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Ami the Adorable Pink Beast of the Village hidden in the Leaves' journal!
Hey, read the title! XDD Well, I mostly have Rp's in here, or stories I wanna share, yadda yadda! ^^
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Gav: Suzume: my loord *bows polity
Gav: Tsubame: sheesh Yagu you of all people should know about secreats *drilling the sides of his head
Gav: Suzume: TSUBAME!
Gav: Tsubame: huh!
amihinalee: Yagura: Ack hagh! My heeead staaahp - *hears suzu yell, causing him to wince* er...
Gav: Suzume: show respect infront of your lord! he has gracisly accepted us into his home
Gav: Tsubame:uh... but suzu
amihinalee: Hideki: *laughs a little, softly, waving his hand a bit to signify it was ok*
amihinalee: Hideki: It's ok, Suzume. Really.
Gav: Suzume: uh *looking back to Hideki confused* are you sure southren lords would be quite cross with her at this point
Gav: Tsubame: thats what i was trying to tell you Hide is nice like that
Gav: Suzume: H-Hide?
Gav: Suzume: *glances back at Jin*
amihinalee: Jin: Hm, and central lords too. I wouldn't use the word "Nice" so much as the word "Fool" *flips a strand of her ponytails over her shoulder*
amihinalee: Hideki: *his smile turns into a pout* Jin.
amihinalee: Jin: I'm only being honest. Suzume has a point. Most lords would be cross. But you - *sighs* Oh nevermind
Gav: Suzume: Im afaird to comment further *confused*
amihinalee: Yagura: Souuuurr pusssssss
amihinalee: Jin: *pout*
Gav: Tsubame: Kiiilllll joooooooy
Gav: Suzume: Tsubame!!
Gav: Tsubame: *laughs*
amihinalee: Yagura: *laughs with her*
amihinalee: Jin: Ooo! You're such a bad influence, Yagura!
amihinalee: Hideki: *laughs as well, but softer than the other two* ... *then he turns his atttention to suzu and slightly whispers* Don't worry, this is normal behavior... Sorry if you feel confused or out of place
amihinalee: Hideki: They're, deep down, really good friends.
amihinalee: Hideki: *still kinda whispering to suzu*
Gav: Suzume: *shocked at her sisters joy but finnaly calms down* I dont get this one bit but...I supose if my sister has found a way so smile so ...*turns to Jin* i think ill let this go this time if Hideki truly isnt offened *hears Hideki* how....strange
amihinalee: Jin: Hmph! - *hands on her hips* Anyway! ... I'm sure dinner is ready by now. *looks to the others* Lady Yoshi. I've had our servants take your luggage to your room, and I do hope you'll join us for supper.
amihinalee: Yagura: Aww yeah, FOOD!
amihinalee: Hideki: *nods a little* Yes, I second that notion.
Gav: Tsubame: oh my Zaria yes! Suzume you have to try the stuffed gore beast its so good!
Gav: Suzume: thank you Madom Jin you are vary kind
amihinalee: Jin: *smiles a tad and bows lightly before heading out*
amihinalee: Hideki: You girls go ahead without us. I have something to discuss with Yagura.
amihinalee: Yagura: Hm? Uh... Oh, ok. *looks over at Tsubame* Off you go, cutey! *grins*
amihinalee: Yagura: *kneels down so she can jump off his back*
Gav: Tsubame: *gets off we* will see you later then I guess
amihinalee: Yagura: Mh hm. This'll give you two some well deserved sister bonding time *gives them a thumbs up, before turning to face hide*
amihinalee: Hideki: *nods to them* We won't be long. *turns and walks further into the aviary with yagu*
amihinalee: Jin: Hm *waiting at the exit/entrance of the aviary for the two girls after hearing what hide said* *thinks: I wonder what they're talking about..*
Gav: Suzume: is he scolding Yagura? it seems stragne to pull his aside like that
Gav: Tsubame: *fallows happily*
amihinalee: Jin: Hide? *scoffs* No. He hasn't lifted a finger to scold that theif since they were children. *walks out with them to the dining hall*
Gav: Suzumestops dead in the hall* Lord Hideki sent a theif to escort me?
