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Well here you go what more do you want, in invitation?
Thanks alot ^^ *pretty* lol 

Yay santa she likes it.

Santa: Moos happily

Me: Awww you are so cute as a cow.

Santa: Moo's slightly annoyed

Me: Okay okay no more of that then! Well any w3ay I am glad you like. it. I am Santa little helper this season. He's kinda grumpy that the first test of changing him back did not work.

Yuki: oh to bad about the accident with the beam, know of anything to help him yet?

Just listen to the Elf with the bad hair, then the Emo elf, and then i suppose the girl elf, and mabey then Mrs.Clause. I am only at the Emo elf. He is most annoying. He hates Christmas.

Santa: MOOOO!!!!! *surprised*

Me: Sorry Saint Nick.

Santa: moooo. *sad*

Yuki: Too bad mr.mooo-I mean clause,yeah clause :sweat .

Apparently I had to get the Emo elf a razor cause mrs.Clause would'nt let him near them. I think he is suicidal.

Santa: MOOOOOOO!!!!! *faints*

Me: Oh dear. It seems Mr.Clause has had enough surprise for one day. *struggles to push him in stall*
So have I at this point. 

Yuki: lol well do you need help with Mr.Clause? *looks on ground*

Hiami Mizudashi Wrote:
No thanks. I think I'll just leave hm there. His wife wont mind. Well now I with and elf who has a wors hair cut than the first elf and looks really mean. I wonder why I even took the job.

Emo elf: Cause you cant stand not being part of the sickening joys of Christmas.

Me: Oh yeah! Thanks Emo Elf!

Emo Elf: My name is Mopey

Me: Who Cares!!!

Mopey: *walks off*

Me: Well it seems he went of to do some more mopeing. Poor dear.
It's really fun making gifts! You get so manty cute things!

Yuki: poor mopey, and yeah I have an old man elf 

Oh noes.
I have this Elf who I think has done time in jail many times. I am kinda afraid of my elfs. Well except for Mopey. MOPEY COME OVER HERE!!!!

Mopey: *sighs* What?

Me: *stares* *pounces*

Mopey: WHA-!:

Me: *hugging* Yeah so as I was saying. Santa needs better Elfs. Cept you of course Mopey. Your adorable!

Mopey: *unconsious*

Me: Oh dears. *sets Mopey on top of Santa* Guess it was to much love for the poor thing. Geez I'm gona have a big pile by the end of the day.

Yuki: *stares at pile* when did that 3rd elf get there?

Hiami Mizudashi Wrote:
What third elf? *lifts mopey*
Oh dear, Gramps was trying to help santa. I guess I did'nt see him. I'm not a very good Santa's little helper. I do better next time! No more unconsious Elfs!!!

Angry: What is going on here!

Me: AHHHHHHH!! *hits Angry with fan* Oh no not another elf. Oh well he was'nt that nice any way. *throws Angry on pile* Heh heh heh *nervous laugh lol * oy.

Yuki: uh yeah.................. *starts walking away*

Hiami Mizudashi Wrote:
Sorry I was having a wonderful day today. I got the last christmas present I needed at a lower price than what it really was, and It was so beautiful and white from snow. and I got cookies. Elfs just do'nt like me. Well except for Bernard. I love his hair. It so curly and bouncy.

Yuki: cool curly and bouncy......COOL!

It's wonderfull. *dreamy* Golly aI hope they are not in a coma. *poke* Pile grunts. Well I guess not a coma. Good. I got presents!

Yuki: Nice no comas, nice, but what about sickley, he tripped over the pile and went into a coma

Sickly? I havent met him yet. Well, the the north pole has good doctors. At least I think they do. *in deep thought*

Yuki: yeah they do, we have elftech

Hiami Mizudashi Wrote:
Good. Now I just have to worry about the law suits. You think my little elf can help me? No Mopey loves me to much. At least I think he does. *stares at mopey (mopey is in a very odd position)*

[You hear a grunt]



Me: Uh...

Santa: moooo *nevermind I do not want to know.*

Me: that is most likely the best of ideas sir.

Yuki: Hi mister moo glade ur not in a coma

moo *hello young miss thank you for your concern. what would you like for christmas?*

Me: Geez even as a cow he trys to live his job.

Santa: MOOOO Moooo MOoooo mOooo *you stop talking you are in so much trouble young lady! You need to be more carefull. Although I am happy to hear about Mopey. Now I know he needs special help*

Me: Right. XD Well best get these elfs to the infermiry.

Yuki: ohhhh!! I want a car and this cash egg and a dress and a*continues on list for a week*

Santa: *eyes widen and faints*

me: Oh dears. seems he will have a nice night tonight. He will need it for your list. No worrys I will help!

Steve walks in: Hey man what wrong with Santa!


Steve: Fine I'll just go spray paint my car. *glum*

Me: He doesnt deserve my knocking out powers.

Yuki: no christmas gifts? *sniffle,cry,sniffle*

Me: Hey dont worry you will get your gifts. It is'nt Santa who makes them it is his elfs. He is just a messenger. I got it all though, so no worrys!

Yuki: Yay! gifts *evil face*giffffftttssssss

Me: Yesssssss. I am getting the consious Elfs to work right now.

Yuki: Yay toys!!! ^o^

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