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I'll answer any questions.
Tommy got 2 grams of shrooms and his brother said that he tried that same one and had an intense experience on a gram. So we decided that since it was our first time we were gonig to just do a bit less than a gram. It was rumored that these might have been rolled in acid so we made some necessary precautions. Tom always does a bunch of research before we try something for the first time. We put all of our important stuff, cell phones, wallets etc. all in one place since he read somewhere that we might worry about where that stuff was while we were tripping. He also read that we would experience some stomach discomfort so we also took some pepto right before eating them and took ginger root supplements after to keep the quesiness down. Shrooms IS a form of food poisoning. Tom did also read that you should not eat within and hour and a half of eating the shrooms. He had bought 2 grams from our dealer and his best friend Josh joined us. So we spit it into thirds so that everyone had a litte more than half a gram. For Josh and I, that was enough for our first time, but Tom did not begin to trip until a while after Josh and I started to. Probably because he had a huge meal just a few hours before.
Like Tom's brother said, they taste like stale popcorn. We've heard people complaining that shrooms tasted horrible but we thought the taste was tolerable. And Tom is PIICCKKKYYY when it comes to food and taste. You also need to chew them for a long time in order to get as many chemicals out as possible and get the best trip. Pieces got stuck in our teeth but we saw it as a good thing. We ate some m&ms with them to mask the taste.
After about a half hour, Josh and I started feeling it. I was seeing particles in the air all flowing to the right, away from a floor lamp in the room, and that light started getting brighter and brighter to me. Gravity started getting heavier and heavier to me also. I just had a hard time sitting up so I had to lie down, and it felt sooooo good too! Josh started seeing the walls breathing and saying hilarious things. Then the laugh attack started. I was laughing at Josh because he was looking close to the carpet and thought it had feelings and asking it to tell him it's secrets. HILARIOUS! rofl And everything seemed like it was moving. Almost in a dizzy way but it was a fun kind of dizzy.
If we went into a different room, it seemed like we were about to go on an adventure. When it was cold, it was extra cold. Next thing I knew Tom and Josh were jamming and Tom started feeling a bit too. He started feeling really hot since he was bangin his heart out on the drums. Then he fell to the floor while Josh kept on jamming and was "feeling" the sound.
My favorite experience with it was laying on the bed, listening to some mystical techno and closing my eyes to let my mind go. If I would do this while I was "back to reality" I would have the urge to control the visuals. But while I was on shrooms I didn't have to control it. I just let my mind show me the patterns and tunnels of the music.
Overall, the experience was awesome. I would do it again maybe next time with a whole gram. Tom wants to try 2 grams next time. We determined that they were not rolled in acid but they were good shrooms. Waking up afterwards I fould myself sweaty and out of it. But I didn't mind much, it's Saturday. I took a shower, drank some coffee, ate some mac n cheese and felt better after that.
I would recommend shrooms to anyone that needs the few hours to just not care about your life stresses. Btw, they DO NOT make your brain bleed. You brain doesn't even have blood in it silly goose.

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