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many radom thoughts

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a story I have been working on( VampireGirl)
here is some info on VampireGirl, the main charater is Amber brown, x vampire.... for some unknown reason Amber became human after her mother,father, and sister are killed by a felow vampire and the 16 year old lives with her friend Becky Tanner and her brother DJ. Amber is head over heals with her best friend Tod black who is a bit of a joker who sometimes gets annoying but she loves his smile and his dreamy blue eyes. Amber has long black hair, black eyes and very pale, she is emo and her favorite thing to do is talk about how to kill someone.... eek though she writes poetry and loves to draw. but one day she gets a vist from a vampress named Ashley. Ashley is Ambers cousin and she knows why Amber turned human and who killed her family and as the story goes on Tods friends who are vampire who act human kill Ambers dog samy and wants to kill Amber as well but the 16 year old gets biten by an unkown lone vampire. still reading? I am going to write the fisrt chapter so keep reading.

Chapter 1 an old friend

(Becky) Amber are you ready for school yet?!?!! (Amber) Yeah I'll be right down. Becky have you seen the news lately? (Becky) no why? (Amber) another kid was found dead on the beach, his head was choped off. (becky) Amber why do you sound so happy about that? (Amber) come on Becky don't you like the sound of death? (Becky) NO! Amber can you stop talking about death? you know I don't like blood and guts!!!!! (Amber) Becky sometimes I feel like you don't get me. (Becky) Amber I do get you and we had better go to school before we're late! (Amber) Hey look its Tod want to say hi Becky? (Becky) no... (Amber) Why? (Becky) he creeps me out. (Amber) how? he's just like me only has blue eyes and red hair and is taller. (Becky) Yeah but his friends creep me out too. (Amber) Becky their not going to bite you!!! (Becky) I know!!!...its just that I'm not like you, Tod or his friends. (Amber) Oh really? why do you think that? (Becky) Well.. I have blonde hair, green eyes and a tan, I don't spend time talking about dead things. (Amber) Becky you watched chucky with me and you only screamed at the part when chucky gets that guy stuck in that machine that puts the doll eyes on the mans eyes. (Becky) I was scared!!!! (Amber) What ever Becky. (Tod) hey Amber!!! (Amber) Hey Tod!!!! blaugh whats up? (Tod) Nothing really... you? (Amber) I'm fine I guess. (Becky) The Bus is here!!! (Amber) Becky do you like Timmy? (Becky) No!!!! (Blushes) redface . (Amber) Yes you do I saw you stare at him all 5th periode yesterday!!!! xd (Becky) No I was not!!! I was looking at a bird outside the window where he sits. (Amber) Yeah say what you want I know you like him cool . (DJ) Yeah Becky you like him!!! 3nodding (Becky) Shut up DJ!!! stressed (DJ)haha. blaugh (Amber) ah we have arrived in Doomsvill. (Becky) Amber thats no way to talk about a school. (DJ) Geek!!! xd (Becky) shut up DJ!!! stressed (Amber)Becky how do we live with that guy? (Becky) I don't know but you had better get to class, see you at lunch. (Amber) Kay!!!! (walks to first periode) (Mr.Edaniel) All right class open your text book to chapter thirteen!!!! I want every one to take cornell notes on secion one and two. ( class) Awww!!!! (Mr.Edaniel) Not a nother word!!!! stressed and class we have a new student, Samual Crimsen. (Sam) You can call me Sam.(Mr.Edaniel) Okay Sam you can sit by Amber, Amber raise you hand please. (Sam) Thats Ok I know who she is. cool (Amber) Why does he have to sit by me? crying
to be contiued xd 3nodding

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