• Following the path of the necro and dead.
    Just an angel of death with a black leather bag,
    A figure in white with a bloody black flag,

    i remember his smile,
    before he let them eat my useless eye's,
    i knew my day would come,

    I thought i should seek my revenge
    As i followed through with it i felt really bad
    all of enemy's laying on the ground
    I feel i start to shed a tear
    Then i am reminded these people are scum.

    Solo: 38 sec's

    Angel Of death dont you see.
    Why shall this happen to me?
    As faithful i have been
    Why do you seek to torture me?

    Save The Girl
    From The Death
    Save the world
    From the Angel

    Dont you see
    What i have become?
    He told the turth with a bag full of lies
    He told us lie's with a bag full of truth

    The angel of lie's he always can decive
    And i know you see has he plants the seed
    to go out and grow the tree that shall be decived

    Is this what was asked for?

    Solo: 26 secs
    Outro: 30 secs.