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Hey its Meagan's journal you should come and read it if you love her!
you know your a big harry potter fan when...
You know you are a HP fan when…

1. You went to Borders, Barnes & Nobles, etc. the night DH was released to ensure you would receive your copy as soon as possible

2. You then cried when you finally got it

3. You didn't sleep that night but spent the next few hours reading and drinking coffee

4. You try to summon objects towards you with "Accio"

5. You say "Lumos" whenever turning on the lights

6. You say "Merlin's Pants!" instead of "Oh my God!"

7. You reference everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) back to Harry Potter

8. You are planning on naming (or have already named) your children after characters from the books

9. No, you don't care that this will guarantee that they will be picked on

10. You have made a wand

11. And dueled with it

12. You have Harry Potter Scene It nights with your friends

13. Every time a new movie comes out you go to see it at midnight and get dressed up

14. You own Hogwarts robes

15. And didn't mind spending all that money on them because they were so worth it

16. You are secretly in love with one of the characters

17. You cried the summer you were eleven when your Hogwarts letter didn't come

18. Your friends tell you to shut up before your mouth is even half-way open because they know a Harry Potter comment is about to come out

19. Even if no one in your family, save for you, reads Harry Potter, they all know what happens and can discuss plot points with you because you talk about it so much

20. You really want to do, or have already done, the pilgrimage to ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com surprised ffice:smarttags" />Edinburgh

21. J.K. Rowling is your [Muggle] hero

22. Harry Potter is your all-around hero

23. You cried when you learned all about Snape and his love for Lily

24. S.P.E.W. will always have a place in your heart

25. Don't lie, you have written/read/looked at/drawn Harry Potter fan fiction/ fan art

26. When you heard about that bridge that collapsed you automatically thought of the Brockdale Bridge and decided Voldemort did it

27. You want a big, shaggy, black dog so you can name it "Padfoot"

28. For a book report you chose to do it on HP. Because of this you didn't REALLY have to read the book again, because you already knew it back-to-front but you chose to anyway because you love it so much

29. You started screaming and crying and laughing and aww-ing while reading DH so much that your family yelled at you to go back to sleep- "It's four in the morning for Christ's sake!"

30. Your friends and family really wish you had never heard of HP

31. You go to the mall with friends and go, "Oh! I forgot, we have to stop in here for something…" and you then proceed to drag them into a store that sells HP merchandise

32. You spend hours searching through YouTube and cry at all of the tribute videos

33. You sobbed HARD when Dobby died

34. You don't really know what George is going to do without his twin

35. You run around the house on a broomstick pretending you're playing Quidditch

36. You hate the fact that your photos don't actually move

37. Due to these books you know use random British-isms such as "bloody hell"- if you are American

38. You kept your ticket-stub from the Order of the Phoenix movie

39. You laugh out loud while listening to you iPod and when people look at you funny you have to sit there and explain exactly who Jamie, Ben, Laura, Andrew, John, Melissa, Sue, Eric, and Micah are.

40. You wanted to try out for the movies sooooooo badly

41. It's okay Luna! We believe in Crumple-Horn Snorcacks too!

42. You were so upset that you didn't learn everything about everyone in the epilogue

43. You then stalked the internet and searched for all of JKR's interviews about DH to see if she would spill the beans about everyone's job

44. You jumped up and down when your research paid off

45. Mugglenet.com, Theleakycauldron.org, veritaserum.com, etc. is your homepage

46. You can ace every single online HP quiz

47. A little piece of you has died now that the series is over

48. You belong to HP facebook groups

49. You don't understand where Ginny was when she let Harry pick Albus Severus's name
50. Neville is just the s**t.

51. You have been completely distracted from summer reading and have done zero summer work because you have been anticipating/ reading/ re-reading Deathly Hallows

