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My Life Storys
Hey here one about he Greek Gods!!!!!Hey this is all I have!!!! domokun heart sweatdrop

A long time ago, there was a human being that was better then an Angel, God, and a Demon in this world of ours! She was put to sleep by Zeus, for a million years and no one had found her until today.

For the first time in a million years, I opened my eyes to see that I was in a cage. I looked around to see rocks and dirt. I was looking around and I spotted a man, staring at me. He had brown hair, but his eyes were lighter then his dark brown hair. He walked up to the glass cage that has kept me safe from harm ever sense I was put in this stupid cage. Bang, Bang, Bang. Was he trying to free me, as if he was strong enough to do that. Zeus will not let some one like him break a cage made out of solid glass. Bang, Bang, Bang. He did this over and over again. He looked despite, and his hands were bleeding. I was still too weak to stand, so I tired to talk.
“ P”, I was still hard to talk I had to look for the right words to say, “P… please leave”, I took a beep breath and talked again “ You can not free me, for I can not free myself”, it was so hard to talk I kept breathing hard and I barley said anything. He just stared at me, he did not have to free me for I have a spell that will never let me see the sun or its warmness ever again. He walked up to the glass and looked me straight in the eyes and I froze. His eyes where brighter then before.
“ I will free you and you will see the light sooner then you think”, he had such a strong and deep voice. He was positive he could break the cage. But it was impossible well more like hopeless.
“ I… it is made out of solid glass”, he was still banging on the glass. His hands where all bloody and red all over.
“ You are going to hurt you hand even more if you keep doing that ”, he was being stubborn. I tired to put weight on my lags to see if I could walk. I looked at my wings that where black, to see if the where going to be heavy or not. I pulled myself up, I fell straight to the floor with a big thump, and a hurt butt. I guess that answers my question. I looked to see what he was doing, he was looking at me with worried eyes.
“ Are you ok”, well at lest he stopped hitting the wall. I tired again but this time I toke caution. My back was getting lighter but not light enough. It looked like it was getting litter out on the side of the cave. I looked at him with worried eyes.
“ What time is it”, he looked around then back at me.
“ Almost morning. Why”, the word was said, the glass turned black ,and all the holes filled in. I was still tiring to standing up, but he could not see me anymore for the cage has turned black all over and you could not see what is happening outside. I should up then fell on the floor again, had this ever happened to me before. Well I was put to sleep then they brought me here and could not see anything, but I could heir what was happened anyway. I tired to kill time for it was a long day. I practices walking more and I was getting us to my voice. Oh, I can sing to, but I do not know any songs to sing. My memories where returning to me, but I did not want them to. I still remember the look on Zeus’s face, angry. All the hairs on my back stud up then this came to me. Hades is like a father to me. But my preps in this world are very fettle, shore I have to save the world soon. But when I am done they will put me to sleep again. And I have been awaken to early, it has something to do with that man on the out side, but what is it. I walked to my bed and was thinking of what was different about him. I looked at my black hair that was all tangle, I grabbed my brush an combed my hair until it was silky and smooth. My hair was black with light blue strips in it, I loved my hair for it is my two favorite colors. Then it came to me, was he really here to help me or just trying to us me has a weapon to fight the gods. I have not gotten to my full power. If I did I would have gotten out of this cage and this spell a long time ago. Before you know it, it was after noon. Then it turned night and the cage went back to glass cage like last time. He was no longer there in front of the cage, did he wake me up then left me here. My lags became heavy and I fell to the floor hurting myself again. I pulled my hands to my head and held it. My head hurt from thinking to much, I looked back up to finned a book that I have been writing in. As I sat there in the middle of the cage looking at my book I began to read it. I remember writing in it all the time. I looked up every few pages to see if he was there. Was I waiting for him to show up, but that was not going to happen or was it? In front of me food pureed out of nowhere. The gods must now I am awake I mean it is hard to not knouts anything with a big oar like mine. I grabbed the plate that was flouting in the air and began to eat it. I felt something looking at me, they stood there for a long time, I decided to looked up, and find the man staring at me. I looked at his hand to find food in a bag. He whispered something under his breath, I could not make out what he was saying. He stared as I ate my food, it was silent for a long time. When I was done eating the plate dispersed. I stood up and stared him in his eyes for he was still standing in the same spot and his food still in his bag. He must be starving I felt sorry for him.
