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azalie_05's Journal
lifes not always fair, but sometime something good can come out of the most unfair things even if we dont realise it right away.
A hidden Darkness Prt 1
She sat alone, the darkness swollowing her as she allowed the music to sooth her. Her angre had built to breaking point, the endless words of defeat sounded over and over again in her head, depression set in and she was alone

She had hidden the darkness of her thoughts from those who had mattered most, she had tried to repare what had been torn apart by her sudden disappearence, but now things had changed

Now she was alone and the darkness was slowly enveloping her in it's twisted, demented hands. She was turning,she knew that, but could she change it? was there any point?

Memories filled her mind and tears stained her face as she felt a cold realization fill her, The feeling closed her heart and turned it black. She was becoming the one person she hated mos, or had she always been him? She didn't know anymore and this just brought more tears.

Looking up her eyes saw only black but in her mind she saw an image of herself, eys red, and hair flowijng lose down her back as she stood next to a dark figure. She was his and he was hers, but who was he? and where had the image come from?

A slight breeze passed her, from where she didn't know, the windows were closed and the door was locked, she hadn't heard anyone enter unseen eaither. No one should have been there, so had the breeze been part of the image she had seen or had something sinister and Dark finally come to claim her soul for his own?

She didn't know, her mind confused by her own image, she had never viewed herself like this before, and this was one side of her she had hidden from the world.

Her eyes closed and she stood, the tears stopped and something inside felt alive, cold and dark. It's heart set on destruction, she was now split in two both sides equal to the other.

A noise came from behind her, but she did not turn. A dark voice spoke "Welcome Back my dear" she smiled he was here in the darkness, she turned, he was hidden by the darkness but she felt him.

Her smile grew, he had come, but what did he mean welcome back? andf who was he? had she met him before? she didn't know.

Her mind sifting through the darkness of her mind, her eyes bringing her thoughts to images in her mind and as she watched them one by one she saw a flash of light, she had found where she belonged and in doing so she had found herself.

Clearing her mind she pushed the darkness aside and released her nody from its grip. Her hand lifted as if by itself and the light flicks on. She could see him now, he had sunk into the dark corner of her room, but he didn't disappear

"You will return to me one day my dear"

She looked at him a coldness filled her, She had been standing next to him when she had viewed herself. He was dark, he knew her, but how and where had the darkness in her come from?

The dark figure still stood there his eyes on her, her body went cold and she felt alone again.

"who are you?"

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    omfg!!!that is so cool.that needs to in a book!!!!!i totally loved and its strange cuz i hate to read add e ur way cool!!

    comment gothnot94 · Community Member · Sun Nov 04, 2007 @ 10:52pm
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