Gav: Tsubame: *freezes* ...did I not mention that in letters
amihinalee: Jin: Hm? *stops and looks back at her* ... Hm. Don't get me wrong. Yagura is one of the strongest men I've ever met. And he valiantly protects the shogun of Changokuro. But yes, he has been known to ... How you say... "Swindle" ... *shakes her head* But despite his crimes, Hideki always stands up for him *turns back around and starts walking* Especially when he just DONATES everything he steals to the poor.
Gav: Suzume: how strange *fallows agian comming to Jin's side* you are rather open and level headed for your age Madom Jin It is truly a pleasure to meet you you make me feel sacure
Gav: Tsubame: *fallowed in silence*
amihinalee: Jin: *blushes a bit* W-Well of course! S... Someone has to uphold the Hyuga tradition! *holds her chin up high, smiling a little* ... But... Thank you, Lady Yoshi. I'm relieved that you feel that way. *opens up the doors to the dining hall*
amihinalee: *5:00PM*
Gav: Suzume: really its no troble *a soft smile* you just stand out so brightly next to lord Hideki's well softness I dare wonder what this country would look like under your rule *walks in past her*
Gav: Tsubame: *looking nervous walks past*
amihinalee: Jin: *brimming with pride* Brightly, huh? Hehe.. *looks at Tsubame as she walks past* Tsubame..? *raises an eyebrow* Are you ok?
Gav: Tsubame: oh im sorry I just uh lost my evergy with Yagura ill be fine after a meal
Gav: Suzume: *stares at Tsubame for a moment* Jin? where will you be sitting id like to be near you if you would permit
amihinalee: Jin: Ah. well. Ok. *nods a little, then walks over to her seat at the dining hall table* This is where I sit, Hideki is always at the head of the table. Yagura, at his right. I, at his left. Tsubame usually sits next to Yagura, and you Lady Yoshi, can sit here at my right *a few servants walk over and pulls the seat open for the three of them*
amihinalee: Mizore: *meanwhile, in South Kaviria* ... *knocks on Minoru's chamber doors* Mino...?
Gav: Suzume: oh how wonderful *takes her seat*
Gav: Tsubame: *sits*
Gav: Minoru:"come in"
amihinalee: Jin: So, Lady Yoshi *sitting down* How was your voyage?
amihinalee: Mizore: *opens the door and walks in* Mi - *sees ami (roll with it LOL), with Minoru's head resting in her lap* A-Ami???
Gav: Suzume:"well i was quite comfortable"
amihinalee: Ami: Hm? *looks up at him, smiles softly* Hi, Mizo. ^^
amihinalee: Mizore: Wha. Huh.
Gav: Minoru:"well" sifting hon her lamp
amihinalee: Jin: Oh good, a comfortable voyage is a good voyage.
Gav: Suzume: indeed
amihinalee: Mizore: I .. er.. -- I'm sorry, what is going on here?? *confused look on his face*
amihinalee: Ami: Oh relax, your brother just needs a little bit of comfort before bed.
amihinalee: Mizore: W... What kind of -
amihinalee: Ami: Mizo, you came in here for something?
amihinalee: Mizore: Oh! Right, right. Uh, Mino... I've been thinking. I need to head back to Yama village.
amihinalee: Ami: *pouts* So soon? You just came home.
amihinalee: Mizore: I know, I know.. But...
Gav: Minoru: "why? Mizo I" sits up "i just got you back and your leaving aginn?!"
amihinalee: Mizore: *winces a bit* eheh... Well ... I mean... *rubs the back of his head*
amihinalee: Ami: Mizore, you arrived home with such a dangerous warning after... 9 to 10 years and you're already eager to be off? Think of your brother!
amihinalee: Mizore: *pouts a bit* You grew motherly since I last saw you.
