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im watching you O_O
Nightmares #1: the wolf and the snake
This is the first nightmare i remember having, its short, and was the one i was most afraid of. so here goes nothin...

I wake up at around midnight, hungry and tired. So i figure ill go to the kitchen and get some cereal or a sandwich or somethin. I looked in my moms room to see if she was still up and watching tv, but it seems that everybody is sound asleep. I go to the kitchen and see what we have; bologna and cereal, at the moment bologna seemed disgusting so i took out some cheerios and made some cereal. I sit at the table and start eating, and then the door slams open and i see a blur of a human shoot down the hall, it was so fast and frightening the only thing i could do was sit there and wish it was just stopping by to go to the bathroom. Ofcourse i was somewhere around the age of 9 or 10, so there was no way i could defend myself against this thing. And then, from down the hall i hear a scream, my brothers scream, then my 3 sisters, it seemed to be going through us one by one, then my stepdad, it got there while they were asleep so they had no protection, and then my mom, i hear her scream over and over and over,and then blood splatters out of the hall. It throws what was left of her torn apart body, it had organs hanging out of her stomach, one leg, one eye scratched out, it was horrable. It started to walk out, when it sees me out of the corner of its eye, it turns and glares at me, yellow beast like eyes,long brown ears, sharp teeth, dark brown fur, every aspect i see in a werewolf. It starts to walk towards me, but stops. It looks down at feet, as if in terror, and runs away. I look down and around my feet lay a snake, silver scales, black eyes. It looked at me and started to aproach closer to my face, and then the nightmare suddenly ends.

That was the clearest i could explain it, forgive me if i spell anything wrong.

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Community Member

Tue Jun 30, 2009 @ 07:54am

:O andyy!!! *grabs your head and hugs it tight* >.< oh you poor baby... :/

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