• You were my everything without even trying.
    You kept me sane.
    Kept me real.
    We were only kids.
    Tortured by misfortune.
    Raising ourselves.
    Every summer.
    From the time we could walk.
    We'd watch the embers dance.
    Like glowing butterflies.
    Dancing on the wind.
    Fall asleep to the crackling of the fire.
    A nighttime lullaby.
    The warm ground beneath us.
    The safety of each other.
    Nothing could ever hurt us.
    Then we grew up.
    Corrupted by fate.
    And you forgot.
    The way the butterflies danced.
    And the warmth on our skin.
    You're gone now.
    But I still remember.
    I could never forget.
    Those golden butterflies.
    And our time spent.