Gav: Minoru:turns to ami nearly tearing as if asking is he jokeing
amihinalee: Ami: *blushes a bit* Wha! - Well I - er - *stammers* - *but then she sees Mino's face* ... *her eyes narrow before looking at mizo* No.
amihinalee: Mizore: Wha - Whadaya mean "NO!" ? *waves his hands frantically*
amihinalee: Ami: If what you said is true, and something very big and dangerous is going on involving the safety of the Shoguns, you need to stay home and be here for your brother.
amihinalee: Mizore: *winces a bit* But -
amihinalee: Ami: No buts.
amihinalee: Mizore: But my butt's pretty tight, are you sure -
amihinalee: Ami: *eyes narrow*
amihinalee: Mizore: ehehe.... heh.... he.... *sigh*
Gav: Minoru: looking back at Mizore "why!?
amihinalee: Mizore: Why!? - Because you're life isn't more important that anyone elses!
Gav: Minoru: jumps up and shoves Mizore down "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH YOU FOOLISH BARD!!!
Gav: Minoru: " I just want to know why you wish to leave and it is imedeatly a matter of my importance!
amihinalee: Mizore: !! *shoved down, he looks up at mino as he shouts at him*
amihinalee: Ami: BOYS! Cut it out! *stands up* MINO! Mino, stop, if that were true, Mizo would not have come home to warn him! He cares! Please, stop bickering!
amihinalee: Mizore: *looks down a bit*
Gav: Minoru: I thought by now youed have learned i ...*turns* Fine! just go
amihinalee: *warn you
amihinalee: Ami: *eyes soften* Minoru...
Gav: Minoru: if only to proove the point that I dont hold my life over others just go do what ever the hell it is you want and leave me be
Gav: Minoru: doesnt turn to so he can hide his tears from Mizore
amihinalee: Mizore: M... *stands up hesitantly* ... *his eyes shift between the door and minoru* .... *looks down a bit* Mino... I ... Wait. My words didn't come out right...
amihinalee: Ami: *eyes soften even more, looking at mizo, silently*
amihinalee: Mizore: I ... I don't know why I said that.
Gav: Minoru: "Ami would you please se to it that he is given what ever supplies he needs and is given a ride imeadiatly"
amihinalee: Mizore: Mino!
Gav: Minoru: "its alright Mizore ...just leave it be if you have somthing you need to go do do it Ill always be here when your done some of us cant enjoy the freedom youve had for the last ten years but thats no reson to keep you from it
Gav: Minoru: ami now please *slightly shakeing*
amihinalee: Ami: *closes her eyes and bows* Yes, my lord. *then she stands back straight, opening her eyes and walking over to mizo, putting her hand on his back and leading him out* ... Let's go, Mizo.
amihinalee: Mizore: *starts tearing up, but looking a little mad about it* *thinks: He's such a baby!! But... Why does his words have to hurt so much... * ... *sniff* ... *wipes his face as he walks out with ami*
amihinalee: Rie: *sitting in minoru's chambers in her usual chair in the darkened corner, with her leg over the other, watching the scene silently*
amihinalee: Yagura: *bursts into the dining hall* Weeee're back!
amihinalee: Hideki: *walks in behind him and over to his seat at the dining table* Sorry for the wait.
amihinalee: Jin: *shakes her head* Not at all. You had business to attend to.
amihinalee: Yagura: *sits down next to Tsubame*
amihinalee: *6:00*
Gav: Suzume: *nods* my lord
Gav: Tsubame: *silent*
Gav: Minoru: *extremly angry looks over to Rei* what? have you somthing to report
amihinalee: Rie: *stands up* As a matter of fact, I do. But I can wait until your in a better mood?
amihinalee: Yagura: *leans over and waves his hand in front of Tsubame's face* Tsubame?
amihinalee: Jin: Leave her be, she said you sapped her of all her energy and she's hungry.
amihinalee: Yagura: *gasps* No!! D: Here, take some energy back! *kisses her cheek* Heh *smirks*
amihinalee: Jin: ! Y-YAGURA
amihinalee: Yagura: Whaaat?
amihinalee: Hideki: Yagura.
amihinalee: Yagura: *straightens up* Yeah?
amihinalee: Hideki: *anime sweatdrops* Try not to overwhelm Lady Yoshi and her sister. They're probably very exhuasted from the day.
amihinalee: Yagura: Ehe... Yeah, sorry.
amihinalee: Jin: *thinks: WTF, WHY DOES HE LISTEN TO HIM AND NOT ME!?* .....
