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Titter Tatter RPC's

Community Member

Real name:
Luena lielah krin

looks about 20 but her faerie age is 308


Human sized.
5'6 thin,nice figure, dancers body, long limbs.
looks weight 130 but is much, much lighter

Anything iron,Knowledge of her true name.
(faeries dont like to give out there full name,if you call out there full name you conrtol them)

Shes clever and cunning.She can blend in well and her glamour is strong.She cant tell a lie,only bedn the truth.She has many curses,spells and charms.She loves to toy with humans. She is at her fullest nature when in the forest.Iron burns her.Never eat anything she gives you.She know when to give up,and is storng when it comes to non-contact iron.But she hates to be overcome.When she is in her faery form , you wont see her unless she wants you to.

::click here::

faerie form:
large oval black eyes,not a speck of white,glitters in the sun.High prominent cheek bones.Slightly curved nose,and pointed ears.Silver and red hair.See through skin and and extra joint in her finegrs and toes.red lips and silver wings,her skin has red swirls underneath,Only visible in certain light.Her hair is as soft as feathers and light as air, it tinkes when it moves, like bells and crystalized glass.Silver wings.

(bonus information-when she isnt in a visible state, the only people who can see her are people with sight,one way to get sight is to drink water from a lake which the water she had drank.The other way is to be born with it, or make a spell.She has no scent, but her presence will make you feel high.She has no body tempature unless she wants one.Faeries wil get offended by "thank yous" and people asking for her name)

Her favorite human song is :Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

She looked at the water and made circles with her fingers over it. the water ripple wanting her warm touch. following her finger like coy.A fish looked up at her mouth gaping, but swam off, the sunlight rippled from the water.She sighed...no humans creatures wander into the forest..she was getting bored...all her human toys died...She lifted her black skirts and stepped don't the water, dancing around gracefully like she was with a partner at a ball.the water reached up around her, dancing around her.She smiled, and shut her eyes continuing the waltz.she was invisible the water looked like, a person dancing around, she hummed and the water danced around her, they reached out an the water reached to touch her finger tips.As it did the scene in front of her was so beautiful the way the light showed of the water figure. she froze it as they touched,
It stood on top of the water, its arm reached out. frozen. already starting to melt, crying as the sun heated it.It slowly sunk into the water.and she stepped back onto the eland, the water calm.She giggled as she thought of the water figure crying..his soulless eyes melting as it sunk like a ship.

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