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Arkelle's Nonsense
xD Random crap. Thats it.
Remi (Raichu gijinka)


Name: Remiel Di Garione (reh-MEE-el) (DEE) (gare-eee- on)

: Called Remi (reh-MEE) by anyone he knows in his own social class. He demands that commoners may only address him as Remiel, or his entire name.

Species: Raichu

: Impish

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Build: Small, willowy frame with thin limbs.. Rectangular in shape, with rather small shoulders and chest for a boy. Has the look of a boy who hasn’t hit puberty yet.

Height: Short. About 5ft. Hasn’t had his growth-spurt yet, and is a little sensitive about it >:




Distinguishing features


Personality: There isn't a word that can describe Remi completely. His personality can be as different as it can be lethal. To most, he appears as a selfish, manipulative, egotistical, spoiled brat. Which isn't far from the truth really. Remi likes to take advantage of peoples weaknesses and manipulate them into doing his bidding, probably to feel better about himself. Because he is a member of the upper class, he feels a need to make his voice known to all the commoners, that he is better than them in every way. He hates commoners almost as much as he hates not being in control. He is known to belittle people and insult them, as if he were playing a game with them, to him, the feelings of a commoner means nothing. To members of his own social class he is much more respectful, showing his proper upbringing, and making good impressions on those who could help him gain a better title. Though, he does like to play games of wits and words with them, as his competitive, egotistical nature cannot be so easily forgotten. But, though his bad traits far outweigh his good, he isn't completely evil either. Though not many people know it, he is a passionate, highly driven individual. Though he was born with everything a child could ask for, he continues to try his hardest to gain more luxury. His ultimate goal is to someday work his way into become a full-fledged member of nobility, however, he has yet to find a way how. Part of the reason he is so competitive is because of his parents. When he was about ten years old, he was disowned by his parents and sent to live in an estate in a small town, rather then the large city he was used to. It reason for his parents doing this is unknown, however, it has stuck with Remi ever since. He became a vile and downright terrible child, taking out his anger on everyone he came across with his sharp toungue. It has gotten better over the years, he is not nearly as harsh as he was, but the scars of whatever his parents did to him still remain. To get back at his parents, he decided he would work his hardest to become more rich and powerful than his parents, and some day, disown them as well.
Anyway, Remi could also be described as a Tsundere character. In some rare situations, he can be caught off guard and show his inner kindness. Though it isn't something that is allways obvious, he does have good intentions, even if they are covered up by harsh words. And, should he met someone just as manipulative witty as him, he often can be caught off guard and may act irrationally. He is still a child after all, and though he doesn't like to admit it, the things people say about him effect his self esteem. And on the very rare occasion, may break down. However, he does his best to hide it. He has too much pride to let someone see his weakness.
So, basicly, Remi is a complex character that not may people have the patience to get close too. He can be harsh and cruel, but don't let that be the only thing you see.


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