Gav: Minoru: no out with it i will be done with this day with haste
Gav: Tsubame: *pushes away and walks off* im sorry but im not feeling well I need to lay down ill be in my room
Gav: Suzume: *nods* please take care of your health Stubame
amihinalee: Yagura: *pouts a little* ... *leaves after her*
amihinalee: Jin: Yagu -
amihinalee: Hideki: *holds his hand out to her, to stop her*
amihinalee: Jin: But..
amihinalee: Hideki: Let's eat, hm?
amihinalee: Jin: *pout*
amihinalee: Rie: *nods and walks over to him, sitting closer* ... I did some looking into your brother's rumor. And there is truth behind it. There really is something going on in Zankosuyu. But the Shogun isn't allowing any foreigners passed their borders since the Lady Shogun's passing.
Gav: Minoru: what? thats not right who is next in line
Gav: Suzume: please allow me to see to her for a moment *stands up* I think i know what may be trobleing her
Gav: Suzume: i hope he can aleviate her stress
Gav: Tsubame: leaning agenst a wall outside
amihinalee: Rie: My sources tell me the boy Mizore had been taking care of was the Lady Shogun's younger brother.
amihinalee: Rie: Supposedly, he's the one in charge but... He's shy of his tenth birthday.
amihinalee: Hideki: My sentiments exactly.
Gav: Minoru: *flash backs to his youth*....
Gav: Minoru: was there anything else? if not i have a mission for you
amihinalee: Yagura: *approaches her* Tsubame...? Hey, what's wrong..? - Sorry, I didn't mean to kiss you like that in front of your sister, was thatt bad?
amihinalee: Rie: No. What's the mission?
Gav: Tsubame: no its not that Yagu....
Gav: Minoru: Fallow Mizore and find out just what is going on I need to know how deep this screwball country has been tampered with
amihinalee: Yagura: *puts his hand up on the wall behind her, leaning his forehead against hers* Then what...?
amihinalee: WALL SLAM)
amihinalee: BAM)
amihinalee: SEXY YAGU)
amihinalee: YOUR WELCOME)
amihinalee: Rie: *nods* Of course, my lord. *thinks: That goes hand in hand with father's orders as well..*
Gav: Tsubame *blush Yagu!?
amihinalee: Yagura: Tell me what's wrong.
Gav: Minoru: and Rei be careful just observe your one of the few people I can relay on
Gav: Tsubame: I...I just........................................................want a child
amihinalee: Yagura: ! *face goes red* R...Reall...T...Tsu - Ah Well - Wha... Er, ehah... *stammering mess*
amihinalee: Rie: *eyes soften with guilt* ... *she nods, bows respectfully and then leaves through the open window*
Gav: tsubame: but later though! for now uh why dont me and you just... go eat
amihinalee: Yagura: Nonononoo. How can I even THINK of food after that!
amihinalee: Yagura: A-Are you serious? R-Really? I mean... *twiddles his thumbs* You meant with ... ahem. With "me" right?
Gav: Tsubame: of course not!
Gav: Tsubame: Im saveing my self for that mysterious hero bandit who swores through the night helping the poor and meeting me in my room tonight
amihinalee: Yagura: *face scrunches up in disappointment and "WHYYYY" when she says "of course not" * - *but then she goes on and his face softens into a blushy smile* Hehe... Well... I heard he's a pretty amazing guy..
amihinalee: Yagura: *sighs* Tsubame. You've got me so excited! *picks her up cradle style in his arms* Let's do it! Right now!
