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I Live In My Own Little World....It's Ok They Know Me Here!!
My Fairytale Ending...
Looks like Im going to get it after all!

1996 (16 years old)
My story begins when i was 16 I met the love of my life..my soulmate if you will...his name was Lee and he was the most amazing guy i had ever met in my entire life, he was charming, funny, sarcastic, a bit dorky, and sexy as hell (Shaggy blond hair and incredible Ocean blue eyes that i got lost in for days) and he liked me for reasons i didnt understand then...though we did share a sense of humor and were both lovable people, and both outgoing and crazy, we shared many firsts and like most teenage relationships ours ended after 6 months and i never saw him again, though i would hear about him from friends from time to time, last I had heard he was engaged, and so i always wondered but never dared seek him out even to be friends because i figured he had moved on and friendship was not in the cards for us...so i let go and moved on and dated other people though he always hovered in the back of my mind and i always wondered where he was and how he was and finally even that began to fade though because he was my first love I would always have that fondness and love we shared as part of who i became in my life....

2009 -13 Years later ( 29 years old )
I had quite the crazy life over the past 13 years since my first love, I dated Shawn when i was 17 he and i lived together and we sorta fell apart over time ...then came Dave who tried to control me, Alexandros who lived too far away (me in Canada him in Ohio) and we didnt click so much and Rich my Florida man who ended up being a nightmare once i lived with him for 6 months..it always came down to Lee in my mind in the end, because he was the only guy who accepted me and loved me in every aspect of my weirdness and so i decided to use todays usual means of finding someone facebook...i had checked months ago while still living in Florida and no matches to his name so i forgot more or less for a few months...then in february on Valentines day of all days i looked him up again and DING there was a match so i sent a message and said if this is the Lee i know please let me know...so he sent back a message saying OMG Tamm! Is that you?? and so from there we began talking again, and after finding out he was engaged but it didnt work out and why he was living out in Western Canada now...so we have been talking everyday since then and one night we talked about us and how we were so perfect and how we were too young to realize what we had and how stupid it was to throw it away , so after much talk and deliberation on both our parts we have decided to try and date again, because we both truly believe that the reasons for our lives going where they did was so we could get our second chance at first love, and be able to make things fall into place the way they were meant to be, so i may end up moving there or him back here , its not decided yet but all i know is we talked about the future and we want to have one together , and so I say my fairytale ending is well on its way to being complete...I truly believe fate and destiny give you a shot sometimes even if it takes a decade and a bit lol so i am very happy and will keep updates on how things pan out *Crosses fingers and raises glass* Heres to my happy ending!!!!!

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