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well i like to write about lots of things like anime,friends,cool video games,rping stuff and well lots of things well i want my journal to be cool and very atencion grabing. i like to make anime fight with my sisters and well chat if u wish to know
Short stories i have bought or recieved for free!
This first story is about DemitorUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and DrakeUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.....It was made by none other than the great and magnificent! Dragonflame3333
The demon keeps close watch on the boy as he races through the island, disturbing men and women alike. With the mistress away, it is up to him to make sure that no harm comes to the child. His eyes never wandering from his charge, his wings failing to skip a beat, Demitor spins through the air idly, in a series of twists and turns invoking the rhythm of one who has repeated the action many times. He finds it easier to traverse the more jungle-like areas of the island that Drake frequently visits in this form, as the high volume of vegetation hinders movement for all but the smallest of creatures, such as a child, or a bat. Really, the only flaw to it is that he cannot fight, but there is not much danger to be had here, not with the abundancy of those loyal to his lord and, subsequently, the boy. Below him is the golden-haired waif, loud and boisterous, up to no less than mischief in the highest degree. The child laughs easily and often, a euphonious tintinnabulation, highpitched and full of mirth.

It's only after an hour of so of this that the young troublemaker wearies of his lighthearted shenanigans and makes the decision to stumble back home, dizzy and craving some other method of entertainment. Demitor supposes he's off to play with the animals again, or practice archery, or pester him to teach the youngling magic. He sighs at that last one, a weary sound that premeates his entire being. Oh, why did Drake have to be good at everything besides that! Including attracting trouble, he notes.

Today it was north, to the harpies. That was fine, to an extent. Treaties ensured relative peace, and anyways it was much better than attempting to navigate the river to the outside world using a raft. Mischeivous, indeed! No regard for boundaries was more like it. He fluttered to an outcropping at the base of the mountain and landed. There was nothing the child couldn't handle On the way up, so he had no reason to do anything besides sit and wait. It was an opportunity for him to switch forms, exchanging the restricted, yet condensed form for his bulkier, more sinewy humanoid shape. He had not thought to bring a wrapping of sorts along, but leaves worked well enough, woven together tightly. In a matter of minutes his waist was secure, and he had taken to flapping his wings idly and watching the banana trees sway gently.

It was also not very long before Drake had descended once more, his mouth clutching a grin and his eyes folded with laughter. The moment the demon laid eyes on him he knew there would be questions for him, and there would be answers from him, and also probably a great deal of blushing from him as well. A step, a hop, and two leaps later, the highpitched voice rang out pleasantly next to his ear. "Hello, Demitor. May I ask you a question?"

"Yes? If it is within my power to answer it..." His reply was reserved, unsure of what was to come next, and trailed off hesitantly. Nothing pleasant for him to answer, he was certain. They'd discussed several delicate matters at length before, and they had been awkward enough for Demitor to last a lifetime of embarrassing conversations. Frankly, he wondered what there was left to explain. Had he not been specific enough? Any more detail, and he would have had to do a live demonstration.

"I'm sure it is," came the reply, one hand balanced on a hip, the other casually fiddling with the amber sash around his waist. "It's just that, I've been wondering, I've asked so many questions about me, what about you?"

Demitor was taken aback. "What do you mean?"

"A while ago I asked how to differentiate desire from love, but you must have learned all of it somewhere, right? Experience?" That grin, that impudent little smirk, stared right at him, impatiently waiting for a satisfactory answer.

"I... suppose. But that's all done with now, we should talk about the present o... or the future, yes that's it, the future! When you--" Drake cut short his hasty reply with a look that reminded him whose son he was dealing with. "Of course we can talk about now. But we were talking about you, not me."

"I'm afraid I cannot answer your question, Drake," Dermitor replied, his furtive eyes sliding away hurriedly. His wings shook a bit as he spoke. "There's no one of that sort right now. I am here to repay my debt to your mother. You know that."

The goldenhaired youth pursed his lips, casting the demon another scornful glance. "Really? No one? No one at a-aall?" he asked, elongating the last vowel. "Not even, say, one of them that are out right now? None?"

"Yes, none," Demitor snapped, then pressed a hand to his mouth in surprise. "My apologies. I did not intend to be rude."

But Drake was already laughing.

Second Story star's, DrakeUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show., KristaliaUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. and SoerionUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
[Writing4Smiles] Unexpected Visitor

Req by: xKarlita Murderx
Written by: bunbunbacon

The cabin. A place providing the warmth and comfort she needed when the world betrayed her. She closed her eyes as she leaned her back on the wall. This morning she had seen him again. Aeron. He was talking to a merchant with his back facing hers, but she knew it was him. After her escape from the castle, he had gone to great lengths to find her, but each time ultimately failing. Just thinking about him made her want to scream. How much longer was he going to keep this up? How much longer was he going to deny the truth? She didn’t deserve this. Their son didn’t deserve this.

A pale blue bird chirped outside the window next to her. Her eyes fluttered open and she immediately turned her attention to it.

She opened the window and stuck her arm out. “Come here, baby.”

The bird flapped its wings a couple times before landing gently on her wrist. She slowly pulled her wrist back into the room and closed the window. Once inside, the bird flew off. Talia sighed, too tired to chase it around. She walked over to the single cot in the corner and sat down. The door creaked open and revealed a small figure standing in the doorway.

“Mother?” Drake walked up to his mother and placed a hand on her shoulder. He had just arrived back from the pirate’s underwater island a few days ago for a break from his training after hearing about his mother’s near-death experience with some of the castle guards.

“Mother?” he called again when she didn’t answer.

Talia snapped out of the trance she was in and smiled at her son. “Yes, honey?” She stroked his hair. It was the same light blonde color he had inherited from his father. He looked so much like him.

“I saw Victor on the way back.”

Talia’s hand froze. Even though she knew that he is her father, she understood that he has obligations and loyalty to the king and must hunt her down. The last time they had battled, Athomos had been damaged and she barely escaped with her life. It frightened her that one of these days she might die by his hand.

“There’s no need to be afraid, darling” she whispered, more for her own comfort than for her son’s. She opened her arms and Drake fell into her embrace. They stayed in the warmth of each other’s arms, only separating when a rustle from the shadows was heard.

Talia’s head shot up, eyes scanning every centimeter of the room. “Who’s there?”

There was no response, not that she expected one anyway.

“Mother?” Drake all but whispered.

She tapped her right foot, indicating that there was an intruder in the cabin, and he nodded, understanding her message. He quickly picked up his yew bow, ready to shoot the intruder if necessary.

Talia kept scanning the room. Just as she was looking towards the kitchen, she caught a glimpse of what seemed to be something light blue in the corner of her eye. She remembered that earlier she had let a blue colored bird in and immediately relaxed a little.

“Drake, I need you to go back to Naty.”

He was confused by her order, but had no choice to obey her; she was his mother after all. He gave a curt nod and left the cabin.

“What do you want?” Her voice was a cold contrast to the scene just moments before.

Soerion stepped out of the shadows, his mask almost glittering in the sunlight. He lowered his head and bowed to her. “Talia, looking lovely as always.”

“Cut the crap, Soerion.” Her arms folded across her chest.

He straightened himself and produced a letter from inside his jacket. It was a silvery blue, much like the color of her hair. “I’m here only to deliver the letter.”

She pointed to the plain wooden table next to him. “Place it there.”

He gently set the envelope onto the table and backed away. “Next time I’m here, it won’t be for a delivery.” Soerion’s smirked, his eyes hardening beneath the pale blue Venetian mask.

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