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Shikimi's Journaly thingy
anything that i feel like typing about
Intro to my story!!! (:

No Ninjas Found Here


I don’t recall being born; I don’t recall my school years. The only thing I know is that I woke up and started to sing. There where people at my bedside when I awoke, they told me I was the prince, a prince? I thought. Of course I didn’t believe them, who would?

Then they started spewing words like; singer, band, money, fame, and prince. Why prince? But Any who, according to them I was on my way home after a gig and got into a car accident. They also said I’d been in a coma for about half a year! I didn’t believe them at first. But I went along with what they were saying. Then they left, said they’d be back tomorrow. But there were just a few tiny details that they forgot to mention: My name, or their own for that matter.

Chapter one:

When I woke up the next morning, one of them was at my bedside. Ugh.

“My prince.”

The person has a really delicate voice, must be a girl. Thank god! I was scared that I would have to put up with a bunch of guys. Yuck! I felt my face turn red. “I’m not a prince!” I told her.

She Shook her head, then stood up and walked over to me. She touched her forehead to mine.

I closed my eyes tightly. Something just wasn’t right about her. I looked down noticing one little detail about her. Her chest. It was… Flat?

I grabbed her arms and pushed her back, to get a better look. I then realized that the soft voice belonged to a very Delicate, Feminine, and Gorgeous… Man?

“Wow, you must have Amnesia prince!”

“Amnesia?” I asked. Feeling dumb.

“Yes my prince, it seems that you had mistook me for a woman... You know fully well that I am a guy. We did grow up together after all!”

I felt so embarrassed; I grew up with this fellow. I should know these things! … Or well, I knew these things. “Oh, while I’m dying from my own stupidity, mind telling me My Name… and your own for that matter?!”

He laughed at me a little, but he wore a pained expression.

“I’m Kenta, and your name is Shisukimaru! But everyone calls you ‘Shi’ or ‘Shiki’. And I’m the ONLY ONE allowed to call you ‘Suki’!”

The only one? Suki? Why’s my name so lame? “Got it, Kenta!” I smiled at him and just went along with it. “Thanks.”

He left a few minutes later and said that he and the band would come and get me out of the hospital around supper time. Ugh, so long to wait! There’s nothing to do here, so I guess I’ll go down to the lunchroom and eat.

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