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The Key
Ever wonder what its like to leave your state in the US to find some key to save your mother? Jussec, or Jess, will show you in my book, the key.
Chapter 1.
While walking home I thought it was going to be a normal night: homework, dinner, fight, sleep.
I got home to find my brother sitting on the couch, crying. I didn’t understand why, so I asked him. He pointed to the door with a note with a blood-stained hand print. I picked it up in fear, and slowly read it in my head. I dropped the note to the floor, and ran upstairs.
I packed up the things I needed to survive in all climates. Jacket, food, water, and more. I walked down stairs with a tank top, running pants, and running shoes on, with my backpack in hand. I tell my brother to get to aunt Aggie’s, and to hurry while at it. I sent him off running North, I sling my back pack over my shoulder and take off South.
After a few miles I got out of the city, and made it into the woods. I had a long way to go before I got to where I needed to be. I set up camp with the little supplies I could carry, and hung up my food for the night. Before falling asleep I thought about the note, what it said, and it having specific instructions. I pulled it out, thankful I didn’t forget to grab it before walking out the door. I reread it, and planned the long day that fallows tomorrow. I knew I had to do at least one thing, and that was to make it to Arizona, not too far from California, but not exactly that close either. While thinking about how I was going to get there, the night slowly faded away.
I woke up to chirping birds, and a sound that disrupted the peace. I turned around to find a bear trying to climb up the tree where I had hung my food. I got up unsure what to do, and scrambled. I tripped over a tree limb and fell on my butt. I looked around surprised that I’d trip over a limb, in the forest. Three rings with a knife in the middle of it got my attention, without thinking I got up and ran to it. I grabbed the knife and threw it at the bear, getting him right in the eye. He ran off.
I got the remaining food that the bear didn’t spill and spoil, and headed on my way.
Chapter 2.
I came across a river and stopped to take a quick bath, and maybe catch a little fish. I cought 3 fish before I finished bathing. I put my hair up into a messy bun, and continued my hike.
I made it to the road, and waited to cross the street. A nice looking car pulled up along side of the road. The human-figure was behind the dark, tinted windows. The man in the car rolled down the window, he looked middle aged, and the car he has must be from a mid-life crisis. He asked who I was, where I came from, and where I was going, he also asked why. I told him the first three things he wanted, and he offered to give me a ride there. Knowing if I didn’t get to Arizona in a fast time, my mother’s life will be threatened, so I didn’t worry about my life, I was determined to save my mothers. So I said yes. I put my back pack in the back seat and climbed into the front. The man had a beautiful Labrador in the back seat, next to where I placed my bag. Knowing I was still in California, and still had a long ride to go, I let the dog sniff me. “What’s his name?” I asked the man, “his name is Tizta, and my name is Johannas, but people call me Spades for short. What’s yours?”. I thought about it for a second, so many people have made fun of my name since I was little. I didn’t say anything for a couple seconds before I finally answered, “ Jussec”. “Jussec?” Spades blurted out, he started to giggle. “But please, Call me Jess” I said quickly, regretting that I told him my birth name.
Time passed pretty quick, an hour later we stopped at a hotel. He was nice enough to get me my own room. While in the hotel room I took a nice hot shower. The bubbles where so soft and fluffy. I used so much bubble soap it flowed out of the shower and went onto the fancy floor. I got out and dried off, and put on my one other set of clothes. I took the dirty clothes I had, which had stains from mud, and blood on them, to the washers the hotel had. “This place is more like an apartment then a hotel,” I whispered under my breath. I stuffed the clothes into the washer and put a couple quarters in. I walked back to my room, glad to have this long day over with.
When I got back into the nice hotel room there was a note on my pillow. I picked it up, and began to read. It was an addition to the first note I got back at home. The note read “Dear Jess, I see you’ve made it pretty far. And now I know you know how to read directions. Your mother is still alive, and she says hello. Now, here is your next clue. In the last note I told you that you had to get to Arizona, ASAP. I can see you’re already all over that. Right now, I want you to go down the stairs on the 4th floor, to a room that is completely secret. On the top of the ledge on the door is a key, unlock the door and walk in. Look for the brass key in the boxes, and keep it safe. Continue with the rest of the trip to Arizona. Good luck, anonymous.” I looked at it and thought I could have sworn I was being tricked by some weird kid down the hall. But just in case, I took the note and fallowed the first direction.
I walked down to the 4th floor, and found the door. I reached up and found the first problem of this little direction. I was too short. I looked around the hall and only found a few trays of food left for the room service ladies to come pick up. The room service left their cart while cleaning a sweet, I got an idea. I rushed to the cart and took it away slowly enough so they wouldn’t notice. I then rushed it down the hall way and tried to get up on it. I stepped wrong and fell. Looking around to make sure nobody noticed, I then tried again. I got the key, and ran into the secret room.
Chapter 3
I walked slowly, and cautiously through the dusty, hot room. There where tons of boxes, and such little time. I checked my watch. “10:30” I accidently blurted out. Then I thought to myself, “I have to get back by 11:00, I have to get up early in the morning..”. I continued to walk around, and found a small box. I began to open it. There was a key inside, but it wasn’t the right one. This one was silver, the one I need is brass. I put the key down, and continued looking.
After a good 20 minutes of searching I found it. I stuffed it into my jeans pocket and made my way back to the door. I walked out and ran into the manager of the hotel.
“what are you doing here?” he asked.
“oh nothing”, I replied.
“are you sure? You seem pretty suspicious”
“im positive, I think im just going to go get my clothes and head back to my room…”
I ran off before he could reply. Not looking back.

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Radiance Hellbond
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