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Stories, and such.
The ramblings from my mind that I deem too important to forget.
Ratman, episode one, part two : A hero limps into action.
"Are you quite alright?" Winston asked, clearly struggling to hold back his laughter. "Oh, yeah...I'm fine...except for the fact that I was just SHOT INTO THE CEILING!!! OTHER THAN THAT LITTLE DETAIL, I'M JUST PEACHY!!!" Deuce screeched. "Here, take the remote," Winston said, as he handed the remote to Deuce, who proceeded to yank it from his hand, "I'll go fetch some ice." He informed, still trying to hold back waves of laughter. "You do that..." Deuce said, sarcastically. He then limped over to his recliner, sat down, and turned on the TV. Just then, Chester McChaplaff's obnoxious face popped on the screen, which of course startled Deuce. "HOLY HELLCATS!" He exclaimed. "They desperately need a new anchorman!" "This just in..." Chester said, with his severely annoying voice. "The so called...'Quizzler' is it? Has been spotted robbing the Emo-am City Bank, and since every police officer in this city is an incompotent idiot, there's nothing that anyone can do about it." "Woah, woah, woah...Emo-am City?! Is that the best thing the writer could think of to rip off Gotham City?...That's just retarded." Deuce said, sealing his fate that he'd have a horrible death at the end of the series. "Wait, what?! I didn't mean it like that!...I'm sorry!" He pleaded. After Deuce was then forgiven by the writer, he decided to take action into his own hands. "How the hell am I gonna do that?!" He asked the narrator, clearly defying the laws of space and time. Then he remembered that he saw some awesome s**t in the cave-thingy under his mansion. "Thanks!" He said, ending the impossible one-sided conversation he was having with the narrator. He went over to the bookcase and pulled the same book as before, which made him fall down the chute. He, once again, landed on his a**. "I gotta put some mats down here..." He said, holding his a**. He then saw a row of costumes. "Cool..." He tried them all on but, because of his puny stature, the only one that fit him was a child's size costume (it was clearly meant to be a sidekick's costume.) The costume he wore, made him look like a giant rat-person. "********' s**t dude...this is lame!" He then began to look around the cave. He found a utility belt, and an all purpose action tail. "What the hell? An all purpose action tail? ********' lame!" He then spotted a large object under a tarp. When he romoved the tarp, he shouted "AAAAW, YEEAAA!!!" It was a car that had many weapons, and the like attached to the sides and top. "Man those construction workers that built my house really pulled out the stops for this! I'll call it...the Ratmobile, just to go along with this stupid ********' rat theme..." He hopped in the Ratmobile and sped off torwards the city. "I'ma kick some Quizzler a**!"

Stay tuned for the next installment of Ratman and Pidgeon!

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Community Member

Tue May 27, 2008 @ 12:21am

I like Winston, he's kinda like you: an a*****e that loves the fact that he's an a*****e and doesn't plan to stop at any point in his live.

Every time someone masturbates, a starving kitten dies.
Every time you don't tap my aquarium, I pay people to masturbate.
Hato Bakufu
Community Member

Tue Jul 08, 2008 @ 01:33am

lmao, georgous. 3nodding Keep writing, bucko!

User Comments: [3]
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