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Macey Anne
Could never forget about you. This girl IS the definition of amazing. 2 years of knowing each other and we been through a life-time worth of s**t. We've had out little arguments, but they never lasted long. Macey, has taught me so much in life, with her wisdom and quotes.
1. Life can either be accepted or changed.
If it's not accepted, it must be changed.
If it can't be changed,
then it must be accepted.
This is so true. If something in your life is wrong, fix it, don't just sit there and complain about it. If that something is unchangeable then you must learn to accept it.
2.Sometimes the things you complain
the most about are the
things you care most about.
Unfortunately, you don't
always know that before its too late.
Yep, I know this for sure.
3.When you lose everything you want,
you find the one thing you need.
In my case, that's a friend. I could loose everything in life and I know in the end some amazing person will still be there for me.
4. Certain people enter our lives at the most
random times, but for the most beautiful reasons.
True, so true. When I first found out I was moving to Florida, I saw it as something horrible. Once I moved down here, Shane came into my life. God has blessed me. Yes, I said God and I'm sorry if you don't believe in him, but I do.
5. "Just because you were happy with him doesnt
mean you can't be happy without him."
So damn true! Took me FOREVER to realize that but it's so true.
It's these little bits of wisdom that have changed my life in so many ways.
Macey is everything I've ever wanted to be; strong, smart, loveable, funny, etc.
Yes, you are messed up but it doesn't bother me. XD
She may be a year younger than me, but I look up to her.
She can put a smile on my face when I'm sad and make me laugh.
We have so many memories together.
I love how I can tell her anything, absolutely anything.
You've helped me with my guy issues and been there for every break up, and I have done the same for you.
Let's not forget, you've calmed me down when I've overreacted.
You've been there for me when I was hurt and when I was freaking out about something having to do with Jake.
Mmm we gossip. :]
You've proven to me the true meaning of Best Friend. heart

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