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My Life Storys
Ok this is the same story Life On The Battle Frield, But my friend iSommer did it her way. So injoy her story. blaugh

As I run through the forest, wind is blowing in my hair, and light shimmering off of my skin so it made my skin glow. I tried so hard to look happy, but that just made me unhappy the more I think about it. I do not dare to look around me, for I will see a nightmare that haunt my peoples dreams that are true, for my people are dieing in a meaningless war against the Blue wolf tribe. For I am only a Fox, soon to be queen of Saint Land, my hometown where I was born to be in peace and giving land. But outside the towns walls, a war that we have been fighting before I was born, soon to be taken before my eyes in a few more days if this keeps up at this pace. The sun says good by and leaves me in the dark alone with my people, I decide to call it a night, as I walk to are camp site to stay in the forest in the dark with my people. I transformed back to my body.

“ I am going to sleep in a few minutes or so”, I told to one of the guards that were in front of my tent. I was telling them about what will happen tomorrow. I helped pack up some of the wounded around the area. I walked past a young man that was not really hurt, but there was something wrong.
“ Is there something on your mind”, he turned around and just looked at me.
“ So I am guessing that is a yes”, he stopped looking at me and looked down at the ground. He did not talk.
“ Is that a no”, I was trying to find a why to make him smile. As I decided to call it a night, I walked to my tent when I was stopped by something. It was a sounded like someone in trouble, it sounded like a cry or more like a screech out for help. It sounded so sad and in pain, so I went to find this cry. I walked back to the forest to look around or to find this cry. As I got closer and closer, I think if it is a friend or foe. What is it’s a trap to kill me. What would I do. I looked behind a tree to find a man, my enemy on the ground crying out in pain. He had black hair long and straight down to his neck. Then he saw me, his eyes got big like he did not want to see me. He hesitated for a few minutes then came back, I looked away thinking if I should leave or not, but before I could do so he grabbing my arm to pull me closer, to say something. The guards ran to me, thinking that he was hurting or trying to kill me. I looked at them to say that I was ok, but he cut me off and began to talk.
“You…You are the foxes leader right?” he snapped.
I hesitated for a second staring at his eyes they seemed so very cold and lifeless.
“Well?! Are you?? Answer me!” he shouted. His grip on my arm tightened and I let out a light groan. The guards came closer. I quickly answered…
“Yes. I am. Why?! What business do you have with me??” I said holding his hand that held my arm trying desperately to get him to stop squeezing before I couldn’t even feel my arm anymore. He loosened his grip a little and wiped of the angered look on his face. He still looked extremely serious though. He said nothing for a little while. Something was wrong the look in his eyes they reminded me exactly of the eyes of a blue wolf member. The most brutal tribes of all the animals tribes and in the top 5...well 3 remaining of the legendary fighter tribes, their deadly ,trained to the fullest extent ,and ruthless they have a special technique to which their eyes turn a purple color with a certain design in them and they can hypnotize or read the minds of anyone they make eye contact with or even kill in the most horrible of manners that is why we are losing this war. I kept staring into his eyes until…”You! You’re a-” one of the guards cut me off.
“Blue Wolf!!!” both of the guards came rushing towards me.
To late. He was to fast that by then he had already lifted me up into his arms and jumped away. I tried to fight and struggle but he was too strong and his grip was crushingly tight. I tried to transform into my fox form but he anticipated my actions and frozen me with his eyes. I knew at this point I was going to die…the war was over fox land would be captured…Saint Land, gone. Blue wolf had won…What were we thinking? Blue wolf had crushed 2 of the 5 legendary tribes only three remained. How did we ever think that our little insignificant little tribe could ever win? Why? I blacked out.

Chapter 2 bitches!!

