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So little stuff so much time
Journal of a crazy bored white chick
My Dad, the fat ********
I ******** hate my dad. He's ugly and fat.. One upon a time when I actually loved this horrible creature, we used to get along and I was a Daddy's girl. Not any more. He ruined that. Oh yes he did. He scared the ******** out of little Emy. Yelling and cursing at for no reason other than he was drunk. And it's all Emy's fault that Daddy got backeracted too. If that stupid little whore didn't call the police then Daddy would just continure to be happily a jackass. It's all Emy's fault. Such a horrible little girl. Fat ******** fault. All his fault. Hate him. Hate him. Hate him. Want him to die. That'd make me happy. Me or him. I will die if he gets to live. Hell will be better. Stupid ******** paying prostitutes with Emy and Mommy's money. Go die. Whatever little ******** bag your paying, it's all fake. I bet she so old and dried out and loose. I bet her boobs are fake. God damn nobody would love you. You're so insane. Mumbling and everything. Breaking and destroying our used to be home. It's his fault. I was good. I got good grades and everything. I did what everyone is supposed to do. But HE messed it up. Made me. This hateful girl. God why am I here? I want to be happy. I can;t keep this all in I want to burst. I dream of how it will all feel afterword. Just yell and beat him. That

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