Gav: Tsubame: um... no i said later but dont worry um soon ok
amihinalee: Yagura: But... *puppy dog eyes*
Gav: Stubame: after you court me properly i swear
amihinalee: Yagura: How does one court a beautiful lady like you? *twirls her around, holding her close* Is my charming good looks not enough? *chuckles a little*
Gav: Suzume: Hideki I was curious how the state of affairs in your region have been Jin had told me they were strenuas?
amihinalee: Hideki: *shakes his head* Only recently. There's a bit of panic that I adressed to the people, hoping to calm them down.
Gav: Suzume: Panic oh my what ever for?
Gav: terribal acting line i know but roll with it as iff she did it seemlesly lol))
amihinalee: Hideki: Mh *shakes his head a little* Well. For the same reason you're here in Changokuro and not Simbanja.
amihinalee: Jin: I don't know why we took the word of some celebrity though
amihinalee: Hideki: Because that celebrity also had Kazuko Yuto standing behind his words.
amihinalee: Jin: *blushes a bit at the mention of him* O-Oh... Right.
Gav: Suzume: celeberty who would that be what has he told you? and who is Kazuko Yuto? I feel so lost I harldy know any of the affiars outside of my homeland I feel a terribal failure
Gav: Tsubame: I have returned! sorry for the bother I asure you i am fine now
amihinalee: Hideki: Worry not, Suzume. *reaches his hand over to pat her hand gently before pulling it away once more* A few years ago, there was a - *Tsubame comes in with Yagura* Ah, *smiles softly* I'm glad.
Gav: Suzume: Tsubame? are you feeling better?
Gav: Tsubame *nods
amihinalee: Jin: *leans over to Suzume a bit to continue the conversation* There was a travelling bard by the name of Mizore. I'm surprised you didn't know him considering he came from Simbanja.
Gav: Suzume: Oh Mizore im suprissed I knew he was well traveled but I had no idea he came to meet you what was it he said if you dont mind me asking
amihinalee: Jin: Some kind of conspirasy theory to scare the nobles. I was half tempted to have the guards turned on him when .... w... when -
amihinalee: Yagura: When Jin's dream boat floated on by ~
amihinalee: Jin: YAGURA. *death glare*
amihinalee: Yagura: *laughs*
amihinalee: Jin: *ahem* - When Kazuko Yuto confirmed that bard's suspicions... He's a trusted ally to we of the Hyuga clan.
amihinalee: Hideki: *chuckles a bit*
Gav: Suzume: Kazuko dream boat?
Gav: Tsubame: laughs
amihinalee: Jin: *groans miserably with a red face of blush*
Gav: Kazuko: Exscuce my intrustion My lords
amihinalee: Hideki: Ah, speak of the devil and he shall arrive
amihinalee: Jin: Ka-Kazuko!
amihinalee: Yagura: *snickers*
Gav: Kazuko: I was just *stares at screen* in the area
amihinalee: Hideki: Come *gestures over to an open seat by either Suzu or Tsubame* Join us for dinner.
amihinalee: WE'RE *stares at screen* IDENTICAL )
Gav: Kazuko: Thank you im afraid my stay may be breif how ever *takes a seat*
amihinalee: Hideki: Oh? Why is that? *breaking apart chopsticks and eating*
amihinalee: Hideki: If you don't mind my asking, of course.
Gav: Kazuko: because I *sees Jin* ...on second thought It can wait *back ground hearts and pink haze* BECAUSE WHY THE ******** NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
amihinalee: lol dude, lay off poor Jin lol)
amihinalee: Jin: Ah...
amihinalee: Yagura: *snickering increases*
amihinalee: Hideki: Hm? Hm *shrugs before smiling softly* Plesant.
amihinalee: Mizore: UGH! Why's he gotta be such a big broody baby!! *punches a wall in the stables* OW! Fffff my hand ack
amihinalee: Ami: *sighs softly* You two will be the death of me.
amihinalee: Ami: Are you really going to leave...?
amihinalee: Mizore: *waves his sore hand* No. Not yet anyway. I don't wanna leave on a bad note.
amihinalee: Mizore: Where's Noriko, I needa drinking buddy
amihinalee: Ami: Drinking? Honestly, Mizo...!