“huh”…”what” I woke up next to an alarm clock going of insanely inside my head.
I reached over to press snooze when a pale white hand long fingers’ laid its fingers’ on the alarm clock and the noise blew away. I stared at the hand for a moment then looked up to see beautiful crystal blue almost clear eyes staring down at me. Then I remembered a picture from last night it was the same blue wolf staring right at me I let out a small scream.
“W-what the hell do you want from me?! You’ll never take Saint!” I snapped. He just kept staring at me with those cold eyes and serious face.
“ I know I don’t give a damn about that land” he said
I stared at him furiously only because he was my enemy…but I noticed I wasn’t dead…or captive, I looked around I was in a hotel room not some, prison, I looked out the window on the wall I couldn’t see much but I could tell I wasn’t in some secluded place it was a city… Why was I still alive they could’ve killed me easily.
I looked back up at the blue wolf he was staring out into space.
“W-why am I still alive?” He looked back at me and just said “We’re not going to kill you or anything so don’t worry” I didn’t want to believe him but…His expression told me he had no consent to killing me. I noticed he said we and wondered who else he was talking about. I looked at his arm there was a huge scar of what used to be a gash on his left arm is that what he screamed about last night near my tent? I heard the door to my left open.
A man came in. He had dark red spiked all around hair and dark green eyes he was topless with a towel around his neck he had a tattoo across his chest it was a tribal sign for the blue wolfs he must have been one too. He just stared at me with a grin “ Hey sleeping beauty woke up huh?” he said “finally” then he just stared at me and said “Niiiiice” What was he talking about I wondered I looked up at the man next to me He looked down then away really fast and blushed… The other man was still looking so I looked down to see and…”AAAaAaAagGH!!! I was completely nude with a blanket covering my lower half. I lifted it up quickly to cover my entire body and with a panicked tone “Why the hell am I naked?!!” The man with the red hair just laughed “What baby you don’t remember last night? You said it was the best ride of your life.” “What?!” I screamed “ I didn’t I couldn’t ha- did I?!!!!?” The other man stared at the other man and snapped
“Dante just shut up we don’t need her freaking out idiot” The other man jus groaned
“Jeez I was having a little fun don’t have you period on me Mizu”
“Mizu ,Dante so those are your names? I’ll be sure to have you reported!” I said.
“ Yeah report us we’re blue wolfs what are they gonna do to us?” Dante said
“Why did you kidnap me? Or better yet why didn’t you just kill me? Answer me!”
Neither of them answered. ”Well I demand an answer!”

Ch.3 yayzorz

“I’m Waiting!” I snapped again
Mizu Answered “Trust me we would gain nothing from killing you, let me explain it to you because if I let Dante do it , it will just sound like a gorilla trying to spell anatomy” “whadyou say?!” Dante said furiously . Mizu continued “The reason we brought you here is because like you we are sick of this war its pointless and the king is being completely unreasonable wrapped up in his own madness. He’s weak himself and demands more power over more tribes as some kind of confirmation to him that he is not weak, but he can never cover it up that is why he started this pointless war and mercilessly erased the 2 tribes that used to be part of the legendary 5. The reason this involves you is because as you know after the extinction of those 2 tribes the blue wolf tribe lost contact with the other tribes as punishment. Same went with all tribes due to fear of betrayal. Since then we are no longer flourishing our very way of life is dying the wolf purple gene has stopped passing through and some of our offspring no longer have this ability we’re more prone to disease and all the king can think about is expansion. All because the loss of our Link.” I interrupted “Link? But I thought that magical bond was nonperishable?” Mizu picked up “ That’s what we thought to , it works like this the Link is the bond between all of the tribes that have existed since the beginning of time consisting of all the animals but when we we’re blocked from contact with the other tribes for our unacceptable act of violence our Link with the others seemed to start fading away at an unstable constant pace ,after only a year we’ve already lost it because of our people being brainwashed at the hands of our pitiful king, so our way of life also is starting to disappear …even the king himself has lost his eyes, the fool made sure no one knew and killed those whom ever found out ,we were next actually thankfully we escaped before we could even tell anyone but now we’re not even allowed back.”
I was still curious “Why does this include me though’?” Then Dante took over “Because toots they say the fox tribe is the exact middle of the link at that your tribe still has contact with…the lions one of the three remaining legendary tribes…tell us is that the truth?”
The both starred at me waiting for a response. I was hesitant to respond wondering if they were telling the truth I couldn’t believe them I know I shouldn’t have they’ll kill the lions and I would’ve led them right to them. I kept pondering when Mizu…
“You…Look at me” he said in a stern concerned voice I looked up and…Fell right for it! His eyes turned purple the mark in his eye of the wolf came up in his eye and I was lost …
He had read my mind and…It was like I had told him everything! He just said “ Thank you that’s all I needed” “No-NO! you’re going to kill their queen!” Dante interrupted “What you still don’t trust us…pathetic we just said we want to end the war why would we just make it worse?…Mizu what are you doing?” he said turning towards Mizu who

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Community Member

Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 06:47pm

LOL the Blue wolf tride....... thats ******** funny!!!!!!!!!!! rofl

Always Loving U
Community Member

Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 06:48pm

What the hell why is she naked!!!!!!!!!!!! Sommer u are one sick puppy!!! domokun

Community Member

Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 08:28pm

it really cool

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