cold, and lonely night.
    They will pay.. they'll all pay, for this.