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A-kon 2008: I Hate Fangirls/Naruto
So A-kon is coming up upon us again and by us I mean my little rag tag group of friends that have made the adventure with us down there for the past eight years. Yes, eight years, this will be mine and Nick's eighth year. Anyway, I was looking at some picture on Dev from people at the previous A-kons, cosplayers and such, and I have come to the conclusion that I hate Naruto.

And no, I'm not terrified about admitting it.

Naruot is sooooooo overplayed. It's like the edited Cartoon Network version of DBZ were there are twenty to thirty minutes of stare downs and back talking and lil ninja kids screaming "It's mah dream~!" The sad thing about it is that I actually liked it in the beginning. But aside from the series just running way to long for no other reason then it's making money I just can't stand the fandom.

I. Hate. Fangirls.

I'm not talking about girls who are anime fans, or even the ones that sort of obsess a little about one or two characters. Hell in high school I made Sephiroth wallpaper for the walls of my room out of 4x4 inch squares and pictures I found on the internet. But, if you've been to a con, or passed by a manga section in a well known bookstore, you find your fangirls.

Rabid, blood-thirsty fangirls that flock, no, crowd the yaoi table at the con and squeal like bitches in heat over finding Saske/Naruto slashing. (On a side note, little boy porn((because no matter how you say it Naruto and all his little buddies are kids)) freaks me out, sorry.) Fangirls who scream, yes, scream when they see someone dressed up like one of their favorite characters and ask if they can take a picture glomping them.

Fangirls + Naruto + little boy porn = Fangirls dressing up as Naruto characters to act out little boy porn.

I know, I just know, that the con is going to be filled with Naruto cosplayers this years. Any little twit with a custom sewn up by grandma (no disrespect granny, much love) and a ninja headband from HotTopic are going to prance around, giggling, glomping and dry humping each other for three days. I'm all ready sick.

Other stuff that's overplayed or will be overplayed that I don't want to think about seeing but I am.

Death Note.

I LOVE Death Note and I know, I just know, that there is gonna be a billion Lights and Ls and Misas and what have you prancing around doing the same. Damn you Cartoon Network >.<

Furrys or people dressed up in those bulky birthday party animal costumes.

This was HEAVILY played out last year. There were furries running abour everywhere. And people where going crazy. I was like WTF? There was one, maybe one that looked good but the others looked like some rejected 70's variety fun time hour suits that had been sitting in a shed for decades.


I know the whole point of a con is to have fun but really, the older I get, the less fun I have. It's like listening to music today, the so called punk bands...

But that, dear kidos, is left for another story...

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  • User Comments: [3]
    O.O i NEVER liked naruto ._. my overly obsessed friends ran that into the ground from the beginning sweatdrop
    ^^; i remember the sephi paper... *stealz it* razz

    i wish we could go to con cry but we go next year *pats baby on the head* and we dress her up~! 4laugh but what as???

    comment Get_Sirius · Community Member · Sat Mar 15, 2008 @ 02:13pm

    Its sad, but true.

    I find everything you just named in small cons and big cons.

    Hope it will still be fun for you.


    comment Mister_Otter · Community Member · Sun Mar 23, 2008 @ 04:15am
    I have never gotten to go to a con. They have Sakuracon here and its too expensive for me to go.

    I however agree with you. I have never seen naruto. I dont like animes of that style so i dont bother. if the main point is to beat each other up the plot doesnt intrest me in the slightest. NOTHING is more annoying (as far as anime goes) than people obsessing over naruto. it is retarded.

    DBZ is stupid just on animation quality alone. granted its old but jebus could they have made any of them any uglier? I think not. I tend to stay away from most things that dont have a deep and interesting plot that is NOT mostly fighting.

    comment Kchan27 · Community Member · Sun Apr 13, 2008 @ 10:29pm
    User Comments: [3]

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