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Me, Myself, and I.
Just what i feel like typing up i sometimes put things on where i need requests and such to keep that thing going. Such as my poetry and a story or 2.
Hey Everyone.
I wrote this story for school and my teacher really liked it (it had to be about a superhero whether you made it up or not)
This is what I typed up. She told me to make more continuing about her, but i would like more opinion. (BTW: you dont have to read it if you are a lazy a**)

Hello, my name is Alexandra, Alexandra Rosario to be exact. I am 14 years old and I live with my grandparents.

Over the past few days some very strange and prominent things have been going on. Well, to start out I realized I can do some interesting things with water, which in my opinion, are inimitable. This all started when I was swimming in my lake. The water was slightly chilly but, I liked it that way. I was sitting towards the edge of it because I was afraid of being pulled under. When all of the sudden, the waves splashed over me. I was sucked into the water but I could still breathe. I looked around to notice a strange bubble was surrounding me. I freaked and started hyperventilating. The bubble then popped and I swam back to shore.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. I felt like my mind was snared into the thought. I looked around to see my grandmother and grandfather looking at me with a shocked look on their faces. That is when my whole life had changed.
I was reluctant to the thought of going to speak with them, but, of course I did. I walked up to them with my usual dynamic self, trying to make it seem like nothing had happened.

“Hello grandma and grandpa, why do you have that quaint expression on your face?” I asked with a smile on my face.

They looked at each other and made a smile, which I knew was a fake,
“Nothing darling, we didn’t mean to startle you,” said my grandmother as she turned around and walked into the house.

I was lost in thought, I wasn’t sure why they were acting that way, but, I had a few good possibilities. All I could focus on at the moment though, was the fact I had a strange ability. One that I don’t think any other kids have, or ever had. Because of this, I have decided to practice it every day, and use my utmost effort to do so.
Every morning, at 6 AM I wake up, sneak outside in my bathing suit, and try to replicate the things I did the day before and much more. I seemed to accomplish it well. I could do many amazing things within just one week of finding out about my abilities. So, I decided. I am going to become a superhero.

Now, every superhero has a costume. So, I decided to make one. I made one out of some clothes that I rarely wore, knowing I only needed a makeshift costume for now.
After digging through my closet I found the perfect outfit. It looked just like I had imagined it. I looked just like a superhero! I called myself Aqua Girl, and I ran out the door before anyone could notice me.

As soon as I ran out the door I was pending on a situation to form. This happened moments later. At the nearby river, a bridge was on the verge of collapsing. I ran over to the bridge, jumped into the lake and made a huge bubble to hold the bridge up. The people were cleared off the bridge and I stopped using my powers, out of breath. I jumped back onto ground and nearly fainted. I could tell my stamina was only marginal, and could use a lot more work. The police men thanked me and gave me insisted on giving me some medical attention. I turned them down, knowing that I needed to get home before my grandparents noticed my absence.

It is now the present. I am totally exhausted, and I know I need a lot more work. But, I am glad I made a difference today, and I hope I can make a lot more in the future.

(kinda boring eh?)

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Community Member

Sun Jan 18, 2009 @ 09:19pm

I loved it sweet...it was amazing i had to look up a word even...wow

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