52. Sometimes you wonder whether your obsession is a LITTLE over the top

53. You have started threatening to "Avada Kedavra" someone when they piss you off

54. If you hear Harry Potter on the radio or on TV you stop everything and yell at everyone to be quiet

55. You wore black the day (or week) after DH came out for all of the characters who died

56. All anyone has to do to make you cry these days is whisper "Fred's dead"

57. You've already read DH at least twice

58. You judge people on if they're HP fans or not

59. You cry when you remind yourself that the wizarding world doesn't actually exist

60. You are offended when Warner Bros. leaves something out of the movies

61. And really don't understand why they can't just make them six hours long- you'd sit through it!

62. Your best friends ARE the trio

63. You grew up with Harry Potter

64. You know you're going to be the obnoxious parent who forces their children to read the whole series

65. And when the kid calls them "stupid" and refuses to read them you know you will ground him/ her

66. For a month at least…

67. Or until they read all the books

68. Twice each

69. When your mom asks you to clean your room you ask, "Why can't you just get the house elf to do it?"

70. You secretly wish you had a ghoul in your attic

71. De-gnoming the garden sounds like an absolute blast

72. People have to leave the room while watching HP movies with you because you sit there and say the lines aloud… sometimes before they even come

73. Spending $100 for HP merchandise in one go sounds perfectly acceptable

74. You have Sharpied a lightning-bolt shaped scar on your forehead

75. You dream about HP

76. You eavesdrop when you hear strangers talking about Harry Potter

77. You counted down the days until DH came out

78. And OotP

79. You are convinced you are the biggest fan

80. You play HP Questions on a daily basis with friends/ family/ whoever will play with you

81. You ran at Platform 9 ¾ going, "Please, please, please go through!"

82. When you didn't you blamed Dobby

83. Your parents no longer pay attention to anything that comes out of your mouth because it usually has to do with Harry Potter

84. You've made your own t-shirts that relate somehow to Harry Potter

85. You threw a "Support Harry Potter" party. Just like Hagrid did.

86. You can list the five exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration (even though you know food is the only one specified in the books

87. You really, really, REALLY wish you owned Hermione's bag with the Undetectable Extension Charm

88. If anyone so much as mentioned that they knew the ending of DH before you had finished, you would run out of the room screaming and refused to talk to them for days

89. You strongly believe that all spoilers should be tarred and feathered

90. If you're female, your life's ambition is to snog Harry Potter

91. Your life would be a lot easier if you had access to some Skiving Snackboxes

92. You close your eyes tightly and tell yourself, "It's not over until the Fat Lady sings... Damn, she already did"'

93. You sign up for an HP discussion class at college as an elective

94. Before Deathly Hallows the only thing you ever talked about was your DH theories

95. You think the Marauders deserve their own series (someone get on that please)

96. You stare at portraits hoping you'll catch them moving…

97. You really want to meet Teddy Lupin and his turquoise hair

98. You get pissed off when other people say they only watch the movies

99. You print out this page and turn it into a checklist (Most have already been checked off, obviously)
100. Most of the groups you belong to relate in some way to Harry Potter

101. You know the exact hand-motion for different spells and practice them with your home-made wand

102. In shouting matches you find yourself yelling out curses and hexes... STUPEFY!

103. You use a Dumbledore quote (such as "choosing between what is right and what is easy" wink as the theme for your English paper

104. You always win at "Rocks, Papers, Scissors" because you yell "Avada Kedavra!" and then explain to the other person that they died. And no, they cannot come back to life now.

105. You know you're a Harry Potter fan when you have decided the exact make of your wand

106. You have already decided what your Patronus is, and have told all of your family and friends what theirs would be too

107. You cry from laughing at Potter Puppet Pals- even though they are pretty sacreligious

108. You feel like life without Harry Potter would be quite similar to experiencing a Dementor's Kiss

109. You have converted at least one friend into becoming a crazed HP fan

110. You have tried to figure out where Hogwarts is using clues from the book

111. All you want for Christmas is a Weasley jumper

112. Come to think of it, a Hogwarts acceptance letter would be nice

113. Chemistry= Potions. End of discussion.

114. You don't play chess because the pieces don't move themselves

115. Webster's Dictionary is your dictionary of choice because they included the word "Muggle"

116. Your life could definitely use some more magic in it

117. You know long passages of the book that you like to quote aloud

118. You know the lyrics to "Weasley is Our King" and like to sing it to yourself

119. Someone says Harry Potter is stupid and you pick up the nearest wand-like object, point it at them, and yell "Avada Kedavra!"

