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Snazzy Words
This is all about me and what I think about every day and about my life. Don't care? Don't read.
Book Review
Okay, I've read a lot and I've decided to list some of the books out. If you're interested in reading too, and you don't know what you want, or you wanna try something new, read this. The following is MY OPINION, take it or leave it. Maybe you'll agree, maybe you won't, and that's OKAY. I'll update this from time to time, so check back every now and again. ^^

key: Manga has a * in front of it. -=Negative comment +=Positive comment

1. Trick of the Mind by Judy Waite (B-)
+The idea of magic tricks and the way the boy and girl in the book lived was intersting. And the fact that it's written in both of their perspectives was interesting.
-While parts of it were interesting, some of it -more than there should be- dragged on. And the ending was a little disappointing.
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? Maybe. It was okay, but I wouldn't read it again.

2.Marked by P.C. Cast (D-)
+The idea of having to adjust to new things and friends helping you get through the tough times was there -though it wasn't carried out too well.
-From almost the very beginning, this book had parts in it that were HIGHLY inappropriate (ask midorkouta44, I read some of it to her.) The langauge was dumb and very trashy, and the main character is a little baby who thought everything was so hard and hated just about everything. Not to mention that the editor didn't edit the text very well.
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? NOT A CHANCE. Please don't waste your time. I read a lot of different things -so I'm pretty open minded- and this is by far the worst book I've picked up. And this is a series! Apparently, they publish anything now days. For anyone who thinks Twilight is a bad vamp story, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!

3.Heavy Metal and You by Christopher Krovatin (B+)
+The story was an interesting life story that was well written and the ending had a very cool twist. The story is about being who you are and I also thought the metal knowledge the boy has is AWESOME.
-I didn't really like some of the language in it and some of the situations, but that's just me. Overall, those things are pretty much things you can ignore if you don't like them.
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? Yep. It was pretty snazzy. I'd probably pick it up again in the future.

4.*Tsubasa (A)
+I've only read one of these, and I'm halfway through #2, but I really like the series so far. It's a lot like Cardcaptors, which was a show and series I loved when it was on t.v.
-I don't think I've read enough to put a negative on this one yet. =P
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? Yep, if you're interested in reading a manga series, this one seems just as good as any.

5.*Gothic Sports (B)
+I think the idea of these kids pulling together a sports team because they're misfits is pretty cool. And some of it's kinda amusing to me.
-I don't like some of the characters attitudes, it gets annoying. (I have only read the first three books of this series though, so maybe it gets better.)
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? Maybe, they were ok. =/

6.The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (A+)
+I LOVED reading this. It only took me a few days, even through it's lengthy. It's a beautiful love story that keeps you on edge with the horror. Nicholas is a very talented man. ^^
-I don't have a negative for this one... HAHAHA.
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? HECK YEAH! Seriously, this is one book you should read before you die! blaugh

7.The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer (A-)
+I liked this saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) Stephanie Meyer did a pretty good job with all of her characters. I also think that -though it wasn't a traditional vamp story by any means- it had intersting spins on it, and it was a cute love story. I also like how she added the love triangle between Bella, Jake and Ed. It kept me reading. ^^
-I didn't like parts of it where you could tell that she added a bunch of unnecessary nonsense in it just to lengthen it. And I thought the sparkly vamp thing was kinda dumb.. AND NO, I'M NOT AN EC FAN GIRL AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY INTEREST IN FREAKING ROBERT PATTINSON. HE DOES NOT APPEAL TO ME. thankyou ^^
DO I RECOMMEND IT TO YOU? Sure, why not. I own all four and I've read 'em a few times. =D


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