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::Partners in Crime::
: razz artners in Crime::

Saorise whistled as she trotted through the field. They had just left the mountain range, and a large pool of water was before them, it came from the massive river that ran throughout the forest, This the Huntress knew all to well. Mchumba trotted lightly beside her larger companion, ears trained on every sound within a good radius. She knew that Sao never payed much attention to what was around them until it was far far to late, Though they had yet to have a truly nasty encounter. The airy Wolf had led them both in to close calls a few times now, Her fur was still bristling over that crazed fox, Adish... She let out a hiss and got a bright green eye looking at her curiously.

"I was just thinking of that psycho fox..." Saorise nodded and let a light laugh leave her. "Ah. yeah, he was the bizarre one wasn't he... All that shiny human stuff on him didn't help him blend much either..." Mchu just sighed, her throat already anticipating the wonderful drink she would get in a few more strides. "That visit up in the mountains was quite refreshing, but I'm very glad to be back on green earth... especially now that it's spring..." Saorise smiled a wolfish grin as she took a few sips of refreshing glacier cold water. Her ears went back around her fourth swig as something rustled the brush behind them.

Mchumba hissed as she jerked away from the water and flexed powerful claws at what ever was daring to hide behind them. Saorise was much slower with her movements, more controlled, she might be airy and ditzy at times, but she knew scents. This one she'd never come across before, but she knew he was probably not the best news. "You can come out...your smell gave you away half way to the watering hole..." This had orange eye's blazing in her direction, though she ignored the cat in favor of the larger tan and blue wolf that slowly slid through into clear site. "I'm sorry... I don't suppose I meant to startle you... I was just curious, and your scent... it was attractive..." Lime green eye's rolled as tealish black tipped tail raised high, she knew how Alphas intimidated others, and figured she could try one of those moves, She was in no mood to deal with a male who knew she was in that time...
"What do you want? Sly forest wolf..." Mchu was the one who spoke up, her voice strong, but dripping with threat as she feigned boredom, licking a clawed paw. Saorise was impressed by her friend, but she took the defensive quickly as this male bared fangs in the feline's direction. "You do not raise your fangs to her!" She snarled as her long lethe leg spread out to block Mchumba from the other wolfs solid view, her tail stayed raised as wary curiosity turned into ferocious snarling.

Kai realized he had misstep, and quickly attempted to ease the situation by lowering his tail and dropping his gaze, it was a ploy ofcourse, as he'd never submit to any female. But if he wanted to win this game he'd half to let her know that her cat companion wasn't to be his next meal. "I apologize..." His voice still held a growl to it, roughing the general velvet flow enough that Saorise didn't budge though her ears did twitched to a more relaxed position. "What do you want Dragga. I have no time for the likes of you." Kai rolled his green eye's, a flirty smile drifting across his blue muzzle as he plopped his butt to the earth and wagged his tail lazily, He was a hunter, she his prey. He could be patient.

"I'm Kai... I just felt like coming to get a drink and like I said, you distracted me. May I ask your names?" He added the plural to ease the Femme's stress over the feline, it worked. She two lowered herself to a sit, though she remained rigid, ready for anything. "Kai... I see..." She tasted the words on her lips, it didn't sound too bad, seemed to fit him. "This is Mchumba, and I'm Saorise..." Mchu flicked her stub tail, ears still back though she remained silent, she wasn't stupid, Saorise scent was strong... and this wasn't the first attempted suiter to come after her beauty. "Pleasure to meet you Saorise, Mchumba... I apologize again for frightening you... It's been a while, as I'm sure you both understand... sense I've been around other's... of our kin." His voice was smooth, innocent. Saorise wasn't stupid, but she figured that if he wanted to play nice, she could too. "Forgiven... It is easy to forget manners when were on our own for long periods of time... I understand that all too well..." Mchumba spoke right after her, almost in sync. "I as well, my kin arn't the usual pack type. But Sao and I share the same soul of sorts... so we keep each other company..."

Kai nodded his head, he was intrigued by the femme's nick name, and by her choice in companionship. "Doesn't Saorise mean freedom? I suppose the name would be fitting to a Lone huntress who also smells faintly of pack." Saorise gave a wolfish grin. "And Kai would be Sky if I remember correctly. not to far off with your colors, it fits... Yes, I'm from a pack, and am still half-claimed by them... as is the way of IsraKaiya..." Kai blinked, he knew that pack name, knew of it's alpha's and history. How intriguing. "So you are one of the legendary 'Half-pack' that Old Wall-e speaks of so fondly...? Are you as well Mchumba?" The cat in question nodded once. "Yes... you know of Wall-e? He's like a brother to me... though I wouldn't call him old... Roy yes, but not Wall-e, he's near my age actually... only a few months younger then I."

