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A place where I can be myself
This journal, contains all of me; states of Mind, whimsical pieces of Art that I concoct, all from the deep Recesses of my bewildered and Insanely bemused mind. Join me in my Sanctum Sanctorum and let it remove that false reality, for it bodes Untrue
Journal #2
OOC-"It's my gaiaversary! And in recognition of that, here's my little addition to this ournal. I'm trying to leave it on cliffhangers but I really have noooo idea where this is going. I was home today because I can't move my head, and if I do then my neck really hurts. Yes I'm tired. Don't bug me about my stupid storyline or other junk." Yawns. "I'm writing me story and if you don't likey then too bad! don't read. On with my story!!!"

Suddenly there was a screech above us and I moved my gaze up to see a winged creature hovering around the tree tops looking down at us. I didn?t know what happened next because I?d closed my eyes when I heard his sword cutting the air.

When I reopened my eyes he was no longer on top of me, but over inspecting the winged creature. I slowly stood up, my legs shaking; I hated myself for how I reacted. All that training and I couldn?t even face a boy my age and size.

I didn?t watch him for very long as my eyes started scanning the ground for my knife. They found it a few seconds later off at my left and I didn?t spend anytime in grabbing it.

As I turned to look back at him I saw his left ear twitching around, My first thought was; Damn I want to feel those, they look sooo cute. I got that out of my mind as he stood and turned to face me, his eyes were hard and no longer held that kindness and sincerity from before. They scared me, I?ll admit that much. As he stood up, I found that he was actually half a head taller than me, sure that?s usually intimidating, but I?m not going to admit that.

He didn?t make move towards me which confused me. I scowled and said with my most authoritive voice I could muster, ?You can leave my home now, and I?d like it if you didn?t come back.?

That?s when he did something I really didn?t expect, he laughed! Right in my face too. My face blushed in anger and I practically screamed at him, ?What?s so funny?! Get out of my home now!?

He stopped laughing but I could tell from his eyes that he was still laughing inside. ?Why would I want to leave?? His voice sounded smooth and creamy and if he hadn?t been a freak, I totally would have fallen for him. ?I like this place, roomy and homey.? He grinned.

I was fuming, damn him. I gritted my teeth to hold back a retort that would probably be stupid and have no meaning other than to get out my frustration. I turned and stomped out to the large cavern with the lake, I could hear him following behind me and I just wanted to kill him. ?Stop. Following. Me.? I said angrily through my teeth but only received a chuckle as a response.

Once I reached the edge of the water I pointed up to the hole in the roof and looked at him, ?Climb, fly do whatever you ?freaks?!? I spat the word in utter contempt but saw no reaction cross his handsome features so I quickly continued, ?And leave me alone.?

Instead of doing as I said or replying to me, he smiled. That made me fume. I gave up trying to anger him make him leave and turned about face and kept on walking towards where I had a few things that I?d found while traveling the caverns.

I sat on the cold ground and gently let my fingers go down the cover of an old, dusty book. I knew he was watching me for I felt his eyes on my back. ?What?s it like being on the surface?? I know, I totally had a mood swing there, but it was eating away at me more than my anger at being caught off guard before.

I heard footsteps and then he sat down beside me staring ahead at the wall. I will admit, yes, I was getting turned on feeling his presence so close to me but I wanted an answer to my question. I raised my eyes from the book and looked over at him noticing that he was looking at the wall for a reason; he was thinking.

I guess he finished and got an answer because he turned his head and looked at me. ?It?s getting worse.? His stern and solemn gaze made me blush and feel slightly upset about yelling at him before.

?What?s getting worse? How?s it changed? I don?t remember much.?

His face actually softened into the kind smile I?d seem when I had been cleaning his wound. ?Heh. You talk too much.? I was about to yell at him but he moved his eyes off me and his expression made my anger go away and I let him continue. ?The others, my friends as I once called them, started killing you humans. Before we only wanted to kill the ones that were spawned from the scientists that made us. Now they just want to kill all of you.?

His voice quieted until he stopped talking altogether and I presumed he wanted me to say something. ?Why did you fall through my roof anyways?? I meant it like a joke and a way to change the subject but from the way his face darkened and I went quiet again as he thought for the correct words.

?I was being chased, by my so called ?friends?.? I heard a slight growl in his voice and my attention was once again brought to his tail, which was currently dusting all the stuff behind us as it swished around angrily. I brought my eyes back to his face as he continued, getting angrier and angrier as he went. ?I was trying to save a family, well I guess it wouldn?t be considered one anymore. My fellow ?freaks,? as you call them, killed the leading male and the oldest son.?

He was growling out his words through clenched teeth, I noticed that he had fangs and consciously noted that they were a good inch longer than the rest of his teeth, ?I over heard what they had planned for the baby and the mother. I didn?t like it one bit so I took them and tried to get them to safety. But they found out what I was planning, and made me watch as they raped the mother and slit the babies? throat.? I could see tears in his eyes and I knew no one, freak or not, should never see what he had. But then again, they should never have witnessed what I did either, but I wanted to make him feel better, I wanted him to finish his story.

?They were about to kill me, but something happened, I don?t know what it was. But it gave me the time I needed to escape. I did and they chased after me. I fell through your roof as you put before and you know the rest.? He closed his eyes here and I looked away as if contemplating his words but really wanting to give him some privacy as he wiped away his tears.

?There?s one thing I don?t understand though.? He looked at me and I looked back at him, his eyes were red and puffy but I didn?t mention it, he had pride, I didn?t want to break it. ?When I first noticed that you were?um.? I didn?t want to call him what he was but he nodded, understanding what I meant and I gladly continued like it never happened. ?Well, you know when you were on top of me? I thought you were going to kill me. Why didn?t you??

