• Please my dear do not feel down,
    Do not be still and numb.
    For I am here,
    For I am around,
    To take thy sorrow away.
    I caress thee my tender sweet,
    For my touch will heal thy soul.
    Do not be afraid,
    For I will see,
    No harm to come to thee.
    I will watch thee resting,
    I will protect thy slumber,
    For the Angels themselves do speak.
    I am at the command,
    Of thy delicate embrace,
    I kneel beside your feet.
    I know, of course,
    These words I speak,
    Are as biased as the day is young,
    For I know, my love,
    You do not seek,
    The pits of all despair.
    You do not think the same as I,
    You do not love nor care.
    It’s clear to me that you shall never truly see,
    The love I have to give to you,
    Will forever be in your reach.