“Please eat your food, you must be hungry”, he blinked a couple times then moved to the back of the cave and began to eat. It was silent again and I could think strait well more like concentrate the little power I had within me. I did not know what to do, I got mad at myself, and banged on the cage wall. With out caution, I got shocked and fell to the floor. I held my injured hands that felt like they where on fire. I lade there quiet tiring not to make a sound. The guy ran over to see what happened and found me on the floor. His eyes got big.
“It’s nothing please go eat your food. I am fine”, pain ran up and down my hands.
“Are you shore”, he was worried about me?
“Ok, then”, he said this in an angry voice. I just had to know why he was here in this cave. Did he really want to help me?
“W… why are you here. In this cave and waking me up“, would he tell me.
“I have been sent by Hades”, WHAT! There is no whey. “He wants you to get out of here. So he made me to do his dirty work, but what can I do he created me and you”, his words ran in and out of my head. So many questions and no answers. But I did haves a dream about him or me being made. Did Hades really want me to trust him? But why? What if it is a trap! Panic ran throw my body. I ran to my bed and pulled the covers over my head. NO, NO, NO, NO and NO!
“ Just leave me here, please do what I wish. Please”, tears came down. I put my face in my pillow and cried. It was silent for a long time, I pulled my sheets down very slow and looked to see if he was there. He did not move an inch. Why.
“ Do you think I am lying to you. He did say you may not believe it.”
“But, why?”
“Hm… maybe because he knows you better then me. All he did was send me to help you go back home. And he did tell me that we both have hidden powers and to stay by your side”, I did not look in his eyes. I still did not trust him no madder what he says.
“Why not”, Hades voice whisper over me and I jumped out of my sheets. I looked around and did not see him.
“ Is that really you Hades”, it took awhile but it came.
“ How else is there”, I was happy and more tears came down, but these where happy tears.
“ I what to come home.”
“ Then you must trust Kira to bring you home safely. I will help you get out, but I need Kira’s help”, I looked at him and he stood at the front of the cage ready to hit it with all his mite.
“ Look away”, I closed my eyes and turned really quickly. Boomm. Dust flow everywhere. I looked up to find Kira hold his hand out to me.
“ We must go know before they come for you.”
“ But I can not see the light without getting hurt.”
“ I have something for that”, He put a blanket over me an ran. I could not see throw the blanket. I wish to see the sun, but I could feel the blanket get hotter from the sun. It felt so good. It must be wonderful to feel the sun and not the cold , cold, darkness that I have been in these hole time.
“ What are you thinking right know”, well I was thinking if I should tell him or not.
“Why did he make you?”
“ Well he asked me if I wanted freedom and I said yes. So my job is to protect you from harm. He wants you to live a wonderful life with me and the other people in our world.”
“But, why?”
“ For peace.”
“ What are you? You look more like a demon instead of human”, I mean he had a tail for crying out loud.
“ I have more demon in me. And you have an equal amount of god, angel, demon and human. More powerful then ever and something big is locked up in side of you”, that part I did not know about. It felt like days, maybe even weeks that Kira was walking. I felt sad that he had to care me all the why to Hades. I a few minutes it was dark and Kira pulled the blanket off of my head. Hades was there with a smile I remembered along time ago. I ran up to him and hugged the stuffing out of him.
“ I am glade you are ok. I was so worried about you.”
“ Hades! How will I get this spell off of me, I wish to see the sun and feel its warmness on my cold skin”, I was dancing know. I can just image myself, running in a field with flowers all over the place. I forgot to ask about Kira, but I was lost in my dreams of being in the sun all day long.
“ Soon”, he hugged me and did not let go, “I wish you had a normal life. So I have every thing set!”, I jumped up and down. “So I can see the sun.”
“There is a nice town about 300 miles away from here and you two will live together there in peace. And Kira will be with you the hole time for you are….” he whisper it.
“ What about us?”
“ Well you are soul mates that’s the only way he can protected you”, I just looked at him then back at Kira.
“ What?!”
“ Please stay calm.”
“ Calm, calm, how can I be calm. How is he my soul mate, how?”
“ We know this was going to happen so I did the same thing I did to you, but I made it a him for your safety. Please understand I did it for you“, I looked at Kira, I was sad I can feel that he was the one, but I still did not want it to be him.

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Community Member

Mon Jul 28, 2008 @ 10:22pm

Man this one is long!!! But this is all one Chapter. On my others I am on Chapter 6 or 7!!!! Hope you like it!! heart

Community Member

Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 05:52pm

Hey I like it heart blaugh It shows the other side of Hades that no one else know!!!! I love it!!! heart heart

Always Loving U
Community Member

Wed Jul 30, 2008 @ 11:33pm

Its good for one thing it has Hades in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! domokun domokun

User Comments: [4]
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