He looked back at the wall he?d first stared at and I watched him silently, waiting for his answer. ?I didn?t want to scream and run away at first, but when the other one flew in I had to make it look like I was going to get rid of you.? I understood that he meant the bird-creature and nodded so he knew I was with him and not upset by his choice of action. ?Well I didn?t know that it was one of the others that had chased me. Once I realized that I turned around and flung my blade at it and then you started creeping away. I don?t blame you for your reaction towards me. I get the same from every human.?

I sighed and blinked before fixing him with my eyes. He met my gaze without even blinking. ?You?re still here, which tells me that you don?t wish to go back to your fellow species?? I said it more as a question wondering why he was still here; it had been a few hours, the ones that had been chasing him were probably gone. That was when I remembered the one he killed and sighed again knowing I had to remove it from my home before it started decaying.

?I wish to stay and talk with you.? I was confused by his answer but shook it off as I stood and dusted off my pants, placing the book back where I?d picked it up from. ?Well if you?re staying you might as well help me dispose of the bird that you killed and left on my grass.? I walked off knowing he?d follow me.

Upon reaching the dead body and Sniffed and scowled at the disgusting smell that reached my nose. Looking down at the evil creature and I felt no remorse or sadness for it, I was glad it was dead, but just its presence seemed to turn me off, not that the smell wasn?t already doing that.

Soon enough my new companion came up behind me and stood at my side wondering what he had to do. ?Can you pick that up and follow me please?? I didn?t wait for a response and half expected him to leave but he did as I asked.

As we walked, he stayed a few feet behind me. I looked around wondering where I should dump the carcass but it was hard to think with his eyes always on me. Choosing to just remove it from my sight I picked the closest tunnel and told him to follow me. Like he wasn?t already.

I entered a tunnel and glanced back to make sure he was there, he was of course. The tunnel was large enough for three people walking side-by-side and two feet taller than myself, so we had no problem walking. I took several turns but he stayed with me which I found weird because in these tunnels there weren?t any of the crystals like the caverns therefore it was completely black.

Shrugging it off, I stopped as I reached the door. I?d counted the paces it took many a time; it was easy to do now.

The ?door? as I?d called it before was really just this weird plank of wood that had dirt and grass in it. It was easy to open. I pushed on the right side and a thin shaft of light came through.

Pushing it with my shoulder I shoved it open and blinked as the light burnt into my adjusted eyes that were use to pitch black. Blinking continuously I stepped out holding the door open. ?You can just put it over there.? I waved my hand around motioning to the few trees that were about ten meters away.

He nodded and walked out. I watched him quietly; he was well muscled, I had to give him that. He didn?t show any exertion as he placed the body down on the ground beneath a tree. When he turned back around he gave me the weirdest look and I felt my face heat up. I looked away and waited for him to come back before closing the makeshift door.

I closed it behind him and started walking back. Twice I tripped but caught myself and once I actually smashed into a wall because I was looking down and not counting my steps.

When we reached the main cavern I was still rubbing my red nose. I stopped and looked down feeling something on my hand, when I pulled it away to look at it, I said crimson and knew my nose was bleeding. I swore and started off to the main cave to get to the water.

I reached it quickly, but now my nose was practically a tap and I couldn?t turn it off. I got down and scooped up a handful of the water quickly washing my face.

I didn?t even hear him behind me but next thing I knew I was flipped on my back and he was once again on top of me. Blinking up at him I wondered what he was doing, but his face scared me too much to ask. He was breathing heavily and his once golden eyes were now orange red, and darkening quickly.

?A-Are you o-okay?? He growled and I shut up. What else was there to do? He was stronger and faster than me even if I managed to get out from under him and run. Blood was already spurting from my nose again and I could taste it in my mouth. It tasted metallic and I wanted to spit it out, so that?s what I did.

Of course his face was right there in front of mine and I spat it right onto his. I thought he?d growl and kill me but instead he gladly licked it off. I was disgusted and felt like I was going to puke.

He grinned, and I didn?t like it, he leaned down and I saw his tongue come out. I closed my eyes as I felt it lick the blood off of my face. He lapped it up lick a cat with a saucer of milk.

Once the blood was gone he pulled away and I opened one of my eyes to look up at him. His eyes were still red and they still creped the hell out of me. He opened his mouth showing off his, once again, inch-long fangs.

I shied away but he held me there. I whimpered and shut my eyes afraid of what he had changed into. I knew what he was going to do, and also knew that there was nothing I could do to stop him. He was going to kill me. And this time he was possessed enough to do it. I was as good as dead.

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[sarcastic innocence]
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Apr 21, 2005 @ 03:02am
*raises an eyebrow*

commentCommented on: Thu Apr 21, 2005 @ 03:05am
"What? I got bored and I was home all day. Nothing better to do." Pokes you. "You notice we haven't talked in a very long time. How come you no come swimming?"

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Apr 23, 2005 @ 10:19pm
AHHH don't do cliff hangers! keep going. *pokes* KEEP GOING!! AND DON"T DO ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE CLIFF HANGERS *curls up into a little ball and crys!* crying

commentCommented on: Mon Apr 25, 2005 @ 09:13pm
That rocked. xd 3nodding domokun

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed May 25, 2005 @ 12:06am
Holy... why do you get to be such a good writer??? Why can't I be a good writer!!! *starts to cry jealously* And how is it that your stories are so cool??? I would so make a comic out of that. twisted

commentCommented on: Sun May 29, 2005 @ 09:20pm
Next chapter please .... dammit continue it!

[Lee Boy]
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