• Snowflakes falling so slowly
    Their suspended animation makes it seem
    As all the world stopped flowing

    One foot in front of the other
    I look down at the thin sheet that will soon become a cover

    Icing perched upon the petals of cherry blossoms
    It would be an understatement to call this sight anything but awesome

    All the worlds rough edges being covered by elegant curved
    Its beauty possessing the ability to freeze even one’s words

    Having momentarily forgot my place
    I continue to walk at an ever-admiring pace

    Each step I take
    Leaves an ever present reminder
    Of my time in this place

    I touch a blossom from
    The hand of a tree bent down
    As though welcoming me to this silent kingdom

    Moving further down this path
    I come across a girl
    Who smiles on my behalf

    There is a flower incased in ice in her hair
    She stares at me with kindness and care

    It was as if she wore a kimono made entirely of snowflakes
    The sight alone was enough to make my heart ache

    As I continue to admire her graceful styling
    She begins to glide away…still smiling

    I begin to chase after her not entertaining the fear of misconception
    I lose her as come to an intersection

    With my mind still in a daze
    When I begin to notice the sun’s fierce gaze

    Hoping to be mistaken
    I turn round to reassure my senses had not been forsaken

    There was no sign of the crystal paradise I had just strolled in

    Prepared to walk on with the notion that life isn’t fair
    I notice in my hand a frozen petal similar to the ones that decorated the snow girl’s hair

    In my bed wanting sleep to save from going insane
    I dream of one day returning to that winter lane