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Lynn's Thoughts
Personality Profile

Gender: S/He/rmorphadite [Idk]
Status: Taken heart I love you Honiee.
Hobbies/Leisure Time:
I run a successful art shop here in Gaia!

2.Friends and Family.. although friends may be the s**t..
Family is the HOLY FLYING s**t.
3.Self sacrificing..

1. Blood and gore,
especially anything associated to art.
[especially in dealing with suspense or horror.]
3.Demonic, demented, destraught, and wickedly twisted things.
4.Sweet romance, love stories,
viewing art that symbolize passion,
masculinity/femininity between normal,
male to male, or female to female relationships.
[That's a more sophistacated sentence that simply means.. SECKS, OBBY.]

And so I come to live in this world of Mother Nature and Father sky, and embedded in between, that of purity, emphasized by the quintessence of religion. But over the years, I've grown disdain, for these eyes have seen a confliction this world has, and it is the Growing Loss of Humanity by the manipulation of religion and government over the oppressed masses. Corruption has brought forth more corruption, as the ignorant and blind succumb to the manifestation of this madness for power and greed. And it is spreading fast like Disease. And this body and mind suffers, for I’m afflicted, and can only succumb to the life of a doll. I cannot conform to that of the Ignorant Mass, nor smile with those who suffer, and so I’m torn by the pain and torment of the above said.

What I am growing to hate… is this system that those who suffer from, and become a part of, as they give in to blindness. For more and more, the innocent drop, one by one, and all I can do is hold dear to what remains of humanity and sanity, in the image of my soul, and the image of the souls of those who’re left that I hold dear.

My personality

Born a Blank Slate with a Majestic Spirit of a holy Trine. Blessed with a Curse of ever-seeing eyes, that of which tragic visions slowly stole my Life. I am Gothic. I believe in God, NOT Religion. Born of the element of Water, supporter and destructor of the Living, and ruled by the planet of Venus. With Libra, the center and balance of all prospects. I am diverse in all aspects. So those who read of me, love me and accept me Unconditionally, and I shall do the same for you. Let judgment be only for those sincerely unworthy of this land, who of which rots it to its core. For Equality is the essence of which I thrive to live for.

Look me in these worn, dark, brown eyes… and I dare you to tell me I am Not Human.” -Belinda Lynn

Look me in these dark, worn, tearing eyes.. and I dare you to tell me I am NOT Human

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