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cocopuff09120's role play and writing journal
If you'd like to read my intros or maybe just some of the other things I've writtien please do so here!
<img src=http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w74/My-Broken-Heart/remoteImage-8.gif>
Danika brushed one small, pale finger across the water. It was unusual for her to be out and about, but tonight she didn't feel like being predictable. She'd allready refused a meal (virgin blood), slapped a servant, and ran to the water side where she now stood, barefoot. Stepping in, Danika allowed the ends of her skirt to dampen. None of the others would DARE try and retrieve her now, not knowing that stepping in would surely kill them. No, they weren't strong enough for the water, and she knew it. She also knew that they would soon beg her to come back, and eventually she'd agree, but what would they do to her? Chasitise her? Who would dare anger the most powerfull vampire known to them? It would be catastrophic!
Danika slid a hand into a small pocket on her dress where she retrieved her signiture rosy-brown lipstick, and slid it across her naturally crimson lips. She felt good leaving the normal view of the vampire, which is why she'd dyed her naturally black hair white, worn the lipstick, and refused to wear any color other than white. She was determined to seperate herself from the others, to be above them in every way. Mainly because they had one power she could never hope to come across... the power to create new vampires.

Now Danika wasn't sure why this was, and she'd always hidden it, making sure to kill anything that she fed on so that they wouldn't realize her weakness. And so far she'd done a good job, but was always worried she'd make a mistake...

Name: Danika (no last name)

Title: Vampire queen

Age: 670

Age when bit:15

Eyes: stricking gray

Hair: white blonde

Strength: Most powerfull vampire in America

Downfall: mortal men

Secret: Danika isn't able to change mortals into vampires

Friends: doesn't have any

Lovers: too many!

Vendettas: doesn't truly hate anyone, but she's pretends to hate EVERYONE

Personality: Don't mess with this royal vampire! She's been known to execute without a second thought... after killing for over 6 and a half centuries she's not a softie. Deep down, she feels some remorse for the things she's done, but doesn't know how to fix them.

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