Gav: Noriko: *shitfaced drunk face on bar*.......
amihinalee: Wtf, Noriko, you started without Mizo lololol)
Gav: Suzume: Oh Jin is this your boyfreind?
amihinalee: Jin: *screams internally*
amihinalee: Hideki: No, he's not. *chuckles a bit*
Gav: Suzume: I think you two look lovely togather
amihinalee: Jin: ...............................*faints*
Gav: Kazuko: *blush*
amihinalee: Hideki: Oh dear.
Gav: Kazuko: JIN
amihinalee: Yagura: *busts a gut laughing* BWAHAHAAHAHA
Gav: Kazuko: *takes her out of the room aaaaaaaand ******** HER WHEN SHE AWAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
amihinalee: STAHP)
amihinalee: BE SERIOUS)
amihinalee: b***h)
Gav: hwfehjLFEHAWFWAFEWE nevah))
amihinalee: LOLOL)
Gav: lololololoo
amihinalee: Ok, no seriously)
amihinalee: resume xD )
Gav: Kazuko: Jin! *runs over* Ill take her to her room
Gav: Suzume: ...oh my
amihinalee: Hideki: *nods*
amihinalee: Yagura: *simmers down, wiping a tear from his eye* Oooh man.
amihinalee: Yagura: That was awesome. I've never seen her face turn SOO red
amihinalee: Hideki: *kicks his leg under the table*
amihinalee: Yagura: OW x__x
amihinalee: Hideki: *clears his throat*
amihinalee: Yagura: Hehehe
Gav: Suzume: Giggles is such activity normal of your house hold
amihinalee: Hideki: I suppose so *chuckles a bit*
amihinalee: Yagura: Everyday is lively with the Hero Bandit *smirky grin*
amihinalee: Ami: Knowing that Tachen he's already at the bar.
amihinalee: Mizore: Aw WHAT, he went without me!
Gav: Suzume: *occupys her self with Dinner*
amihinalee: Mizore: Well let's go! *about to run off*
amihinalee: Ami: Ap, ap, ap! *grabs him by the bandana around his neck*
Gav: Noriko: theres a disterbance in the force.....
amihinalee: Mizore: - gack @-@
amihinalee: Ami: We're going. But not to drink, to drag his drunken a** back home.
amihinalee: Mizore: Aw, dude. When did you become the MOM?
amihinalee: Ami: *eyes twitch* - *puts him in a chokehold*
amihinalee: Mizore: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! x___x
amihinalee: Ami: *drags his unconcious butt over to the bar to find Noriko lol*
amihinalee: *7:00PM*
amihinalee: Jin: nh... *still a little unconcious*
Gav: Kazuko: Jin Jin are you ok?
amihinalee: Jin: *slightly wakes up to him shaking her gently* h...huh?
Gav: Kazuko: Jin are you ok *looming over her*
amihinalee: Jin: *blushes* W-Wha... Where am I ? *sits up, since I'm assuming shes laying down?*
Gav: Kazuko: I brought you to your room
amihinalee: Jin: O-Oh *puts her hand on her forehead* ...ohh... *puts her hands over her face* How embarassing... I...In any case. Thank you. Kazuko. I'm sorry.
Gav: Kazuko
Gav: : its ok
Gav: Kazuko: how are you feeling?
Gav: Noriko: barkeep do you know what they called me!? a damn demon ME and after ill i did im a demon I tell you thats the last time I rescue a kitten from a tree for a snot nosed blasted kid

amihinalee: December 16th, 1237
Season: Winter
Time: 8:00am
amihinalee: ??? : *waiting for a carriage at the entrance of Central's border*
Gav: Carrage aproches
Gav: suzume: *looking out the shaded window*
amihinalee: ??? : *wearing a cloak with a hood over his head, long tattered tan cape, with a large war hammer resting over his shoulder* -- *notices the carriage* Hm *thinks: That must be it* ... *pulls away from the tree he was leaning against and steps forward to the side of the carriage to speak to the carriage driver* Chao ban *Changokuro greeting*
amihinalee: *snowing*
Gav: Driver: *gives a nod* are you our guide?
