• "I am in this world alone
    Nothing with me to call my own
    With sorrow and fear wanting to kill
    I travel alone to Silent Hill.

    What is this nightmare?
    Reality or just a scare?
    Blood creeping out of walls
    Handprints and footprints down the halls.

    Monsters and demons roam the town
    And the dead seem to reach from the ground
    I'm forgetting something I know I shouldn't have
    Like there is another me, or another half.

    A woman wanders aimlessly down corridors
    Leading me to more horrors
    She talks of God and Paradise,
    But she is the one that I despise

    She doesn't call me by my name
    She's only driving me insane
    'Remember me and your true self as well,'
    What kind of story is she trying to tell?

    Now I know why I was brought here
    Why they never told me what I wanted to hear
    I was always using a fake name
    But now I know it was all a game.

    'Remember me and your true self as well'
    Those eight words led me to hell
    Now I know what happened then
    I will try my best to start again.

    That town still haunts me
    But it's only what I've seen
    Monsters, demons, blood, and fear
    That town, to me, is still very near."