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i like to write about different stuffz. but, this journal will just be about my day, how im feeling, etc.
hello. if you are choosing to read this journal, you are probably on crack with nothing better to do. as you can tell, im not such a nice person. but if you get to know me more, like my friends have, i seem even more pathetic...and maybe a bit nicer. i love cats and hope to save at least 100 by the time i am 50 (which is not soon at all). i like to act. i am told i have that gift. my fave colors are blood red and a deep purple (you probably dont care one bit though). i am an atheist...dont like it, screw you. i am also jewish, double screw you. your probably expecting me to say im a lesbian next, huh? well, i am straight, no doubt. uh, lets see here...i am always bored. if i ever say i am bored, just skip it...dont wanna waste any more of your life than you have already. im an emo geek. a fabulous combo. i also tend to hate people. natural, human beings. you tired of me yet? i dont know whats wrong with me...and people dont seem to know either.

im totally bored now...and if your reading this part...youve just wasted approximately 1 minute of your life. its out the window! didnt i tell you to skip my telling of boredom?! but did you poeple(s) listen? nope! humans never listen...thats why i hate you creatures with such an undying passion! ^^
see? you made me lose my cool...over the computer! wow...your retarded... stare

koneko kanashii
Community Member
koneko kanashii
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    Community Member

    Wed Apr 16, 2008 @ 11:23pm

    I am also jewish. yes...tanku tanku. Buwahahahaha

    koneko kanashii
    Community Member

    Thu Apr 17, 2008 @ 03:51am

    YES!! we shall take ova ze world!! mwahahahaha!!

    ...srry...too much pepsi and caffeine...lol xd

    Community Member

    Wed Apr 23, 2008 @ 04:54am

    I see...you were hyper at the time........HA. I'm...to sexy for your shirt..to sexy for...oh watever I forgot the lyrics, plus it is a bad song. I have NO clue why I sang it then....????? I am CRAZY wahmbulance

    Community Member

    Fri Jun 19, 2009 @ 01:46am

    Couple of stuff actually...
    1) You like the best colors wink
    2)How are you atheist but Jewish? I thought Jews believed in their own type of god?
    3) PM Me for reply please ^^

    User Comments: [4]
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