amihinalee: ??? : Un, un *nods his head in approval* ... I was told to have these ready for you *pulls a rucksack off his back and pulls out a few blankets and cloaks* - In case anyone needs any. Mi'lord wouldn't stop bugging me about it. *holds the supplies out to them*
amihinalee: ??? : It gets colder and colder the further north you head from Simbanja
Gav: Driver: im afraid i cant take those my order was clear the carrage remains sealed until iv reach the destination
Gav: Suzume: watcheing the man from a renforced window
amihinalee: ??? : Ah *pouts* Well, between you and I then, just tell Mi'lord you took it anyway - Otherwise he'll chew me out *chuckles, putting the rucksack back on* - *he glances over to the window, not being able to see Suzume* - *he walks up ahead of the carriage* Alright then, this way to the capitol.
Gav: Driver: are you the only escort privided? does your lord not take us seriously?
amihinalee: ??? : Oh he takes a request from the Yoshi shogunate very seriously. I'm Lord Hyuga's best man, and usually while I hate to leave his side -*muttermutter* what with all this noble killin' business is afoot *muttermutter*- He assured me that this escort was much more important that himself. - I tells him, boy, I tells him "More important that the Shogun of Changokuro!?" And he goes "Uuuhuh" - And I goes "Malarkey! I'll see to it myself! Just don't go flauntin' around without protection" and we lauughed and laaaughed and... Say, is Lord Yoshi in there? *tilts his head back to the carriage a bit* I've always wondered 'bout him.
Gav: Driver: just lead the way "stu stu" *he scoffed angerly a centeral slang*
amihinalee: ??? : Can do, sir, can do *smirks a bit, leading the way*
amihinalee: * 8 HOURS LATER *
amihinalee: 4:00PM
amihinalee: ??? : *arrives to the Hyuga main household* Here we are.
amihinalee: ??? : Safe and sound *opens up the gates, looking toward the house* There is a guest residence ready and awaiting. And I can direct you to Mi'lord's stables to station the horse
Gav: Driver: thanks *rolles up to the front door for the resedence and hopes down opening the door*
Gav: Suzume: *waits a moment as several madens exsit the cart first to help her out her belly swollen* I can handle my self thankyou *shooing away the help
Gav: Stubame: *runs up and lunges at Seuzume the two of them hung and laugh franticly! SUZU!!!
amihinalee: ??? : *watches curious* ... *thinks: Tis a woman. * - *sees her belly*- *thinks: Woman and child.* ... *sees Tsubame approach and hug the woman* Hmmm? *raises an eyebrow*
amihinalee: ??? : *walks over to them* Wait, you two know each other? *pointing a finger back and forth between the two*
amihinalee: ??? : Wait, actually... *getting a good look between them* The resemblance is rather un canny
Gav: Suzume: *gives a slight bow* Thank you Yagura for watching over me my sister has told me a great deal about you
amihinalee: Yagura: How did - Who th... You know my name - Wait, SISTER!?
amihinalee: Yagura: *looks at Tsubame
amihinalee: *
Gav: Tsubame: of im sorry Yagu iv told her all about you in letters
Gav: Suzume: as soos as i had seen your hammer i knew she says its iconic of you
amihinalee: Yagura: Oh. *blinks his eyes, rather dumb founded* ... Well, I hope I left an impression *smirks, head held high and other hand on his hip*
amihinalee: Yagura: So you're Tsubame's sister. It's very nice to meet you. I'm sure Hideki will be pleased to see you as well. *smiles happily*
Gav: Suzume: as will I be to meet him
Gav: Tsubame: *large grin and ecited grabs Yagura by the arm* come on Yagu!!! *tug tug* help me show her to Hideki
amihinalee: Yagura: Heheh, yeah, yeah! *blushes a bit from her tugging* This way. *turns and walks into the household with them* Hideki!
