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Gunmetal's life Stories
This is where I write stories full of action and suspense I will add most of the people on my friends list cuz...I'm just that cool
Day two: Gunmetal and the forum bar
I awoke to the sunrise. I was covered in leaves from a near by tree in order to keep warm I stood and streached my arms." Yawn* I feel dirty...But today...I get a house!....But where to begin.....Hmmm...."I looked around and began traveling the vast landscape. Soon the sun reach high noon."I could of sworn I passed this house before......I can't tell where I'm going...." I looked over and saw a large building. I looked up at the sign as it was flashing."The Forum bar....Maybe someone in there can help me..." As I walked up to the door several people walked out cherring and acting joyus."I' sure I can find help!" I said happily. I walked in and was shocked to see the building covered from top to bottom with people."Oh....My.....God......" I was stunned as the place was extemely busy with many diffrent rooms and tables."....I wonder...Where should i start?" I began to walk forward, deep into the bar as I was walking i overheard many conversations. "I think they should kill Naruto!" said one man," WHAT!!!! I"LL DESTROY YOUR SOUL!!!" Replied another.And as I continued to walk I noticed large colored robots sitting near each table." what the hell are these things?" I asked myself. Another guy walked up from out of the crowd and said,"Those guys....They're the Mediator.(hic)Those guys moniter the convesations and kick people out if they get to rowdy.....(hic)"I turned to the man and covered my nose."Don't you think..That you've had too much to drink?"The man looked at me and said,"DRINK! I DON"T DRINK YOU f**!!!" The one of the mediators stood and began walking towards us."Ummmm....Buddy maybe you should watch your language....."The man grew even angrier."HEY!!!! Feck off pal!!!!(hic) I CAN DO AS I PLEA...." The man was picked up by one of the mediators. " Attention! You have violated rule 27B1: Use of foul language against another person or persons. You shall be removed Immidiately!" Said the mediator. " HEY!!!! OUT ME THE FE...(hic)..K....DOWN!!!" said the rowdy man. The eyes of the mediator robot changed from yellow to dark red."You are here by removed from this bar. Any attempt to return will be punishable by law." The robot then Began to spin his upper body. The robot spun then launched the guy out of the building through a moon roof in the ceiling.
I turned and looked arounf but the other people seem to just ignore it as if it happens everyday."I guess I should talk nice...." I wandered around and found my way to a room called Gaia community Discussion."I think This where I have to go..To find out where I can get a house...." I walked inside to see a few people talking about Community resources. I pulled up a chair and asked," I need to find a house...i'm new at this so any help will be appreciated." The room grew silent and everyone looked at me. Then one guy eith black wings stood and said,"well, seeing as your new, I won't get pissy with you...
1) this is the wrong forum... I think your looking for a forum called Gaia housing or somehting like that... they can help you.
2) I have no clue how to place a house...
3) For future reference, this is th Role playing forum... If you want to roleplay some, your welcome here..."Then a mediator robt picked me up by the collar of my shirt."(Choke)....Hey buddy.....Mind....Letting....me.....(choke).....Go?"The robot looked at me and said,"Attention. You are in the wrong room. The room you are looking for is called: Questions and assistance. We can take you there. Care to be directed?" I dangled and was franticly looking for a place for my feet."Sure....(choke)...I'd be very....(choke)....Greatful....." The robot then began to spin."Oh....no....." I said. The robot spun and spun."Target location locked on. Commence firing!" The robot threw me into ther air."AHHHH!!!!" I yelled as I flew across the busy room all the way to the questions and assistance room. I flew in and smashed into the table."OW.....My soul..."I said to myself. I slowly got up and I dusted myself off." Damn robots....they could of just pointed the way....But nooooo...They decided to launch me....."I was mumbling on to myself and looked up to see a line."...Oh man....."I said."Looks like Im in for a long wait.....(sigh)...."

Gunmetal Alchemist
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    commentCommented on: Sun Jan 15, 2006 @ 06:01am
    lota of writing only i cant read that some im just going to post 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding

    commentCommented on: Sun Jan 15, 2006 @ 07:08am
    heart heart heart IS ADDING COMMENT CUZ YOU ADD A COMMMENT in my journal you love green =) i meet alot people whom love de green they love me ^.^

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    Fullmetal Yamiflea
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    commentCommented on: Sun Jan 22, 2006 @ 05:29am
    awwwww no sequil?

    commentCommented on: Mon Aug 14, 2006 @ 12:26am

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    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Fri Mar 13, 2009 @ 01:09am
    lol I loved the short story and really funny!!!!

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