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My writing of random stuff
All about me!!!...somthing to keep you from boredom...hopefully

*[T h E b A s i C s]*
First Name? Sarah
Middle Name? Nicole
Like your name? it's k...i'm changeing my last name tho ^_^
Named after Anyone? Osaka from Azumanga Dioh
Nicknames? Panda Bear, Little fishy, Koala, Penguin, Osaka
Natural Hair Color? brown...
Eye Color? changes I guess hazel n' brown
Birthdate? sept 29
Birthplace? Ca.
Contacts/Glasses? glasses...if I ever find them
Lifelong Goal? marrigae/kids/archaeology
School? VMHS
Grade? 11
Shoe Size? ums 4 rawr
*[F a V o R i T e S]*
Color? black, green, grey
Food? whatever i'm in the mood for
Animal? panda and donkeys
Word? ...?
Letter of the Alphabet? S
Song? too many to name just one
Band? should I say Mass Illusion...well that won't work...armor for sleep, gn'r, metallica, the ramones...rock bands XD
Flavor of Pie? apple
Flavor of Cake? my panda cake that i make for sean
Movie? braveheart
TV Show? no have t.v.
Season? fall
Teacher? Mr. Beeman...he taught me everything i had to know about drugs...surfing...living without having to have a job...and he was an english teacher!
Store? ino...barnes n' nobles...or the guitar center
Day of the Week? sat.
Shoe Brand? converse
Memory? my first kiss...
Fruit? tangerine?
Vegtable? ino
Pizza Topping? cheese
Ice Cream Flavor? vanilla
Magazine? Shojo Beat
Radio Station? ...ino
State? Ca?
Number? 14 it's meh lucky number...hahaha
Flower? rose
*[i N y O u R r O o M]*
Phone? no :[
Own phone line? no
TV? naw... neutral
DVD Player? ...'m starting to feel deprived now...
VCR? not even that
Video Game Console? no -_-
Computer? laptop...finally
Posters? haha just got some
Pictures? plenty
Color of Furniture? tan...wood
Color of Walls? tan
*[f A m I l Y]*
Mom? ummm...what am i suppose to say...yeh...i have a mom
Dad? oh name? Don
Are they still together? yeps
Sister? have a sister
Brother? no
Brother in law? soon :]
Sister in law? no
Neice? plenty i'm Filipino
Nephew? see above
Favorite Relative? cousins around my age i guess
Who knows you best? my spouse haha jk
Who gives best Christmas presents? My cousin...she got me a shirt....the only present I got T__T
*[f R i E n D s]*
Best? Sean
Funniest? Sean
Smartest? TIffanay
Prettiest? ums...Danny?...
Loudest? ...Chris and Sean
Craziest? ...Sydney
Most Shy? C.C.
Diziest? Kala
Most Athletic? Alex
Most Opinionated? ums...idk
To be successful? hopefully Sean
To be famous? Mariah and hopefullt sean
Best parents? Sean ^__^
Best car? ums...Chris?????????
*[t H i S o R t H a T]*
Rain or Sun? rain
Digital Camera or Film Camera? digital...cause i look bad in all my pics
Truth or Dare? dare
McDonalds or Burger King? ew
DVD or VHS? dvd
Pepsi or Coke? coke
Desktop Computer or Laptop? laptop
Black or White? ums black
Reading books or reading magazines? books razz cause i'm like that
Sunlight or Artificial light? sun ^__^
Day or Night? night
Yahoo or MSN? yahoo
Cherries or Strawberries? cherries :O
Florida or California? ca cha!!!
Sweater or Hoodie? hoodie
Pen or Pencil? pencil...cause i make lots of mistakes
Halloween or Christmas? x-mas...more time off
Rock or Rap? rock...ew rap
Sing or Dance? sing!
Bowling or Golf? bowling
TV show or Movie? movie...
Gel or Hairspray? hairspray
Blonde or Brunette? brunette razz
*[l A s T]*
Person you hugged? Sean
Person you IMed? Sean
Person you kissed? Sean
Person you yelled at? ...my sister
Song you listened to? I told you so
Movie you watched? Ocean's 13
TV show you watched? Game Ka na ba!
Texted You? Kala
You Texted? Kala
Called You? Sean
You Called? Sean
*[h A v E Y o U e V e R]*
Smoked? nah
Drank? not really
Pulled an all-nighter? i'm in ap class of course
Jumped on a trampoline? yea!
Went TPing? nah
Went Ding Dong Ditching? haha yea
Went garbage can tipping? no
Colored your hair? yeh...wow red streaks made me look weird lol
Cruised around? um no?
Lied? yea
Made someone cry for the heck of it? no
Play a sport? too many of em...
Broken the law? ....maybe
Stolen something? naw
Been out of the country? uh huh
Been arrested? naw
Stick your fist in your mouth? yep razz
Prefer the lights on or off? off
Would you ever get plastic surgery? no!
Had stitches? no
Broke a bone? nope
Do you like to laugh? sure ^__^
What time is it now? 11:48
What time did you wake up this morning? 6
What time do you go to bed? 1
Do you like to give or recieve? give
Ever fell down the stairs? haha...yeh...took the whole staircase down
Regret something? who hasn;t
Forget something? yep
Lost something? all the time
Biggest pet peeve? sayng i don't care...whatever
Ever had a bloody nose? yea
Ever stepped on a nail? :S yea
Ever teach yourself to do something? yep ^__^
Lost someone/something you loved? no...
How many times do you brush your teeth daily? 2
Been in the emergency room? uh huh
Been in a cop car? no
Farthest place you've been from home? Philipines
Ever bit your tongue? yea
Ever broke something? uh huh
wow that was fun ninja

User Comments: [2]
Community Member

Thu Oct 18, 2007 @ 11:42pm

woah my middle name is nichole, but with an H

Community Member

Wed Nov 14, 2007 @ 03:45am

Cool! You're fillippina~ I'm half! soooo cool x3

Wait, so do you live in Cali? That high school sounds like it might be close to me or something; I live in Pasadena XD

User Comments: [2]
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