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The Journal of Nalanair
This is my journal where I shall record any interesting things. I might even write about one of my stories, so don't be surprised if you see a chapter of a ramdom story.
This is a post for an RP that is currently non-existent. I am preparing for it by getting some posts ready. mrgreen

~ A . N . G . F . MARINES ~

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The ANGF Marines are those who keep the state of order in check aboard the many mighty ships of the ANGF Fleet. The ANGF Marine Corporation is an organization that serves under ANGEL (Allied Nations' Galactic Elite Line-up), an elite Marine force. The ANGF Marines aren't as heavily trained as the ANGEL Operatives, but they are some of the best police operatives known throughout the ANGF.

There are four seperate Marine Units: Light Arms, Medium Arms, Heavy Arms, and Demolition.

Light Arms Marines are trained for infiltrating and scouting missions. They equip themselves with lightweight weaponry allowing them to be able to move quickly throughout enemy territory.

Medium Arms Marines are most common type of Marines found around ANGF command centers or fleet ships. Their weaponry deals average amounts of damage. These Marines are those found commonly on the frontlines.

Heavy Arms Marines are also frontline troops, but are equipped with must more devistating weaponry. These Marines are trained to use heavy firearms such as .50 Caliber Rifles to Rocket Launchers, and to inflict as much damage as possible to the enemy.

Demolition Marines are the secondary infiltration team that blow the doors open to allow the rest inside. These Marines are athorized to equip themselves with any light or medium weaponry and all types of explosive. This Marine force is designed to cause as much destruction and chaos to enemy strongholds.

All types of ANGF Marines wear advanced suits of powered armour fitted to meet the physical characteristics of each and every individual Marine. These suits allow them to use their potent weapons and resist light to medium damage in battle; few can match them in combat. They use special visors during combat and ordinary assignments.

Marine Visor Types

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- Combat Visor - The Combat Visor is the ANGF Marines' basic visor. The Combat Visor gives them the basic feedback they need to survive. It monitors their health status, danger levels, and offers them a miniature schematic of their location. When any type of hostile bioform appear, they are surrounded by a crosshair. However, the Combat Visor only sees things in this dimension, therefore objects outside the visible spectrum or interdimensional objects cannot be seen.

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- Scan Visor - The Scan Visor is the ANGF Marines' secondary visor. The Scan Visor can be used scan objects to learn more about them. Only certain objects can be scanned (Computers and electrical equipment). All hostile and non-hostile bioforms can be scanned, as well as most items such as ammunition or computer related objects. The Scan Visor can be used to diagnose injuries of fellow security operatives or civilians.

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- Advanced Combat Visor - The Advanced Combat Visor is used more for night or dark area combat. It uses an orange-coloured night vision to spot hostile bioforms the normal Combat Visor could not. The Advanced Combat Visor uses an automatic locking-on crosshair that can only targets one bioform at a time. This can put the marines at a disadvantage if there are large numbers of hostile bioforms attacking in one group. If the Advanced Combat Visor attempts to lock onto all hostile bioforms at once, it will overload and shutdown back to the normal Combat Visor.


All firearms, whether they are primary weapons or sidearms, have holographic projected screens that show the amount of ammunition remaining and details of the guns’ function properties (Overheating, jamming, out of ammo, etc.). They also all have triple laser sights and a built in LED flashlight.


ANGF LA-14 Pistol .40cal: This is the Marines’ run-of-the-mill hand cannon. The pistol has great stopping power, armour penetration, and allows Marines to move quickly with it equipped, but it is burdened by a lengthy reload time and low clip capacity.

ANGF LA TG-2A Minigun: As Marines would expect, the minigun sprays out bullets at an insane rate of fire. Marines can use it to cut down enemies en mass, or just to really smash up a room. This weapon is great for creating chaos in an enclosed area. Unlike many other miniguns, the TG-2A minigun has almost no spin-up time. It'll immediately start spitting plasma the moment the Marines pull the trigger, with only a barely noticeable split second delay. It also has a high ammo capacity, and you'll never need to reload because it can hold its entire ammo store in a single clip. The recoil on the minigun is also surprisingly manageable (less than that of the submachine gun), although Marines’ aim will still drift upwards during sustained fire.

ANGF LA LP4 Lightning Arc Weapon: Very similar to the Type-7 particle weapon, the lightning gun discharges a powerful electrical beam that does heavy damage to the target. In fact, the lightning gun does the exact same amount of damage as the particle weapon. The lightning gun features a number of advantages of over the particle weapon. It has a slightly higher rate of fire, allowing Marines to making multiple shots in a shorter amount of time. The lightning can also arc from Marines’ primary targets to any other nearby enemies, allowing Marines to damage multiple foes with one shot. Each shot can arc twice (from the main target to any nearby enemies, and from them to any further enemies THEY are near), although the strength decreases with each arc.


ANGF MA-12 Combat Shotgun 12g: The combat shotgun packs a nasty punch and is great in close quarters if Marines want to put someone or something down in one shot. This is the ideal weapon for a marine with fast reflexes and a penchant for close combat.

ANGF MA Sub-Machinegun 9mm: Because of its high-capacity clip and sizzling rate of fire, this is the perfect weapon for the accuracy-challenged. With 50 rounds to burn through, Marines can get away with a little spray and pray with this baby. It's got low armour penetration and reduced effectiveness at range, so this is the best candidate for some run and gun tactics.

