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Hybird's rants, stories, homemade mythology, and other stuff.
This is my little journal that holds all of my thoughts, rants, anger, etc... If you don't like what I say, tough s**t assclowns. Oh and... Yeah... Please leave a comment. Please?
Before I say anything, people who actualy read this journal may be surprised that that I'm putting a Entertainment Sports related rant into my journal, insted of the "Hybird's Rants" thread in that said forum. It is because, unlike when I first began to rant, I constantly get negative comments about them now. It is true that what I usualy say has been already said before, but I think that when Alaric the Dark Rose said "he's getting the praise is because he finally snapped and said what we were all thinking, only in a topic of it's own and in rant form," It kinda explained the mass of respect before it came crashing down.

And now, my Rant:

I'm a little pissed off, because a user on the site Youtube.com who goes by the name of "Billzero" has for some reason, been "suspended." What makes me so angry is that Billzero had great Puroresu music videos from various Gyms/Promotions such as AJPW, NJPW, Michinoku Pro, Ultimo Dragon Gym, and such. I loved what he entered, because it was a great source of shows that I wanted to see, and he told which shows the highlights came from, so I knew what to look for if I ever decided to buys the VHS/DVD! I decided to see if Bill added anything recently, and discovered my channel subscription was gone, turns out, he was suspended (most likely banned, because his videos were GONE.)

No... NO! Dammit Youtube, you ruined my Puroresu source! What am I gonna do, ask people at the Gaia ES Board for help? I'D RATHER KISS A PORCUPINE!


Dammit! I really enjoyed those videos, and I wish Billzero will make a return, for he was a great source for me, as well as others.

[Quote the Hybird, Never More]

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Mon Jul 02, 2007 @ 09:49pm


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Mon Nov 26, 2007 @ 11:29pm

sounds like it sucks

altho id rather talk to people at the gaia ES board then kiss a porcupine [cuz that would be mildly painful]

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GoGoGo Mr. Aran! : D
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