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My Creative Mind
My poems, stories and rants
Black roses among harmony [one-shot] A priceless melody
A one shot I made about a women of 20 whose going though a ill-fated life as she makes one last composer. This is has lyricas that I made too heart Their sorta in a poem format though sweatdrop anyway, hope you like.

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Skin so fair as though the mere touch of any mortal would be tainted if doing this, reflected off through the setting sun that sneak behind the soaring mountains of the extravagant valley that lay below her citadel like home.

Reaching out to the large window seals, the woman runs her fingers along them, outlining ever thing the sun touched. How she longed to feel the warmth of the sun, to know what’s it like other then being contain by arctic darkness of her home.

The lilac stain curtains dripped down, creating a veil over half her face through the glass. Since birth, she was diagnosed with a rare disease that caused the body to have a frail immune system against the bacteria as well as virus. Cause of this, her family forbid her to ever walk among the suns ever lingering fingers that graced the land with its magnificence.

Recoiling her figures away, she raises her glassy blue eyes to an antique piano her grandmother gave to her on her sixteen birthday. Days on end she made enticing music, making her feel like there was a slim hope of filling the hole in her life. Now twenty-one, she felt utterly dried of all aspiration and existence, the only thing that kept her going was continuously writing and playing her songs.

Her hands glide over the smooth cherry-wood, wondering how all these years its radiance still glows with such pride. Strands of black flood over her right side of her neck as she took her seat upon the cushion chair. Deep, full, red lips curve upward in satisfaction when she pressed a key, which responded, with a high C.


Her voice was soft, almost whimsical than most who sung in the arts of music. That's why most call her the 'Angel of harmony', for her voice and innocent appearance rivaled against that of the winged creatures.

You took my blessed memories,
And hid them away..

Her hands spill along the keys perfectly, her eyes closed peacefully as memories seeped through her thoughts.



A child of 7 asks with a curiosity look washed over her adorable features that showed beauty in the not to distant future. Her mother smiled down upon the sight of her precious gift, wondering if her daughter would ever get to meet the sun like she did when she was younger, till she too was diagnosed with the disease.

My divining light grows faint
and yet I have no regrets,
for all my dull depths...

Feebly, she moved her arm from the covers of her bed and placed it on top of the girl's fragile head.

"Yes..Harmony?" A small, but heartfelt smile graced her lips as she stared at the child’s wide, ocean eyes. Suddenly the child's wide eyes stared in confusion, perplex why her mother called her by a different name then her birth one.

"No mama....I'm Cecelia..why does mama forget my name daddy?"

These times of darkness,
These times of toxic life..

The child glanced upward to a man in his mid 30's, whom was on the verge of tears. His brown hair lay messily showing he had no sleep in a good week.

"Mama..is very sick darling she..can't remember nothing..nothing but you.." The man said gravely.

"Why does mama remember me?" Now the child advance to her mother once more, holding onto her hand tight.

Seem to sink in deep..
Within my fragile mind..

"We don't know..she just does..."

"But she'll get better right?" A glimmer of hope spreads along her face, praying that her mother would get well.

"Hunny..Mama won-"

"And once she gets better, we can go on a picnic for the first time! Then she can play a tune on the piano again and-“

Will you be there
To save me one last time..

A knock at the door stops her from continuing her words as three men in white, dreary coats come in. They're faces were solemn, showing no real sign of emotion when they’re indecipherable expressions met her hopeful one.

"Sir" One spoke as he turned to her father, not once blinking.

"We came here to put-“ The men were cut off with a mere hand gesture to little girl, making them silence themselves and bow their heads, understanding his wordless language.

"Ah..I see, she’s right here.." Her father said in while his eyes began to well up, lifting his quivering hand to the girl's mother.

As I start
To fall

Nodding their craniums, they step near her mother, while handing each other containers of peculiar liquids.

"Hand me the needle."

Or will these roses of black and white..
turn to dust upon my grave?

"Needle?..Daddly, why do they need a needle?" She titled her head to the side in bewilderment, not quit understanding why they need a needle.

"Cecelia I think it be best if you went to your room." The father whispered, his eyes landing on Cecelia.

"But why a needle? why are-" Her voice was cut short when one of the men obliged with the answer.

"Proceeding with injection." One of the men murmured lowly, the girl’s eyes widen in bewilderment.

Her body stood still, as her eyes stood broad with horror as the sound of ceasing breath haunted the room. "Mommy!?" She turned around to see her mother slowly raised her torso in a fashion she never saw before. "What..what did you do..?" her voice was soft but held a hint of venom while seeing her mothers drifting eyes come upon her.

Give me a choice,
if whither if I can stay

"Harm..ony.." The girl only watches as the light began to fade in her mother's eyes, drifting back to a place were we come from. "Mama..no.."

Dashing to the bed, she laid her small palm upon the woman's hand, pleading she would be all right.

