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..Spill your heart, sit down and let's begin from the VERY start..

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Autism. Crazy? I think not.
So some lady in the midwest suffocated her little kid cos the kid had autism, and she "hated" autism so much.
I really hate that. I think it's one of the few things I truly do loathe.
The kid was like 3! Not every kid wants to talk like a freakin' chipmunk ALL THE TIME when they're young. I didn't talk until I was over fifteen months old (right after I was dropped lol). Lots of people don't feel a need to talk so much. Lots of people don't want to pay attention to others.
You see it every day, but now since we're older it's more subtle. People stare at you and pretend like they're listening when really all they're thinking is "wow, did I really get sucked into listening to this person??? Seriously?".
That's not autism, I know, but people are ridiculed for doing that plainly and obviously.
Had it ever occurred to that mom that maybe the kid just didn't want to pay attention yet? Autism is autism, yeah, but the person it affects still has a SOUL. If you hate the autism, you hate the person, because it's a part of them. You can't say you love just one part of them, or all but one thing.
People need to learn to deal with people better. Three things I've learned from Kanye West. 1-people, they're waaaay too sensitive about what's said or what they say about others nowadays (really, the world does not revolve around you and your cell phone). 2-I too, dream in color and in rhyme, so I guess I'm one of a kind in a full house. And 3-Nobody can tell us nothing if we don't want to hear it.

And Eisley then went on to teach me that we don't have to know the truth. If you believe it, then I'll believe it too. Just as long as we don't have to walk through here (since it holds nothing for us anymore).

I write with a lot of emphasis. And I do it because it's my style, it's my outlet, and it's what I do to stay alive in a world which has long since deadened. It takes a very special, detached person to get what and how the world is, but it takes an even more special person to appreciate that.

I aim to reach out to those people. They'll get it.

Autism isn't a person. It's a part of a person, and if you can't come to appreciate even that part of the person, then you can't fully love that person. People are born like they are, are on their paths, for a particular reason.

Love them. Or don't, I suppose, but whatever. That's your choice, not mine.

(oh, by the way, Close Encounters of the Third Kind is hella freaky for people like me with alien phobias lol).

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