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What's on Kesu's Mind? Wanna get into my head and know what makes me tick? Stick around and maybe you'll find out...

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Secret of Penpal Vol. 1 of: Mysteries of Foreign Guys
Been meaning to post this...
Penpal sites are a wonderful way to find out about other cultures and languages. How people live and what not. With that said, there is always one dumbass who's looking for something a bit more... Contains some language and bashing
twisted scream scream scream
Hah ha ha ha I must laugh about this. Why in the world are you desperate enough to go looking for dates through a service that is clearly for friends? I must admit, if I run into to someone who is to my liking, I will befriend them FIRST, not go and ask them to send a damn picture (and they hope that you qualify for their perfect fantasy whatever). It's ******** nerve wrecking. So here is my full, rant and I promise to make it as intelligent as possible.

Idiots here, there, everywhere, get a damn life. I can't help but to stress this. You are mingling on a damn pen pal site saying you would like to learn a language and become friends with people all over the world, when in true light, you're really looking for someone who you could get to exchange a picture of, while keeping in the back of your mind your ******** twisted little fantasy world. What the ******** is it that you are expecting? Before asking me to send your exceptionally silly a** a picture and getting let down by my height, weight, ethnicity, or whatever you may nitpick at and find displeasing, Befriend me first you arrogant a*****e. Then casually tell me your preferences, because if you do not tell me these details, expect nothing from me.
Oh and lets not forget the fact that America is not filled with people who are all blond (pardon if I may have offended anyone) and blue/green eyed. And also let me refresh you that the states have a variety of people who are of different heights, shapes, sizes and colors. The chances of you meeting someone who is an ideal whatever the hell you like, are gonna be slim. But then again, if you're desperate, you're bound to find someone...-cough- loser -cough- stressed

Anime's Killing Style
I love anime so...
Warning: If you are someone who draws (does any art) based on anime and has based your style on it, and easily gets offended by people who talk about anime in a bad way, I suggest you leave now, and go read another one of my journal entries. If not, you are more than welcome than to read this. Contains some language and some bashing. Thank you.

Beginning:Meeting a Disney b***h
~Hi, I am 21 years old and I am a media arts and animation student, meaning I attend a college for the arts (The Art Institute). I have been going there for about 3 years now, first entering as a graphic design student, then switching over to animation. While attending the school, I began with a style that was set in the world of anime. Huge shiny eyes, the blushy faces, crazy expressions and I liked the way I drew.
~It was then I met Angela Love, a woman who used to work for Disney and hated the idea of people who wanted to go to Japan to pursue a career in the of making anime and manga (not to mention, she's a scary b***h who takes your soul along with any happiness and rapes it). She slapped everyone in the face who wished to do that, with her ideals and cold plates of the truth. She basically had taken students' dreams, placed them into a pillowcase and drowned them in a bucket of icy cold water, with a twisted smile behind it. Instead, the woman had everyone develop their own unique style. Something that said "I am my own artist, not a copy cat" and those who didn't do so, fell behind the class, and whatever was left of their dreams, died in a dark corner of the animation room.

Middle: Struggling With Anime & Self Descovery
~I found it hard to go from anime then to my own style. I began drawing characters that had more realistic anatomy, but they seem to keep their anime like eyes, big and shiny. Then I began to experiment with other's art, copying the eyes from Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and other various games. With every piece produced at the time, my friends would say to me that the art looked like something from those games and I found it hard to believe but when I looked at them, I agreed...slowly. I found myself getting artist block more and more, trying to come up with original works. And finally it happened, work from the inside of my own head.
~I was ecstatic. I was drawing everyday, first in pencil then in pen. Drawing on the table, to drawing on a moving bus, while sketching in pen. I couldn't stop myself. It was much too fun and I became better at what I do.

Ending: New Style, No Appreciation
~I'm not the only one who has asked this question, and I am sure there are some of you out there who thinks the same thing, "Why the hell is this art liked though the quality is bad and my work is so much more planned out?" if you found yourself looking at something that was anime and you asked yourself that, you are staring the answer in the face. Its ANIME duh.
~It's anime, and that is why people like it so much. Fans of the stuff don't care what it looks like (a majority of the people who I have met, don't care) as long as it has the Kawaii factor, or it's a popular char, or it looks badass in some kind of way. The quality is over looked and thus the work is appraised like it was some kind of great invention such as the light bulb.
~I no longer draw anime. Once in a while, I will draw it, but because I pulled myself away from the style so much, I struggle to draw it. But the art that I do, is more on the realistic side. Painting in photoshop to achieve the illusion of a photograph for a portrait is what I want to be noticed for, not some damn drawing of an anime character with bad shading and crappy a** lines. I want to be noticed for the hard work put into each piece, unlike the 10 minute drawing and coloring of a Lucky Star character.
Anime kills the style of those who should be coming up with their own things. I love anime I truly do, but to me, it's good to watch, not to draw. Get your own style. and go.

December 21 2009

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