"Be a good girl..ok..my little angel.." It wasn't much of a question, more like a statement. Finally, after a few more rasped breaths, the mother's vibrant hazel eyes become a stony gray, showing no sign of true life within them.

Within this melody,
that plays so vividly..
throughout this prohibited reality..

Silence filled the room before the young girl raised her head, looking start at the blank men’s faces.

"Bring..her back" Her rage began to consume her, fire filled her ocean eyes, now, which almost looked as though a typhoon was whirling inside them.

"You did this! Bring her back!!"

For I know my existence seems dim..
as you begin waning upon these frail dreams

Her father held her down as she tried to run up to the dreadful men, who were taken back by her beast like behave, clawing and biting just to get to them. "You monsters! I hope you die! I hope you die!!"

These nights of darkness
seem to be consuming me whole now

Their looks remained stony, never once moving from the door that they had glided over to. "Good day sir." The one who had first uttered a word replies to the girl’s father, while glancing down to her ravenous figure. I hear the others grow uncomfortable and start to become restless about the door.

though I've tried to run
it all ends in cruel vein.

"Have..a good day." he continues, slipping past the door. But what surprised her the most was that as he left, he had murmured sympathetic 'Sorry' as a small, crystal tear ran down his pale cheek..

-End of flashback-

The memory fades into the distance of her mind, not once resurface the world again. A hoarse cough escapes her throat, causing her to cover her mouth to silence it. Her eyes dilated when she revealed blood dripping from her refined palm, which droplets spattered upon the pure, white keys of the piano.

My angel of harmony
my angel of luminosity
Were might have gone off tonight?

You’ve stole my dreams
my happiness

"No..not yet..not now.." she whispers, holding onto her throat trying to stop from coughing up more blood. Scrambling her trembling hands back upon the keys, trying to write down the song with the other. "I..must finish..what I've started...nothing will stop me." Determination crossed her inadequate features, fire burned with a untamed passions as she continued her composition.

And flew off with them.
Shall I stay here
to face these blinding frights
Or perish under your sanctified beauty at morning’s light?

Note after note, the music flowed throughout the atmosphere, traveling about her gently. Beads of sweat from along her temple, her eyes tightly shut from the pain in her chest. The keys danced with her finger times, waltzing with each of each along with switching with a new partner. The melody seemed to pour out from both her soul and heart, making it so that whoever heard it would feel what she felt at her last hour of reality.


Though her hands began to quiver at the lose of movement, she still played her endless tune, almost forgetting to breath at most times from anticipation.

You took away my life’s song
And throw them into the heavens above

Glancing at the window, she sees the sun begin to descend further into the mountaintops, losing its luster of its fiery gaze.

But then again
Maybe they shine much brighter
Within the lush roses of the nights alluring presence.

Jolts of pain shoot through her as though a bullet had priced her spine, causing her heart rate to increase in dangerous speeds.

Maybe one day..
Well meet once more

"Noo..I don’t want the light to fade!" Blue eyes begin to water a the site of her most desired wish begin to sink away from her grasp.

Under these eccentric melodies

Her breath became more and more harsh, forcing the air to enter and leave as she rose top her feet. The sheets clashed to the floor while she walked to the window, struggling to keep her balance.

While the roses bend upon the moons raise...

Blood rushes from her mouth, were she spat on the floor to ridden the metallic taste that sickened her so. A cough escapes her lips this time, triggering her body to tumble to the hard, bitter ground. She could feel her soul start to pull away from her body, ripping from its chains it had to endure from creation.

As we all
Begin to take flight

Her hand rose before her, trying to feel the last warmth she could feel before her internal slumber.

"I..cant..give up..no..I wont!" With her last energy, she pushed her body from the floors grasp, an indifferent look upon her face. With all her might she throw open the doors to the suns internal beams. Placing her self onto the balcony’s ledges, she enjoys her last breath on earth.

To a place of harmony.

That was her last memory, the last chapter she remembered before. The song had been written, and now was forever engraved in stone, just like her fate. With that final thought, her body plunged down, down to the obits of the valley made from the suns Florissant light it had so dearly created. Her breath was gone as for her life, but her melody still lives own throughout the heavens above. Just like all the other priceless melodies in space and time.

Dream avi
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If im wondering
(let me wonder)
If im suffering
(just leave me)
But if Love comes my way
(Save me before I make a bigger mistake.)

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This is what happens when you have a project with doors and weird zombies XD

The Heart Of Everthing
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    Emo Rainbow Jellybeans
    Community Member

    Sun Jan 13, 2008 @ 03:52pm

    Life without poetry is like me without a heart
    So continue bringing Life through your work
    As I will try to bring stories out to the world
    heart ASHES ANGEL

    Cut me open, let me bleed for what I've done
    Tell me straight faced that I'm the only one
    Destroy me, am I not everything you need?
    Don't breathe as I take every breath from you
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