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-alex makes me want to ____ to her, when she ____. redface

-i wish alex was ____.

-alex is my favorite ____.

-alex dresses like a ____.

-alex reminds me of ____.

-alex looks like ____.

-alex needs ____.

-i want alex to ____.

-alex is my ____.

-i hate alex because ____.

-i want to make babies with alex because ____.

-alex lives in ____.



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unicorn fable
Community Member

Tue Jul 15, 2008 @ 03:02pm

-alex makes me want to come to her, when she calls.

-i wish alex was a duck.

-alex is my favorite goat owner.

-alex dresses like a weirdo. <3

-alex reminds me of a fun sunday.

-alex looks like a sign.

-alex needs to bathe because she smells. :'P lol

-i want alex to KILL, i mean not kill, *shifts eyes* >.>

-alex is my cat.

-i hate alex because she smells. >:'D

-i want to make babies with alex because they would be half goat.

-alex lives in my belly. heart

The Wicked is Rested
Community Member

Wed Jul 16, 2008 @ 09:21pm

-alex makes me want to be mean to her, when she yells at me. scream

-i wish alex was at the bottom of a well. ;]

-alex is my favorite gaia buddy.

-alex dresses like a loser. :'P

-alex reminds me of stuff.

-alex looks like a person.

-alex needs to give me stuff. im serious. neutral

-i want alex to give me allie.

-alex is my sister's best friend.

-i hate alex because she's cooler than me. not. :'P

-i want to make babies with alex because O.o i dont.

-alex lives in a magical forest filled with happiness and joy.

User Comments: [2]
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