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I know you might not want to,but try to view my links,they may help you through tough times,or change you for life,in a good way.
To My Old Friends and RP Partners
To my friends,

I started roleplaying when I was 12-13. I have met so many amazing people on here since then. I have ran so many big booming Roleplays that lasted years and then had to watch them and the site die away. I fought hard to keep them going because I never wanted to lose contact with anyone. I am the kind of person who will always wonder if my friends, my roleplay partners I talked too so much, are doing well. So I gave out my old dA name wherever I could, my email, and even tried to give my phone number out a few times. Everything that internet safety tells you not too.

Some of you, I have on my Facebook, my Deviant Art, my Instagram. Some of you have managed to find me and join my Discord Warrior Cat Roleplaying group which is still active and decently sized.

But for those of you who don't want to reach out and feel awkward, or just haven't tried until now. I want you all to know how I am doing. So you don't worry, so you don't stress, and so if you do miss me you know you can still contact me at any time.

I am doing well, I am happy, my physical health isn't too bad, and my mental health is always improving(many of you may have known about my depression). I am actually married and have been for 3 years now. We have been best friends since the 9th grade. He supports my hobbies and interests even when they are not his own. He appreciates my online friends as much as my offline ones as well. That means all of you guys, gals, or non-binary pals as well.

My religious beliefs have not changed much, I am still a Christian but my theology has altered some. I still believe in equality and acceptance for every race, religion, and sexuality or identity. I still believe in animal rights, but I still eat meat. I have matured as all people should over a span of nearly 13 years. I have learned to accept when I am wrong or have misunderstood something, and to be calmer when someone else misunderstands me. I have learned that I am Asexual and Agender, not just confused, lost, or broken. I am aware that I still have a lot to learn, accept, and improve on - no one will ever be done growing after all.

I still love Warriors, but don't read them anymore. I love YA fantasy - preferably with NO smut and lots of action. But I do love me a good bit of romance. I play Guild Wars 2 sometimes and other games where I can piddle. I really want to play DnD but my IRL friend group has no interest. I love to cook but I rarely do it. I love Rock, Pop, some R&B and Hiphop, some country. Most recent music is starting to all sound the same to me so I guess I am getting old. Oops.

If we were ever friends on here, feel free to reach out to me. I will eventually answer you here, but my Deviant art, my Instagram (both I am Radiant-Laurels), or my Discord are the fastest ways to hear from me. If you ever want to catch up, let me know. I would love to hear from you. Chances are, I miss you, or I at least think of you and wonder - are they okay?

I will be happy to send you my Discord name in a PM through any site, or a link to my book club, art group, or Warrior Cat RP on Discord as well if you want any of those.

Take care everyone, I hope you are doing well. heart

Like Cats? Role-play? Art? Games? Send me a PM!

I am a freelance graphic designer and digital artist.
In my free time I run a Warrior Cat RP on Discord, DM for a Link
I also play GW2 and other games

Weary Druid
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Weary Druid
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