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Beta Dreams
This journal is a log of the insanity that is my life. Through the mouth of the Bard, the truth shall ring.
The Elementalist Tale
I've begun a new tale and wished for some ideas...

Centuries were built for the homeland of the Elements. It was a land of magic and serenity. The Elementalists were the sole owners of that heaven. Dueling prismatic suns glowed high, forever casting a great lighted warmth upon the land. There was no rain or snow, just a light heat, perfect for the barest skin. Nothing was bound by laws or diversity. Fire could marry water. Earthen mothers could bear wind children. Those four elements would live in harmony as long as the Aethers were in the White Spire.
The Aethers were unlike any of the other Elementalists, who were taught to fish and farm and were raised to be good people. The Aethers were taught from birth to be defenders and protectors. Their element was the Cosmic Light of the beloved dead. Their sole purpose was to guard the Calamity of Shadows, a crystal no bigger than a newborn's palm. The black gem was the strife and pain of the world in a jar. The white of the Aethers were no match for the true Darkness.
He came from the Western Desert in an old, worn black cloak. Crossing through towns and villages like a wisp of smoke, he came upon the White Spire. The Aethers fell before his element of Dark, although some would claim that a handful of cowards made it out. It was in the Room of the Calamity that the blissful life of the Elements shattered. It was not the man's hand that opened Pandora's Box, but the black sheened blade he kept on his back.
The sky grew to the grimmest gray as the Spire became Black with the Shadows that erupted from it. Then, in the town of Lyra, the first rain drop hit. Amazement and curiosity filled their heads as water fell from seemingly nowhere. That very night, the first child, a Fire girl, vanished from her home. None had ever heard such a scream before and it would repeat for the next twelve nights, until the rain stopped and thirteen children were abducted...

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Feb 20, 2009 @ 11:13pm
Woah. This is a really neat idea. Go you.


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