amihinalee: Yagura: Hideeeeeeeekiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
amihinalee: Yagura: HIDEEEEE-- *mouth covered*
amihinalee: ??? : *a woman with long black hair and pale lavender eyes covers it with her hand* WHY .. Must you be so loud?
amihinalee: Yagura: MMFHHFMM... ?
amihinalee: ??? : *lets go of his mouth*
amihinalee: Yagura: Don't be a sour puss, Jin. Our guest has finally arrived!
amihinalee: Jin: Lady Yoshi? *looks over at Suzume* ... Oh, my... *bows a bit* I'm so sorry for Yagura's behavior.
amihinalee: Yagura: WHA?
amihinalee: Jin: I am Jin Hyuga. Hideki's cousin.
Gav: Suzume: *air of royalty* it is a pleasure to meet you madam Jin Hyuga I am rather pleased you have calmed that man down his voice was hurting ym ears
Gav: Tsubame: *smacks yaguras head
amihinalee: Yagura: WHA- OW OWOW WHY?! TT___TT
Gav: Tsubame: *laughs* shes prengnt Yagu be mindful
amihinalee: Jin: *actually smiles a bit* ... Hideki is in the Aviary, right down this hall *walks them down* He's had a rather stressful breifing with the citizens. So mind your volume on his account too, Yagura.
amihinalee: Yagura: R-Right, sorry *smiles sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head*
Gav: Tsubame: *jumps on yaguras back* hup hup lead on
Gav: Suzume: I will try my best I find it strange to find to see so little gaurds crowdeing the halls its.. refrshing
amihinalee: Yagura: *carrying Tsubame with no trouble, as if she were as light as a feather, grabbing her legs to secure her on his back, smiling softly* - *looks over at suzu* Yeah? .. hmh... There's never really been a need for heavy security here in Changokurou. But now, with all that uproar, we might just need a little more muscle around. Not like I can't handle things on my OWN, but, yknow, help is always nice.
Gav: Tsubame: what are you talking about this one man army *squeesing Yaguras arm* he dont need any backup
amihinalee: Yagura: Haha! *blushes, smiling very happily*
Gav: Suzume: *giggles* its so nice to see tsubame happy with you Yagura she has never been so cheerful in such a long time
amihinalee: Yagura: *blushes a bit more, out of both happiness and a little embarassment* Aw, well, yknow. *looks over his shoulder at Tsubame* Eheh... I-Is it warm in here?
Gav: Suzume: *smiles and turns to Jin* I do hope she has not given you troble madam I do so apreshiate all that youve done for my sister I will see to it you are repaid in full at earlyest convines
amihinalee: Jin: Oh on, Tsubame's been a delight. Trust me. *sighs* With her around, I didn't feel over whemled two to one against the boys and their tomfoolery.
amihinalee: Yagura: Tomfoolery she says *chuckles* Aw, Jin, is Tsubame your bestie?
amihinalee: Jin: Sh *pokes Yagura's nose* Quiet. *knocks lightly on the large aviary doors before opening it slowly, revealing a large dome like area, much like a green house attached to the inside of the house with many birds housed inside a tropical, floral, overall green nature-like landscape*
amihinalee: Yagura: Hehe - *when the doors open, he looks inside, sighing softly* It's like another world in there.
Gav: Suzume: Suprised gasps out* i-its so ....
Gav: Tsubame: it never gets old
amihinalee: Jin: *walks in with Tsubame, Suzu, Yagu*... *passing by a quartet of colorful parrots at a feeding station by a few vines* ... *looking around for Hideki, she sees him sitting down at the rocky edge of a tiny waterfall pond, watching little love birds bathe and flutter their wings in the shallow pool*
amihinalee: Jin: Hideki?
amihinalee: Hideki: *his body jumps a bit to her voice, but then he stands up slowly so not to disturb and scare the little birds, then he turns his body to face the four of them* - *smiling gently* Suzume... Right?
amihinalee: Yagura: Hey, how come you knew her name and I didn't? *pout*
amihinalee: Hideki: *laughs a little* sorry. It was very classified. Lord Yoshi is... Rather particular about what certain people know.

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