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Snazzy Words
This is all about me and what I think about every day and about my life. Don't care? Don't read.
Snazzy Songs
I'm bored, so I'm posting favourite songs from favourite artists of mine. If you ever get the time, you should really listen to some of these.

-On the Arrow (good slow song.)
-Silver and Cold
-The Days of the Phoenix (one of my all time favs from any artist.)
-Miss Murder (this is the catchiest freaking song ever!)
-Totalimmortal (the day I got the All Hallows EP this song became a fav)
-Girls Not Grey
-But Home is Nowhere.. (Sing the Sorrow is my fav cd)
-Takes Me Nowhere (probably one song that describes old me most.)
-Race Against Myself
-Fix You (Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace is my 2nd fav cd.)
-Half-Truism (where would we be w/o Dexter Holland!?!)
3.Van Halen
-Humans Being (the first time I heard this, I was in love with it.)
-Dreams (I really love Sammy)
-Right Now (the vid for this is amazing!)
-Panama (another one of those freaking catchy songs =P)
-Jump (Eddie Van is the BEST! MUHAHA)
4.Def Leppard
-Rock of Ages (another all time fav)
-Photograph (Joe Elliott is amazing!)
5.Tokio Hotel
-Ready, Set, Go! (the remix of this is awsome too. Jade from Afi mixed)
-Monsoon (German version's more appealing to me than the english)
-Live Every Second
-Don't Jump
6.Blaqk Audio
-Mute (Yet another all time fav. Davey's an excellent singer ^^)
-Semiotic Love
-Bitter for Sweet
7.Linkin Park
-Leave Out All the Rest
-What I've Done (I LOVE Linkn Park^^)
-Breaking the Habbit
8.Blue October
-Overweight (ANOTHER FAV)
-X Amount of Words
-Calling You
-Come in Closer
-Bring Me to Life (who doesn't love this song!?)
-Taking Over Me
-Whisper (Amazing guitar solo)
-Everybody's Fool (Awesome Vid)
-Those Nights (I love the lyrics.)
11.The Killers
-When You Were Young
12.Pink Floyd
-Wish You Were Here (even though it makes me sad..)
-Comfortably Numb
13.Barlow Girl
-Psalm 73 (ANOTHER GREAT!!!)
-Let Go
-Who Knew
-Rise Above This
16.Bon Jovi
-You Give Love A Bad Name
-It's My Life
-Livin on a Prayer (I love this band!!! Ever since I heard it ^^)
17.David Bowie
-All of his songs from the Labyrinth (one of my fav movies!!)
18.Breaking Benjamin
-Diary of Jane
-Until the End
-Better Than Me
20.A Day to Remember
-Their cover for Over my Head was AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!! ^^
-Scars Remain (good Christian metal ^^)
22.Skid Row
-18 and Life (awesome vid. for this one too.)
23.Guns and Roses
-November Rain (I love the words and the beat ^^)
-Welcome to the Jungle (Axl has a pretty cool voice.)
-Sweet Child O' Mine
-Knockin' on Heavens Door
-One (love the song, love the vid a lotsis!)
-Fade to Black
-For Whom the Bell Tolls
25.Toby Keith
-How Do You Like Me Now?
-My List
-I Wanna Talk About Me
26.Rascal Flatts
-What Hurts the Most
-Life is a Highway (good remake)

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messy midori
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jul 16, 2009 @ 04:12am
I must say, You have great taste in music my friend! Haha. You even have my favorite band in there (Evanescence)!!

blaugh blaugh

Hope For The Best. Expect The Worst
messy midori
Smile Thru The Rain
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