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  • - What are rings?
  • - How do you get zOMG! rings?
  • - How many can you possess?
  • - How much are rings worth?
  • - So each ring does only one thing?
  • - How do you gain experience with your rings?
  • - How do you get better with rings?
  • - How do you tell veterans from newbies?

What are rings?

Gains wear one ring per finger (not including thumbs), so they can wear up to eight rings at any given time. Each zOMG! Ring is, essentially, a power or skill for your character.

Therefore, you can wield up to eight skills at any one time. Some skills are passive (always on) and some require activation (like when you attack a monster or heal an ally).

You can only change your rings when you are within a null area in the world (known as the "Null Chamber"). What this means is that you can't just swap out your "powers" at any given moment, but that it's still pretty easy to customize your character to fit any group you want to join...depending on the number and quality of zOMG! Rings you possess.

One-Hand Bonus Sets

When all four rings of a Bonus Set are worn on the same hand together, then the wearer gains extra passive bonus powers to make them tougher.

The list of Bonus Sets in the game at launch includes: Medic, Pirate, Chef, Ninja, Space Marine, Demon, Shaman, Angel, and Prankster. But you'll have to figure out on your own which rings combine to make each set.

How do you get zOMG! Rings?

Rings are gained through completing quests, defeating monsters, and achieving high thresholds in mini-games. When you defeat opponents, they will drop treasure items ("loot") that usually don't contain zOMG! Rings, but sometimes you'll get lucky.

When you fight against powerful opponents ("Bosses") as well as completing major quests, you may also be rewarded with new zOMG! Rings.

How many rings can you possess?

As many as you desire. Your ring inventory is infinite.

How much are rings worth?

That's up to you. zOMG! Rings are fairly rare loot drops, but there will be enough of them that you may eventually find yourself with a surplus of rings. Watch the Marketplace and figure out what those rings are selling for...and then sell them for around that much, if you so desire.

Alternatively, you can gift those rings to friends or teammates, or even salvage your rings to upgrade your other rings instead. It's up to you.

How do you get better with rings?

You increase the quality of the ring over time, by capturing charge orbs from defeated opponents or for completing quests. That energy can be "charged" into a ring, powering it up further and making its effect more formidable. As you gain "Charge Level" in a ring, you can face tougher and tougher opponents, adventuring into more and more dangerous areas.

So Each Ring Does Only One Thing?

Yes and no. Most rings can be used at any one of four "Rage Ranks". You accumulate Rage in the game by using rings and taking damage from opponents. The Rage you gather can be released through a ring to greatly enhance its effect by charging up your attack before releasing it.

Each Rage Rank takes more Rage to activate than the one before it, so you have to decide when it's appropriate to burn all that Rage at once for a single big effect, or whether to portion it out in smaller chunks on several different effects.

Rage Ranks are an inherent ability of the ring and can be used immediately after you put the ring on...as long as you have accumulated enough Rage, of course.

How do You Gain Experience with Your Rings?

In short...you don't.

You upgrade the Charge Level of your ring by investing charge orbs into it, and you become more powerful by wearing highly-charged rings. But how you use those rings, and how well you survive an encounter is largely up to the skill of YOU, the player.

If you can solve a quest without combating monsters, then go right ahead. You wont get the monster loot you might have gathered along the way, but you don't have to fight those critters if you want to play the encounter a different way (sneaking around them, charming them so they ignore you, etc.).



Concept Drawing

Look for this monster on the Village Greens.

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