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The thoughts of CSII.
Where i put my crap :3!
Sasuin Vis Venia.

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"The greatest of sacrifices are made in silence."

-- -Sasuin



    Name: Sasuin Vis Venia
    Age: 23
    Eye colour: Emerald Green
    Hair: Ranging from Dark Brown to a Chestnut color. It's straight and never touches the base of his neck.
    Body type: 6'3"/180lbs He's got lean, well defined muscles, with an overall lithe build. He's active and likes exercise but he'll never be bulky.
    Short personality: Complex, but genuinely warm-hearted. lulz wut a f** He's extremely intelligent and often hides himself behind a veil of cynicism.
    Distinguishing features: Half-rimmed nerd Glasses, one of his hats the girlsy one or the stupid one, and his scarf when he's outside.
    Outfits: Inside: Green Turtleneck, probably from his grandma, the sissy Black Cargo Pants, that frufru girly hat of his, fingerless gloves. Ourside: Everything mentioned before except the frufru girly hat has usually been exchanged for a stupid different hat, He wears a winter petticoat which goes down to his thighs, and a scarf which goes down to his knees.
    Themesong: El Distancia Para un Duelo lolghey


  • Complex and profound Sasuin would like to make people think he's cold, so they don't pry or ask about him personally.
  • He genuinely cares about people, and likes to help them, but is very backwards in his methods, borderline passive-aggressive. He'll usually be quiet around new people and more to the point, whereas with old friends like Amy he can be a completely different person.
  • He's a total wuss and detests unnecessary violence. He internalizes conflict which can be bad for his health and occasionally make him sick.
  • Sasuin is incredibly tolerant and open-minded. It takes a lot to warrant genuine anger from him, but it's also something best avoided.User Image


  • Varietas has four different sectors each with a separate climate, time of day, geography, and governmental system.
  • He lives in the Idealist Sector specifically as one of their counselors. Since he's one of the Original Sixteen he's transcended aging, but can still die by physical harm. As such he usually has a body guard with him like the other three members of the Counsel.
  • The Sector itself it stuck at sunset till nighttime. It's built on top of skyscrapers with multiple gardens and fancy restaurants. They use flying transportation such as flying buses, Aerowasps (Flight capable vespas) , or Schwings (Flying bicycles.)

Sasuin Vis Venia's Past

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OTHER s**t

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