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well, the title is pretty self explanitory, read it or my legions of cake monsters will attack you!!!
hey, how interesting.....
ok, this is just a random entry with details about my life i want to share.....

i went and saw the new harry potter movie for the second time today, and i noticed that very close to his death, sirius black yells to harry, who had just disarmed lucius malfoy, "nice one, James!" i hadnt caught this the first time i saw the movie, this also made me think that sirius was relying too much on harry to be like his father, sirius's very good friend.....all from one little comment......also, i laughed at how they made belatrix lestrange look, is it just me? or does she look like a hooker past her prime? siriusly! (bad potter pun) she couldnt be a normal witch, no! she had to be a sexy witch and wear low cut tops.....

also, i finished the seventh book this monday.....i loved it, my favorite out of them all...i feel so sorry for teddy lupin, his mother could change her hair color at will....and his dad was a werewolf....he is so going to be an all pink werewolf....it will be like rudolph the rednosed reindeer all over again....minus the santa....the other werewolfs wont let him play in any werewolf games, i can see it coming...also, i almost felt bad, because i had pictured harry's mom's hair like...hooker red...well! thats how they described her in the book! also, they say that harrys dad was exactly as tall as hair was....that mean Harry has a short dad...

and another thing i did today, i was looking through one of my friends on gaia's journal, and i think they said something about me....im not even sure....i wont repeat it so as not to be embarassed when im proven wrong by her (the journal writer person)

another thing i have to say, is that i noticed that both voldemort and harry's eyes are not the right color in the movies....harry is supposed to have green eyes, like his mom....while he has blue eyes....voldemort has green eye, while he should have red eyes.....also, it says in the book that voldemort has a lipless smile, but in the movies it does look like he has lips, though im not complaining, i love how voldy looks in the moves.....and harry, though i am an avid hater of them wearing street clothes, they should be wearing their robes!! not their hoodies and jeans!!!

if anyone has read this far, that is awesome, and ill know you to be a true friend who cares about my views, thank you so much heart

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."


"Beware the letter G, it is the end of everything"

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