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Durem History Book
The Beginning
The Durem Dark Fang Gang was created by King Wweblade to insure that Durem would be the most feared town on gaia. When the DFG was first starting out it was owned by Nihgtshroud and the guild was called the DFC (Dark Forest Clan) at the time the guild wasn't associated with any town it was also inactive with only 33 people. Stressed about Nihgtshrouds inactiveness I King blade felt like there was something that had to be done. Since I was the VP (Vice President) I changed the leadership of the guild and did a little redesigning of the guild. But I also had a flaw I had started a guild called the DFG but it soon became inactive and people started loosing interest in the guild so taking the DFC was my way of starting fresh and getting a second chance.
After Nihgt'S approval of me taking the guild I named the guild the DFGB3 (Dark Fang Gang Base 3 ) I gathered people from my old guild and had them come to B3. During me making the guild I had been associated with the Aekea town guild and participated in the water balloon event with them. When I was in theIr official town guild I introduced the guild and the criminal empire I had built but being the "goody goodies" they were, they kicked me out of the guild. With their rejection I went to the side of Durem and decided that the Dark Fang Gang should be the Durem Dark Fang Gang!
By changing the name and gaining hundreds of supporters and leading a army of 600 Duremites I proclaimed myself king blade along with others approving of it. During the Rejected Olympics I raced,shot,and crunched with other fellow Durem members, but even though we came out in second we showed people that we're willing to fight and not give when we're down. I write this journal to inform that I still stand for Durem and my Kingdom of the DFG!!

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lord naraku69
Community Member

Wed Oct 28, 2009 @ 04:24pm

do u rember how hiter was almost killed by oneus his own sir tht mat happen with u if u shall show weankess anymore but im am loyal to and will strike if u shall betray us

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