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Gaian Arts and Pixels!
OC: Shunsuke Takahashi and Ryuuji Kinomoto
Received Arts! Thanks so much to you all!

Ryuuji and Shunsuke by RicaChan It's the one on the top.
Ryuuji and Shunsuke again by RicaChan This time a digital sketch
Ryuuji and Shunsuke Dolls by MinkxKed She is just awesome!
Shunsuke and Ryuuji 1 , Shunsuke and Ryuuji 2 and Shunsuke and Ryuuji 3 by KatGoddess
These chibis by Tsuper_jr
A really well done sketch of Ryuuji's Head by Rensui
Blue Lineart by Princess Goldfish
Shunsuke! and Ryuuji by Asphyxian~
Traditional Chibi style of Shunsuke by Nulfi
Detailed sketch of Shunsuke by I White Fang I
Cute art of Ryuuji and Chibi Art fo Shunsuke by Fideeee
Awesome chibi by of Shunsuke by mimioncrak
Ryuuji Tangled in wires by Fuken Pansy
Shunsuke and Ryuuji Awesome Sketch by I White Fang I
Shunsuke and Ryuuji by Fuyu No Hibari
Super Mega Cute Art of Shunsuke and Ryuuji by yeungbae! :3
Ryuuji Button by Steeamed Rice
Unfinished but really well made art by MinkxKed
Chibi Art by danse-hexe
Ryuuji Headshot by Shosetsu
Shunsuke in Ninja attire by Rensui
Golden Prince Shunsuke by Asphyxian
Shunsuke and Ryuuji by sluggishdork
Golden Prince Shunsuke by sluggishdork


Meet Shunsuke and Ryuuji!

User Image
I have been collecting art for my OCs rather than my avi because I like them better right now because of their simple but awesome outfits! They were made to be Shibuya-style but now, they are real anime people ^^

I've gotten some arts of them already and they are all adorable, or amazing and now I'm also broke becasue of them. I'm opening an art request thread just for them too~ See how I love my OCs. Of course, I have to regularly go to zOMG now...Good crews are hard to come by you know?

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, if you want to tweak them a bit I don't mind as long as they still have a resemblance...Maybe I'll even make some sort of crzay different outifts for them during March Break!

This drawing was made by my awesome RL friend RicaChan! Thanks so much to her! She met my every demand for arts and now she is helping me open up a premade shop soon! Yay! Also, if you go to this link, you will see other outfits that I have made for them. I'm going to keep adding to the list so just keep checkin ^^

Now introducing my OCs!

This is Shunsuke Takahashi

User Image

Avi Reference TekTek-Without Weapon
Avi Reference TekTek-With Weapon

Basic Decription

Age: 15
Hair: Black
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Build: Athletic
Height: 5' 5''

Personality: Usually bubbly and happy, he is the complete opposite of his best friend, Ryuuji. He likes to socialize with others and do other 'fun' work, like cooking. He loves the outdoors and is always excited for summertimes. When not found laughing or playing out despite his age, he can be found outside reading a book, usually beside Ryuuji. At times when he is mad though, is when people stay clear of him because he becomes unusualy violent, able to beat up a quarterback football player if provoked. He is sometimes told by friends that he has a sadistic side to him.

This is Ryuuji Kinomoto

User Image

Avi Reference TekTek-Without Weapon
Avi Reference TekTek-With Weapon

Basic Decription

Age: 17
Hair: Light Brown
Eye Colour: Teal
Build: Athletic
Height: 5' 9''

Ryuuji was a quiet guy, rarely interacting with anyone but his best friend, Shunsuke. They would usually hang out together when Shunsuke would relax once in a while.They'd read a book or exchange school pointers or just talk about anything. Neither fot them didn't like her. He was quite smart and knew many things but didn't apply them too school. He is simply lazy. He is protective about Shunsuke because he knows he can easily be hurt. Ryuuji would always have a bento box from Shunsuke everytime they eat.


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