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Rufus Bio for that silly Rp....
I'd like to petition for the use of Rufus ShinRa. I'm more than willing to work one on one with you for every post and make edits if I don't fit your vision. I can supply writing samples in character if need be and you are more than welcome to my AIM and Yahoo if you want to talk live about plot progressions. I am familliar- extremely familliar- with FFVII and Dungeons & Dragons, I am also a Veteran Role Player. Let me know what you think.

Also, I can make edits if this doesn't work for you.

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Name: Rufus Shinra
Age: 26
Appearance: Rufus is of average hight, average build. Blonde hair, peircing blue eyes- wears black and white layers and contrary to popular belief is NOT confined to a wear chair.
Bio/Background: Thrust into the Company at the tender age of 14, Rufus spent his childhood learning to be an adult. By the time he turned 18, he and his father had developed very different ideals. Despite his title of Vice President, Rufus was sent away from the company and given comand of the Junon Front. His father told the company managers it was to "prepare his son", but Rufus knew, it was secretly due to his father's hatred of him... A born leader, somewhat timid around his people due to his regret of the things his father has done. He also has an intense hatred for a certain Second Rate Scientist thanks to the result of the special treatment the young heir of ShinRa was given... He can have a good sense of humor- but only around the people he trusts. He is calm, calculating and precise.
Job: President of ShinRa, founder of Edge City (the restored ruins of Midgar)
Materia: Master Command(Steal/Throw/Mime/Manip./Morph/Deathblow/Sense combined into one materia), Shield, Barrier, Cover, Counter Attack
Weapons: Short double barrelled shot gun and a hand gun.
Armor: ShinRa Alpha
Items: Megalixir x5, Speed Source X5, Elixir x5, Phoenix Down x10, Remedy x10
Fighting style: Long range gunman. Presicion and damage increase the closer he get's to his target.
Current location: Secret HQ in Mideel

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