Inwardly the male smiled, he was winning her trust already. Outwardly he remained cool, calm, interested and flirty. "I suppose I get the age idea from the way he carries himself. He seems to understand a lot of this world... I mean, as much as any lone would... Yet he's a pack alpha... they are usually far sheltered from our lifestyle... Why is it... Saorise, that you do not stay pack?" She grinned, though before had been frowning at the mention of her Alpha's obvious pain. "Pack life... it's not for me, I love them all dearly, as family should love another. But I can never stay... I've tried, it doesn't usually work well for me..."

Kai nodded, truly understanding for a moment. He had grown up a loner, but that didn't mean he hadn't ever wondered if he would fit with a pack. "Sometimes the heart conflicts with the soul so much that it's nearly unbearable... yet eventually, they both learn to balance... I see now why they allow 'Half-pack' where so many other packs do not so much as blink at this idea. You have the chance to still be part of that world, while enjoying the freedom of a lone...Respectable."

Her heart twittered for a moment, this male seemed to understand her... how intriguing that was, Even Mchu seemed interested in what he had to say now. She found herself nodding in agreement as they slowly lost themselves in casual conversation.


Three day's and a week had passed sense she first met Kai, yet he seemed like one she had known her whole life... Both of them had found something that neither had expected... Kindred spirits. Even Mchu liked him as they three traveled peacefully through the forest, playing like pups and hunting like the predators they truly were. It was exhilarating, and her heart seemed to beat faster every time he looked at her.

Kai hadn't expected to actually like Saorise, not more then a casual acquaintance and possible bed mate for a bit... but as the days dragged on he found himself fully entertained by her sharp, airy charm. And she seemed to enjoy his flaming hot flirting, somehow it just worked... Like air to a flame just right, it seemed like that fire grew every time she accidentally brushed against him, or happened to catch his eye. Even when she laughed... He was losing his mind...


two weeks and four days... it took that long for them to fall. but they did, hard. Mchu had wondered off to chase small prey, only to come back to find the scents of her favorite wolves mixed in many ways she hadn't realized they could. She blinked orange eye's as Saorise nipped Kai's cheek gently, he nuzzled her as they rested together under a massive maple tree. It seemed perfect for them, and Mchu was happy for her friends, she slept near them that night, but far enough away that they could enjoy one anothers presence.

When they woke in the morning... Kai was gone. It all seemed like a blur, but as she and Sao hunted for a solid scent trail it became obvious that the male had done his best to not be followed. Saorise was heart-broken. And Mchumba was pissed. They finally gave up as the sun set, and as they lay in the same spot Sao and Kai had slept in the night before two bright green eye's peered brightly from up in the trees.

Kai was a forest born wolf, he knew his way into a tree as easy as over rocks or through a field. His ears were back as he fought a whine. Pain shooting through his chest as if he had been fatally wounded, but he remained silent. Watching the love of his life from afar, her whimpers through the night only making his heart hurt more. As the sun rose, it found him still perched in his tree, watching the girls as they sadly left his line of sight. He sat there til even their scent was gone. Then, took off in the opposite direction hoping to get far enough away that he'd never harm that beautiful female again.

He hadn't meant to fall, hadn't ever in the past, but something about her left him wishing to stay... sadly, like her heart killed her for her pack, his conflicted with staying with her, and wondering... this time he chose wondering, and if he were lucky, he might be able to forget her if he ran hard enough...


Saorise was broken, whimpers left her as she and Mchu headed towards the only place that could bring her sweet comfort. As paws found that familiar trail, the sounds of the ocean and scent of the waves filtered to touch them both. Mchumna stopped just as the scent of Alphas hit her nose, Saorise paused as well, taking a few deep breaths before she opened her maw and released an anguished howl. It was met immediately with several of love and excitement, one she noted was of anger. But her heart hurt to much to worry if Istas was still upset with her, so as the sound of paws grew louder she and Mchumba entered Israkaiya territory, and welcomed the shower of praises from their long lost family.

"You've returned safe. though... I suppose that scent means your planning on sticking around a while?" Roy said as he licked Saorises muzzle, Everyone except Istas had had this chance as she and Mchumba slowly made it to the den, her eye's were bright as she watched several sets of new pups play, but they snapped out of that view and locked onto the older Dragga's with lightning speed. "What are you talking about?" She asked, her voice a whisper. Istas chose this time to speak, though she'd been there wrestling with the pups for a while. "Your pregnant... why else would you come back, not like you care about any of us enough to come visit..."

Mchumba froze from her conversation with Snow, her orange gaze locked on her best friends shaking frame. Saorise whimpered, something that none of the pack had ever heard from her before. They all watched her cautiously as Roy nuzzled her neck gently. "Did you not know this? Did he just... I see." He didn't finish his words as she buried her nose in his neck, Wall-e and Eva were there instantly, brushing against her as well. "It's ok Freedom, your safe. We will be here to help, your not alone..." Eva whispered as the green femme dropped gently to her stomach, her paws covering her nose in shame. She wasn't ready to be a mother yet...

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