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About Rizu

Birthday: November 28, 1997. (13)

Weight: 73.5 lbs

Height: 5 ft 0”

Blood Type: AB-

Race and gender: Esper, female

Appearance: Very pale, but she doesn’t get dry skin. She has rainbow eyes and blood red hair. Sometimes it can look a little pink-red, orange-red or auburn. She’s also the thinnest 13 year old in the school (highly picky person) but does not have weight issues. She has a star birthmark on the top of her right leg, and a large scar on the inside of her arm (when she was little she slipped off a building and was caught by a stranger but was caught on the side of the building.). She often gets teased about it, but she doesn’t mind.

Personality: Rizu’s facade is to be goofy, harsh, know-it-all-ish, and fan-girly. Her real personality shifts, but she’s pretty good at controlling it unless provoked. Alone, she is often a serious person. She is physically strong in battle, but her body is very weak. She is also mentally weak and cries often. Rizu can’t laugh without it hurting and hardly smiles. She is admired for her strong facade.

Powers: In Chara Changes, Rizu is the only one who can fully control what she does. In her true Esper form, she has two lines going through her eyes like look like a cross between arrows and tears. No one knows she’s an esper but Kyoko who found out just by sensing Rizu’s powers. In Chara Nari form, Rizu gains power but momentarily becomes human-like, therefore is very vulnerable in a Chara Nari. Being an esper, she can lift items with her mind by connecting invisible strings from her hand to the item. The weight is often nothing on Rizu, and is the same feeling as air. She of course can fly as well (invisible strings make invisible wings, no? C: - )

Voice: When singing Rizu sounds like Kanon Wakeshima ((example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuzCPVHsgbM&feature=related ))and Maaya Sakamoto ((example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doFZpE_nlg4&feature=related )). When talking she sounds like Minori Chihara (the voice actor for Yuki Nagato in TMOHS, example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvmbKkmqbSM and skip to 2:20.) Also she can sound like Ryoko Asakura when mocking people. (I dont know her voice actor)

Past: As being born on the streets in Southern Italy (known for its poverty) , Rizu has no idea who her real parents are because they moved to another country. Her little brother Kani, about a year younger, only knows Rizu because doctors did blood tests on them. He’s the only other one besides Kyoko (who found out) she is an Esper. Rizu was adopted by a young couple who did not know how to properly train children, therefore followed what people in movies did and beat them. Rizu ran away, but got separated from Kani when they were running and Kani got kidnapped suddenly. She snuck onto a ferry after this, and moved to America. When she met someone with the same last name as her (Contarini) they explained how they lost 2 children. She thought they were her real family and joined them. On Rizu’s 10th birthday at a concert she was going to be singing at, her “parents” were murdered due to the fact that they were wanted espers, and the gang that murdered them knew they would be there. She was afraid they’d come after Kani and her, so she tried to move to Japan where she heard its nicer. Later, when she met a rich family who sent her to Japan, she settled in an abandoned home and transferred into Seiyo. Later on she finds Kani at an orphanage in Japan. He had lost all his memories but the fact that Rizu was his sister. Kani lives with his friend Naoki (whom he calls Nao-chan), but stays with Rizu on the weekends at her house, often bringing Naoki’s mothers cooking with him, even though Rizu wont eat it. Currently she sells art pictures as a living. She also performs on the street and in plays/concerts.

Notes: Rizu has asthma, and cannot laugh hard or else she’ll faint. She was born with one bad lung that can’t have surgery on, or she will die because she needs it (duh.). She has ADD, and was adopted. (derp.) She is bipolar but is good at hiding it unless provoked. When trigged, her mind will go blank and its nearly impossible to control her unless you know how to. She is also skilled at piano, and is trying to learn soft guitar.


Colors- black, purple, blue, red, green and gold. She also is always wearing a bow in her hair.

Weapon- Shovel (Heck yee)

Item- Pendent, Bow, paintbrush, piano

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