120. You spin around for hours trying to Apparate

121. Walking up and down the stairs you say, "Quickly, they might change!"

122. Someone offers you a jelly bean and you go, "I hope it's not bogey-flavored"

123. You compare Dumbledore to Aristotle (and rightly so)

124. You get insulted when someone says "Abra Kadabra" because that is so not real magic

125. You've ever said, "Mom, pass me the quaffle"

126. You have knitted (or bought) yourself a stripped scarf with your House colors on it and intend to wear it to every Quidditch game you attend this year (or to school, whatever works)

127. You sobbed like a baby when Harry used the Resurrection Stone to bring back Lily, James, Lupin and Sirius as he walked to his death

128. You don't swim in lakes because you're afraid of Grindylows

129. You KNOW that Dodo birds still exist because you know that they are actually called Diricrawls and can disappear at will

130. You've read "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and "Quidditch Through the Ages"

131. You can recite all of the Quidditch teams of Britain and Ireland

132. Since reading Goblet of Fire, you've been trying endlessly to figure out where Durmstrang is, and you've got a fairly good idea...

133. You walk into the bank and ask, "Excuse me, but where are the Goblins?"

134. You're feeling depressed you open up the nearest Harry Potter book and read it. You are then pretty much back to normal after a good five minutes

135. You wish you had "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" song as a ringtone

136. Taking away all of your Harry Potter books is a worse punishment for your parents to do to you than say... taking away your cell phone.

137. You have sorted each of your friends into a house

138. And decided their Patronuses and what they would be if they were an Animagus

139. You think Dementors are pretty much the scariest things in the world...

140. You plan on leaving your HP books and movies (DVD's will be so old-fashioned then) in your will for your favorite grandchildren. Your least favorite grandchildren will be getting an Uncle Vernon sock.

141. Dolores Umbridge deserves a life-long sentence in Azkaban

142. You name your teachers after Hogwarts professors

143. You desperately want to meet Harry and Ginny and little James, Albus, and Lily on September 1st 2017 at King's Cross Station

144. Whenever someone messes up anything you laugh to yourself and say, "Silly Muggle"

145. You see a telephone booth and immedeately run inside it, dial 6-2-4-4-2 and stare at the floor, praying it will drop and take you to the Ministry of Magic

146. You like trying to speak to the mannequins in old, abandoned department stores. Hopefully, one day, one of them will lift it's head and becken you in.

147. When it does, you are going to go and visit Professor Lockhart and get one of his moving photographs with his "joint-up writing" signature.

148. You try to convince your P.E. teacher to have a unit on Quidditch

149. You suggest Harry Potter as a Homecoming theme every year...and it never gets picked

150. You use horcrux as an insult because it is the worst thing you can think of

151. You've seriously considered buying an owl for mail delivery...maybe then they could deliver your letter to Hogwarts asking where the hell your acceptance letter went...

152. You walk out of a particularly hard class and say loudly, "One more lesson like that and I just might pull a Weasley"

153. You have problems watching the movies because you have a tendency to throw things at the screen, screaming, "That wasn't in the book!!"

154. The fact that 'Wizard Rock' is its own genre of music makes your life worth living

155. You consider getting a Harry Potter tattoo. Such as: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good around the wrist, the Dark Mark, or I must not tell lies on your hand

156. The lights flicker and you scream "DEMENTORS!"

157. You buy shirts that say, "Screw school, I'm going to Hogwarts". And if you don't already have one you are now on google looking for one.

158. You're absolutely convinced that J.K. Rowling is really a witch and was given permission by the Ministry of Magic to write the Harry Potter books with the belief that no one would ever guess they were true...of course, you're one of the few people that do believe it is true.

159. You laughed really hard while reading this because you know the majority of it applies to you

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    Hilarious, great, spectacular, unbelevable, fantastic!!!!!! 3nodding 3nodding

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