ANGF MA ASP Rifle 7.62mm (Semi Automatic Rifle): This weapon features three-round bursts of deadly stopping power and has a scoped zoom that allows Marines to reach out and touch someone from a tremendous distance. Marines will want to keep their distance, because the power and armour piercing come with the disadvantages of a pretty significant movement penalty and a decreased rate of fire. If Marines get caught in close combat with this guy, they might want to consider braining their opponent with the butt of the rifle.

ANGFS MA Type-12 Laser Carbine: A rather exotic rifle, the laser carbine fires a sustained red laser beam that cuts anything it comes into contact with. One or two seconds of contact with the beam will slice a Marines’ opponents neatly in half. Instead of using conventional ammo rounds, the laser simply drains energy continuously as long as you keep it on. The laser's rate of fire is extremely high, allowing Marines to do a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. The laser carbine has perfect accuracy and no recoil, even when Marines are running, which makes it excellent in terms of pinpoint precision. Unfortunately, although quite fast, the beam doesn't travel instantly, and the weapon zoom is limited, significantly reducing the laser's effectiveness at longer range. The laser carbine also reduces Marines’ movement rate somewhat more than the assault rifle or shotgun.

ANGF MA VES Advanced Rifle: A new, advanced assault rifle, and one of the standard weapons of the Medium Arms Marines. This advanced rifle does more damage and has better recoil control than the standard G2A2 assault rifle. It also comes equipped with a red nightvision scope that enhances ambient light and allows for slightly further zooming.


ANGF HA G2A2 Assault Rifle 5.56mm: The ANGF MA Sub-Machineguns’ big brother makes up for what it loses in rate of fire with pure stopping power. This assault rifle is the overall most well-rounded weapon. Good rate of fire and decent round capacity. Works well for rushing assault or defensive sniping with shallow range. Marines have grown to love this assault rifle.

ANGF HA 10mm HV Penetrator (Nail Gun): When blowing opponents into a bloody mess just isn't enough, Marines should grab a nail gun, blast an opponent and watch them dangle from the nail that the Marines have just driven through their opponents’ forehead. The Nail Gun has a slightly lower rate of fire than the ANGF MA Sub-Machineguns’ and has half the clip capacity, but it makes up for its shortcomings with pure nail-driven power.

ANGF HA Type-7 Particle Weapon (Plasma Gun): This plasma weapon is absolutely devastating from afar, but it comes with a serious movement penalty. It's a "one shot, one kill" affair against an unamoured opponent, with a slow rate of fire and a digital scope. In the hands of a veteran Marine, this plasma weapon can also be a deadly option for close combat against single opponents. Plasma is the next best thing. If the Marines’ opponent does not have full armour, it only takes a single hit to kill them. However, if they miss, may not be able to escape without injury.

ANGF HA MP-50 Repeating Cannon 20mm (Battle Cannon): A shoulder-fired, fully auto repeating cannon. It does severe damage at point of impact and has moderate splash damage. However, Marines won't be winning any foot races when lugging this huge cannon around.

ANGF HA MOD-3 MP Multi-Rocket Launcher: When Marines want to rain down hell on their opponents, they should grab a Rocket Launcher and let it fly. This rocket launcher fires salvos of three "drunken missiles" (they swerve around) that reduce anything in its path into a cloud of blood and debris. Good times when Marines are on the firing end, but they should be careful with this guy in confined spaces: fire it at close range, and more likely than not, they won't be around to enjoy the carnage.

ANGF HA K3-BT Grenade Launcher: This grenade launcher fires high explosive grenades that detonate on impact with enemies, but will bounce off walls or other objects, allowing Marines to rebound it around corners or through windows or doorways. The grenades are comparable to the regular thrown splash grenades of the Demolition Marines; they have a reasonably large splash damage radius, and do a large amount of damage.


ANGF DM Fragmentation Grenade: Fire in the hole! Need to get an enemy out from behind that crate? Lob a grenade back there and wait for that unfortunate b*****d to choose between scurrying out into the Marines’ line of fire or flying out in a flurry of shredded flesh and bones. When the frag grenades explode, they send out a concussive shockwave that warps the area of explosion. It looks cool, but its beauty is best viewed from a distance.

ANGF DM AT-S Proximity Mine: Marines set this little treat and then forget about it until someone or something is unfortunate enough to walk near it. When triggered, the grenade pops up to about head level before detonating for some in-your-face explosions.

ANGF DM M77 Remote Bomb: The remote detonators have several unique features, which makes for some really entertaining action. The remote detonators stick to pretty much any surface (including the Marines’ opponents), and Marines are able to simultaneously detonate multiple planted bombs with a single trigger pull.

ANGF DM AP-5 Deployable Turret: These deployable turrets are much like a proximity mine in that Marines toss it in front of them. It can stick to the floor or even to the walls. The device contains a single small automatic turret gun that will lock onto and fire upon any enemies that pass near it. Turrets have decent durability, and can take several hits from enemy fire before being destroyed. Turrets have a good rate of fire and do decent damage, especially if Marines set up multiple turrets together so that they can concentrate their firepower. Turrets also serve as a good distraction; They give the enemy something to shoot at that isn't a Marine, and they can often nail enemy soldiers with their own gun while they're distracted fighting the turrets. Turrets don't work well in wide-open areas, as enemies can just snipe them from long range. Marines will want to set them up around corners, behind objects, or in cul-de-sacs. Marine should be sure to set them up in such a way that they'll ambush any enemies running through an area Marines will want to defend.

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